To start,  double-click the Star Reading MANAGEMENT icon on your desktop, or use the Start button on the lower left of your screen to go to PROGRAMS > STAR READING > STAR READING MANAGEMENT to get to the screen below.  At this point you must click once on the screen to get into the Password Prompt:


Enter the password and click OK, to get to the screen below:



This is the basic Management screen.  The first thing you must do is to create your Class.  You do this by clicking once on the button named CLASSES to get to the following screen:



Note the gray buttons on the left.  We want to click once on the ADD button to get to the following screen:



For our demonstration,  I have chosen “Mrs. Smith” to be the CLASS NAME and a generic password of  “SCHOOL”.  Now, we must assign a teacher to the class, and we do this by clicking once on the button named  ASSIGN TEACHER.  The screen below is what you will see next:



I have used the name Mildred Smith, with no middle initial and no salutation.  You may add these if you like, but they are not needed to continue.  When you click OK, you return to the NEW CLASS screen two pictures above.  When you click OK now, a small screen will pop up asking if you would like to add more classes at this time.  Just click NO to continue, and the next screen will display the class you have created.  See the picture below:



Please note that when we assigned the teacher to this new class,  the fact that we used a first name Mildred will appear in the roster.  Some students find this hilarious (that their teachers actually have first names!), so it is your choice whether or not to ever include a first name.





Next, we need to create your students... We do this by going to the top of this screen to the little area which displays,  FILE....EDIT....GO....CLASSES....HELP, and clicking on  GO . This little GO button is our easiest way to navigate throughout the Star Management System,  so get familiar with it’s location.  When we click on GO,  you can see that other options are displayed.  We want to make sure we click on STUDENTS to get to the following screen:



It’s those familiar gray buttons again,  and this time we want to click on ADD to get to the screen displayed below.  Be sure you are in the STUDENTS screen, which you can verify by looking at the photo above the ADD button.  After you click the ADD button, you will see the screen below.  I have already entered the student name of  “Clark Kent”,  given him a password of  “ck”  (his initials), selected his grade level as 3 for third grade, and I have also chosen an Initial Reading Level of  3,  since I suspect he is on grade level.  By clicking on the little down arrow to the right of the Estimated IRL field,  you have the option of raising or lowering the student’s level.  I have left the gender and race fields empty, but you may choose to fill these out, depending on your school policy.  The ID is for the Student ID number, but I have also left this blank,  since this information is only used internally at our school.



Click OK to continue, and the ENROLLMENT option will appear.  You have a few options here,  but since you are likely to be doing several students in a row, I would suggest choosing the option for “Yes, enroll this student and all other students I add at this time” ,  and click NEXT:




After clicking NEXT,  you will see the screen below.  Be sure to check or highlight the button with your name on it  (in our case, Mrs. Smith), to enroll this student in your class.



Click NEXT, and at the next option,  click FINISH,  and a new STUDENT screen will appear for you.   Continue on with the same instructions until you have enrolled all of your students.


When you have enrolled all of your students,  you will return to the screen below:



We are done with the Management System,  so just click on the little black  X” at the top right hand corner of the Management Screen.




Have your students double-click on the STAR READING STUDENT icon on the desktop,  and the Welcome screen will appear briefly.... then automatically move on to this screen:



This would normally be a long list of Classes,  designated by Teacher names, but since we are just beginning,  only Mrs. Smith’s class appears.  Normally,  your students would scroll up or down to find YOUR NAME.  Once they have highlighted YOUR NAME in dark blue,  they should click OK to move on to the Student Class Roster, shown below:



The student now highlights his or her own name in dark blue and clicks OK to get to the Password Screen.  This is where the student enters their password and clicks OK to begin the test. 



Remember that STAR testing is a TIMED test,  so students need to remain focused to get any kind of accurate result.  Wearing the headphones is usually a good idea,  just to help block out some distractions.  Below is the beginning of a typical 3rd grade  test:



Students use the number KEYPAD to choose the word that does the best job of filling in the blank.   They are able to change their mind if they do not like their first choice,  but  ONCE THE STUDENT CLICKS  ENTER,  THEY MOVE ON TO THE NEXT QUESTION. 


If you have any difficulties,  call the Help Desk at   PX  48940.  


-Gary Adubato