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Edline is a secure website where parents and students can access up-to-date progress reports and check the school calendar.   Teachers will be updating progress reports a minimum of twice a month.  The updates are scheduled for as close as possible to the 1st and the 15th of each month.   Many other exciting features are available with Edline and we will be aggressively approaching all the features so please check the site regularly as our efforts progress.   You will be able to access the Edline website from any computer connected to the Internet.  If you have not activated your Edline account, please contact  Mrs. Deborah Miller at 561-470-7046 to get your activation code. 


FCAT Practice at home!

Fcat Explorer is now available.

FCAT EXPLORER is student-oriented software provided by the State of Florida Department of Education to help prepare students for the FCAT test.  It is designed to help students practice the skills outlined in the Sunshine State Standards.   Students can work on practice questions from any computer with the required web browser and Internet access.  The software system is based upon each student having a unique logon and the students at Eagles Landing are ready to go.   We hope students will be encouraged to use the FCAT explorer site from home to get ready for FCAT.

Student Logon and Password Procedures:
Logon:  All students have been assigned a unique logon name.  The logon name consists of the letters PB plus the student number.  There are no spaces between PB and the student number.

Password: Student Passwords are the same as the student logon above.

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