May 09, 2012

Public Opening
1. Time: 2:30 p.m.

Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance
2. Attendance:


Opening Comments
3. Chairman Barbieri

Minutes: Workshop called to order by Mr. Barbieri.

Workshop Item(s)
4. New Charter School Policy
Attachment: Policy 2.57.pdf

Mr. Peter B. Licata, Assistant Superintendent of Division of Choice Options presented the Charter Policy and pointed out that there are new statutes as of last week.  Our basis is to make sure that we provide a good enough environment for students in Palm Beach County.

Requested by Board Members for a copy to be sent to them (not.

Ms. Laura Pincus reviewed application features.  Powerpoint presented: Purpose and Intent - application process is mandated by State of Florida.  All applications must be submitted by August 1st, Charter School Department is having a new Applicant Training on May 21st.  Application has 10 different sections and it is reviewed by District Staff which will be trained.    Evaluation ratings is set by State Board of Education and it will eitehr meet standards, partially meets standards or does not meet standards; Limited Opportunities to cure.  We can request additional time if needed. Interview component added, can be recorded, bigger process (no substantial changes but can appeal to us in that manner);  Statute permits partially qualified applications to appeal.  Non substantive flaw 7 days to fix, everyone gets same opportunity for interview (component added); August deadline; Application Process and Review; Special Procedures for High Performing Charter Schools; Contract Negotiations - school district has 60 days to negotiate (will be looked at in September or October), must be negotiated within 75 days - tight timeline; High Performance Schools determined by the Commission of Education (application process is a little different); Subject to Board Discussion on how charter applications should proceed; Ongoing Monitoring and Administrative Compliance - monitoring directed by accountability, schools report back if in financial situation.  Important to monitor their academics; Renewal of Charter Contracts; Non-Renewal and Termination - school can appeal and have options of hearing; Transportation for Charter Schools - applications are huge, provide synopsis.  If parties disagree, FDOE provides mediation process; Having a B in Charter School before applying for another (not a fair process).  Board has very little discretion to deny schools.  If there is a non-substantive flaw, given 7 days to cure it but if it has substative flaws then it will be denied until the following year. Approve Charter Schools that compliment schools that we already have.What population it serves if any, do we have power and discretion to deny application where curriculum program doesn't supplement our programs. Put some statute to prohibit charters from competing with us. Not attached to letter grades. Cannot restraint, no way to restraint based on location, actually that is the intent to compete.  If there is a termination, School District has to provide 90 days notice and school can appeal.  Choose date certain for students in TERMS.  Providing assistance to low performing children as oppose to the school.

Mr. Sanches pointed out that charter schools are increasing and transportation costs will be higher.  Law says that charter schools have to provide transporation.  Policy says charter school has to negotiate transportation by submitting a plan.  Conversion contract says school shall contract with District but also say that they may negotiate with District (may and shall in conversion charters).  $200 per student paid now by charter school, it cost about $800 and the state only gives us $400, there is a gap.  Would like to move to a charge per mile instead of a charge per student. Surplus buses now donated to charter schools and law does not make us.  Some schools have their own drivers, we pay for their training and medical exams, etc.  Cost of CDL Driver's Licentse is approximately $2,500 to $3,000 if we want to continue providing for free we can but we can also request to get paid for it.  Charge for the inspections and the repairs.  Obligated to provide it for conversion charters but do not have to provide it for non-conversion charters.  Charters will argue that 5% is kept by District but this cannot be part of it. Charge per mile from bus stop not child's residence; what can we eliminate to save money; looking at charging parents for transportation for students; transportation for ESE students; anyone going to a magnet pays.  More choices and more options.  Ms. Brills worries about ESE students whose parents may not know to add component to IEP. Provide charter schools with everything we do without subsidizing.  Bring back matrix and information regarding legal about transporation.  No decision made yet.  On agenda today is development of policy, staff will bring it back for a third time after decision is made.  Transportation not part of this policy.  After going through matrix, for consistency this should go in policy.  Transportion piece has been set since last year.  Matrix can go over 5% but not known now.  Transportation piece should be in policy and clear whether they are entitled to get it or not.  Synopsis that Board receives needs to be more helpful.

Mr. Barbieri - are we allowed to consider applicants which are using same kind of plans as other schools that are not making it?  Not one of the criteria now, still need to follow state application, Legal will get back to Board.  Criteria for State designated charters (no deficiencies in any area).

Dr. Robinson - in the future any deviation from contracts need to be highlighted.  For future applicants (should be part of formal evaluation), if after additional research it can't be, let it be highlighted on Executive Summary to Board.  Define on the policy on Line 16 that is designated by Commissioner of Education.  Line 99-201 tell us now and in the policy what level of support that has to be.  50% plus 1 (put it in the policy).  Line 191 will read easier if include "high performance charter".  Line 71-73 Application Review object to the B and define significant.  We don't close schools with C, don't deny administrators promotions or transfers if they got a C.  Unfair to say you need a grade of B in order to expand your charter world.  That encourages student shopping which is wrong. 

Mr. Barbieri - State encouraging for charters to open right next door to public schools to compete.  There should be something in the policy or statute that prohibits charters from competing with same programs.  Keep them from competing with us if we are fulfilling a need.  Per Laura Pincus there is no way to restrict by location, in fact, that is the intent to compete.

Ms. Andrews - Public schools have to get revisions in statute. 

Dr. Robinson - would like for language to provide assistance to low performing children as opposed to school.  Accountability is too focused on how school is doing more than on how children is doing.  Mr. Shaw please give district staff outline of all bumps in road as you take lead to improve charter school process and legislation that covers it.  We have advocacy groups that analyze how it impacts children.  Organizations can be asked to make sure how legislation is impacting our children.

Ms. Andrews - can Mr. Sanches give us a history of how it was handled? 

Ms. Andrews - get a matrix of 5% and what we are really doing for charter schools.  Some charter schools still complaint about the District not giving them what they need.

Dr. Robinson - conversation about charging parents on sliding scale for transportation status?  Mr. Sanches said it was not supported by Budget Advisory Committee.  I would expand that to charters, parents would pay for transportation, would like to explore unless majority of Board says no.

Dr. Robinson - no legal restriction for charging for transportation for choice and charter?  Legal Department please look into it.

Ms. Andrews - would like to have additional information before making a decision. 

Dr. Robinson - staff to bring back matrix and legal information of charging parents for transportation.  Not a decision made at this point. 

Dr. Robinson - my expectation would be that after matrix is reviewed, when decision is made that it is defined in policy. 

Mr. Barbieri - can we add it to the policy even if it states that it will not be in effect until a later date.  It should be cleared from the offset what they are entitled to get from us.  Ms. Pincus said we can do this from this point forward.

Dr. Robinson - would like to see changes highlighted and who they originated from.

5. 2012 Broad Award Update
Attachment: BROAD_and_STRATEGIC_(1)[1].pdf
Attachment: essential_sample_table_format_advancED[1].pdf
Attachment: Flyer[1].pdf

Superintendent briefed everyone about the upcoming Broad Prize visit.  Dr. Andrews presented and distributed Powerpoint. Broad Prize is for urban education.  Organization wants to sustain it for years therefore prize went to $1Million.  Going to Disricts with greater overall performance and improvement and student achievement while reducing achievement gaps.  Each runner up gets $50,000.  Given out to restore confidence in public schools.  Only 75 large urban districts that qualified and were eligible, at least 37,500 students, educate student body of at least 40% free & reduced lunch. Qualitative visit is made.  Winners prestigious group; The Broad Prize previous winners were presented; 2012 Broad Prize Finalists listed (21 education experts select finalists); Why Palm Beach Schools? because of greater percent of hispanic students reaching advanced academic levels statewide at a faster range, higher graduation rates nationwide, bigger increase for black/hispanic students, great increase in black students nationwide participating in college.  Visit will take place Tuesday 5/29/12 to 6/1/12.  The Broad Site Visit includes full time photographer and journalist; Before the visit everyone in community to understand Broad, loaded into a website; Website for District Documentation.; PowerPoint presented to Principals.  Over 1,000 documents being loaded into website regarding this subject.  Teaching and Learning is a link created by our District.  During site visit 6 district schools are visted, provide them rosters of our employees and they random select individuals to speak (60 Principals and 60 Teachers will be chosen), instructional and non-instructional; What is Broad looking for? - they are here to verify that our strategies align with our outcomes; Broad is looking that we have put into place strategies that actually align with our outcomes, post graduation analysis of former graduates.  Individuals are interviewed with set questions and school board chair and vice chair and directors of every department operations and academics; School Visits - chosen by rubric, media event, set schedule, student and parent focus groups included; The Broad Prize Winner - all finalists nominated and winner (hoping is us) goes to event similar to Oscar prizes where all finalists are nominated and winner announced at Museum of Modern Art.  Winning District receives $550,000 in college scholarships for High School Seniors that graduate in 2013.  Remaining finalists receive $150,000 in college scholarships.  Students applying for a 4 year degree may receive up to $20,000 paid out at $5,000 each for 4 years. Student applying to a 2 year degree can receive up to $5,000 with $2,500 a year.

6. Strategic Plan, Mission, and Vision
Attachment: BROAD_and_STRATEGIC_(1)[1].pdf
Attachment: essential_sample_table_format_advancED[1].pdf
Attachment: Flyer[1].pdf

Mission and Vision and Strategic Plan status.  As a Board you developed a new vision and mission and guiding principles with 6 over arching goals that will guide us as a system.  While you were working with Collins Center, some of us went to Darden and when we came back, we became Challenge Team.  They are researching top school districts and essentials for 6 school board goals. The essentials are: Goal 1 is student focus, underneath goal there is a mock measurement, coming back to Board to develop measurements.  In order to be student first focus, friendly language will be developed. Second half defines expectations for school leading to consistency and transparency to all; Big Picture - goals and student first family matter being united creating action steps monitored for every essential, multiple strategies, monitor them for effective implementation; Next Steps: to complete essentials, start school year with your goals in action, targeting first week in June, then track all systems in every step, ensure that essentials include all other documents out there in one spot, organized so that Board can help with key results and measurements and keeping track.  Key results are being worked on by Marc Baron and Mark Howard.  Presentation of a one stop shop is implemented.  Our documents will be taken to everyone for feedback.  Action Steps - start year with Board and Superintendent goals and actions.  First week in June, keeping in mind graduation.  Essentials to include other plans out there (Achievement Matters for All, Technology Plan, etc.).; Next Steps: Measurement - key results will be brought to Board to monitor; Next Step:Communication - documents to schools, SACs.

Board Members questioned/discussed the following:  First page vision and mission; adequate time needed to review information requested for future workshops; Tri City Education Committee needs to know about it during these critical times.  Make connection with our major stakeholders.  Superindent put on Board Agenda for discussion.  Guiding Principles, 4 yes.  If Board changes put on agenda.  Focus is on how we are proceding, organization outstanding.  Sort what came out of Technology Plan, etc., get report of how well implemented. Different steps color coded in importance for schools. Color coding for variety of reasons. Staff Development Plan will interact with this plan as well.

Mr. Shaw - have not approved vision of everything, when are we finalizing?  Dr. Andrews hoping that it can be resolved today.

Mr. Barbieri - these are mission, vision and guiding principles that we had originally looked at.  Doing all this work based on what we have not yet adopted how quickly can you bring it back.

Ms. Brown - this was just posted up today (great FYI), I have been waiting for months for Strategic Plan Vision discussion to come forward.  In the future, please provide it to us at least 2 days in advance.  We need to approve Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan before we move forward.

Ms. Brill - we have not approved anything and even though presentation is great we can't give any input since we have had no time to discuss.

Ms. Andrews - fabulous work and looking forward to digging right into it.  With regards to Broad Prize.  Can we e-mail Tri-City Commission all of the information?  Make connection with our major stakeholders and inform that they may not be contacted but at least they are informed.

Mr. Barbieri - what will the Board like to do with the Mission and Vision, should Superintendent put it on agenda for revision?  Yes by all.  Guiding Principles ok?  4 yes and if we are not comfortable with principles we can bring forward.

Dr. Robinson - thrilled to see organization, would like to know how we are proceeding with mission and vision and how will all plans be merged into one plan.  Put pieces that will monitor intent as well as outcome.  Technologically will it be a report that we can maybe sort?  Report of how well it was implemented.  When this comes forward, is there a way that different steps can be color coded (i.e. important to elementary schools, etc.).  Dr. Andrews hopes this document becomes measure to schools and district.  Staff development plan will interact with this plan as well?  Dr. Andrews said yes that it will blend into each area instead of a stand alone professional development.

Mr. Gent - through this period of transition and reorganization, we are running out of time since we have graduation next week and we only have one workshop on 6/6/12 and then we have a regular meeting on 6/20/12 and we are done until July, 2012.  We wanted you to know where we are heading.  In the future we will make sure that you will have copies of all of the information presented to you.

Dr. Robinson - we need to be careful of the images we portrait.  In an image in the document, there are no males of color nor children with dissabilities.  I want our pictures to say what our mission is, for all children to succeed.

7. Time: 4:35 p.m.

Motion to adjourn.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Marcia Andrews
Second: Karen Brill
Marcia Andrews- Aye
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Karen Brill- Aye
Jenny Prior Brown- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye
Chuck Shaw- Aye