May 02, 2012

Public Opening
1. Time: 2:45 p.m.

Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance
2. Attendance:


In attendance at this workshop are:  Chuck Shaw, Karen Brill, Jenny Prior-Brown, Marcia Andrews, Frank Barbieri, Wayne Gent (Superintendent), Barbara Brillock, Christopher Glinton, Veronica Limia, Keith Oswald, Angela Bess, Ron Alvarez, Barbara Pariente, Debra Robinson, Monroe Benaim, Janis Andrews, Sheryl Wood.

Opening Comments
3. Chairman Barbieri

Minutes: Superintendent Gent welcomed everyone.  Very excited about this workshop and strengthening partnerships.

Workshop Item(s)
4. Designing Durable Systems to Avoid a Lifetime of Consequences
Attachment: Board Presentation May 2,2012 FINAL[1][1].pdf

Keith Oswald thanked Board for asking for this workshop, we have a lot of experts in the field of Juvenile Justice to support us.  Our goal is for Board to get deeper understandin of the high cost of youths when they are involved with the Court System.  Familiarize the Board with all efforts School District is doing to keep this from happening.  Students that get in trouble need assistance and not just punishment.

Veronica shared her personal story with attendees.  Arrested at 12 for domestic situation, acting out in school, trouble student.  Not reached out and ended up in DJJ and stood in front of Judge Alvarez.  If we reach out to kids before they get to Judges, it would be more beneficial.  Was 18 months in Juvenile Facilities, at 17 direct filed and still has that on records today so it has affected her acceptance in different places.  Recently graduated from Law School and passed Bar.  Judge Alvarez was proactive and sentenced her to write a letter to him 3 times a week.  Judged Alvarez responded to every one of her letters.  Lesson learned is that students will make mistakes and if we provide them with the additional support it will make a difference in their lives.

This presentation will explore a Multitiered System of Supports offered by the School District, 15th Judicial Circuit Juvenile Court Division, and the Department of Juvenile Justice to provide coordinated services to students and families.

Highlights of the presentation include:

  • Multitiered System of Support (MTSS)
  • Lifetime of Consequences
  • Court Liaison Educational Programs
  • 15th Judicial Circuit Juvenile Court Program
  • Restorative Justice

Keith Oswald, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Learning Support, and the Department of  Juvenile Justice Team provided Board Members with a presentation regarding Designing Durable Systems to Avoid a Lifetime of Consequences and reviewed the following topics: Overview; Tier 1 (All Students); Tier 2 (Some Students); Tier 3 (Few Students); Social Competence and Academic Achievement; Three-Tiered Model of School Supports; A Lifetime of Consequences:  A need for change; A Downward Spiral Begins:  Risk Factors; The Downward Spiral; Circuit 15 Resources; Circuit 15 The Spiral Ends; Multiple Juvenile Records; Connecting the courts and the school; Court Liaison Process:  The Beginning; The Court Liaison Program Grows; Court Liaison Roles and Responsibilities; And some more numbers...; The Judges' Opinions; A Promising New Path; Restorative Justice; Helping Kids Stay in School; School to Prison Pipeline; What National Data Say; The Possibility of Restorative Justice; Restorative Strategies in Schools; Restorative Justice Principles; Restorative Justice in Schools; Restorative Justice Outcomes in U.S. Schools; Redefining "Justice" in the Education Context; Restorative Justice in the School District of Palm Beach County; Making a Difference...A Lifetime of Opportunities; Decline in students showing up after arrests; and School referral vs. police officers on streets.

Board Members questioned and discussed the following: training, staffing, and implementation of restorative justice; data that choose the results; direct files and purging them once they become an adult. Increased number of arrests in Palm Beach County; Risk of arrests for students of color;  Requesting data to reduce suspensions and arrests; Positive behaviors at Palm Beach Lakes High School; Need for School Police to attend positive behavior training; Tier 1 Program Outline;  Every school broadcast "Ringer A Game"; Adults in school system trained when you criminalize a child; Children being pushed out; School enabling accountability report; Community to reclaim their children; School Based Teams; and Improvement with "0" tolerance.  Data will be shared with Principals at Summer Training.  Dr. Robinson shared that School Police need to go to Behavioral Support Training that Principals are going to. Tier I Programs outlined (not that it touches every child), District Wide look at programs to make sure that it touches every child.  Suggest that at the start of each semester that every school broadcast bring the A Game.  Recall recommendations from Lifetime of Consequences (NAACP printed 411 on the 50, reproduce that, need childrent to know how to respond when approached by police, especially children of color), also card on lifetime of consequences.  Look at what you call it, same offense is called different for different children.  Adults in school system do play a role into what happens when you criminalize a child.  Everyone here should read "Test, Punish, and Push Out".  Make a school and neighborhood accountability program.  Provide opportunity for community to reclaim children.  We need a set of goals for all schools.  On 5/15/12 we will discuss more in depth.  We need to have a conversation about racism impact and what happens in the schools.  Ms. Andrews thanked judges, our team, Palm Beach Central staff.  Discipline Referral that we have not eliminated yet and it has to go away so that we are not labeling people with that.  Ms. Brown shared how impressed she was by dignity, respect and care expressed in Judge Kroll's Courtroom.

Judge Kroll believes that the Chief of Police has a great impact on students' behavior.  More students get arrested during the summer.  Superintendent Gent said he has made notations about questions he will consider in the interview process.  Have seen improvement.  Schools referrals vs. police officers off streeet.  Schools arrests have dropped signicantly from 96 to 99.  Number of arrests by patrol officers have stayed the same.  Not receiving the same type of training that school police is receiving.  It is up to each and every officer.  They are using some caution in making the arrest.  Much better today than years ago.

Mr. Gent thanked the 15th Judicial Circuit Juvenile Court Division and the Department of Juvenile Justice for their hard work and dedication to the students of Palm Beach County.  

5. Time: 4:35 p.m.

Minutes: Will reconvene School Board Meeting at 4:45pm.