March 28, 2012

1. Time: 2:09pm

Roll Call
2. Attendance:

Pledge of Allegiance
3. Chairman Barbieri

Opening Comments
4. Chairman Barbieri


Marcia Andrews discussed visit to Judge Bailey's court room.

Dr. Debra Robinson discussed panel on Juvenile Justice Lifetime of Consequences. Discused four recommendations: Repair the Jessica Lunsford Act; Department of Juvenile Justice created a 411card on how to handle the 5-O; Provide training for the BAR Association; School Police training regarding long term consequences on arrests.

Frank Barbieri discussed the Budget Deficit Finding Solutions provided by Afonso Mayfeild from SEIU/FPSU.

Workshop Item(s)
5. Legislative Update
Attachment: FSBA2012Summary-v1[1].pdf

Vern Crawford provided Board Members with the following legislative update: Board: General Budget; New state dollars; 2012- 2013 Education Appropriations Highlights; Bills that did not pass;  Bills that passed; Adult Education Dollars; Credit Recovery Program; Statutory issues; Education Inspirational Bill; Sick Leave Bill; HB0291 Concussions; SB0368 Maintain 3% of budget reserves; SB0387 Construction planning; HB0465 Bond issue; HB0629 Public information and public records; HB0359 Tax credit scholarship; HB1205 Drug free workplace; HB1403 FHSAA; Retirement Legislation; HB7059 Acceleration Options for Public Education and Bill 7127 Differentiated Accountability.

Mr. Crawford entertained questions from Board Members regarding: HB1403 high school athletic students transferring to other schools for the sports program; Students allowed to shop for athletic schools; Will schools be punished for recruiting violations; Civil citation issues; Instructional materials fund used to develop instructional materials in partnership with a publisher; Concussion management in the classroom; Preparation for next year's legislative session; Have a workshop in May or June to discuss legislative issues of concern to the Board; Have Advisory Council look at legislative policy that has been passed and is deleterious to our District; How does information get out to schools and the SAC's; Get input from stakeholders; Get other stakeholder groups that have their own legislative lobbying groups together and echo advocacy; Identify key legislative issues and work with groups and Virtual; and digital education policy.

6. Budget Workshop
Attachment: 2012-03-28 Capital Budget Presentation.pdf
Attachment: FY 2013 Capital Budget 2012-03-16.pdf

Mike Burke, Chief Operating Officer and Leann Evans, Treasurer presented a PowerPoint presentation and reviewed the following topics: Capital Budget; Estimated Capital Revenues for Fiscal Year 2013; Capital Revenues; Value of Capital Millage Levy; Palm Beach County Taxable Values; Capital Budget; Closing Thoughts and Summary of Capital Budget. 

Mr. Burke and Ms. Evans entertained questions from Board Members regarding the following: Funding of Education Network from tower space leases; District involvement with Florida Education Trust Fund; Amount of money in Trust; Pocket of money for hurricane damage; Operational Contingency; BEMP; HVAC renovations; Process of how schools get dollars; Schools that do not fit in formula; Employee suggestion program; Employee suggestions through email; Virtual requirements and capital investments; Interlocal Agreements; Musical instruments; and choice furnishings and Technology updates.

7. Facility Master Plan
Attachment: Facility Master Plan Board Presentation.pdf
Attachment: Q&A1.pdf
Attachment: Q&A2.pdf

Joseph Sanches, Chief of Division of Support Operations along with Jim Kunard, Director of Facilities Services presented a PowerPoint presentation to the Board and reviewed the following topics: Draft Facility Master Plan; Introduction; Executive Summary; Category 1-Modernization/Replacement Projects and Major Renovations; New School and Major Renovations; Replacement and Modernization Prioritization Criteria; Draft Ranking Based on Current Criteria; Category 2-Core Expansion Projects; Category 3-Ancillary Facilities; Category 4- Minor Projects; Category 5-Other Identified Facilities; Category 6-Choice and Career Programs, Alternative Education and Adult Education; Cost Summary; Consequences of Inaction and Wrap Up.

Mr. Sanches entertained questions from Board Members regarding the following topics: Duplication of Academy in Riviera Beach into the western communities; Transformation of the West Area Office; Northboro; Money to make Riviera Beach Prep Academy as good as promised; Health and safety issues; Maintaining and extending life of facilities; Program needs; Facilities support for the Glades programs; Facilities cost; Plumosa; Arts at Lakeshore Middle School; Condition of sprinkler systems, fields and grass and Partnerships with businesses.

8. Discussion Item - Made in America - Brill

Minutes: Ms. Brill discussed the article on the Indian River County Purchasing Director making an effort to purchase products made in America. She suggested that the District look into buying products made in America.

9. Time: 4:12pm