June 06, 2012

Public Opening
1. Time: 3:35pm

Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance
2. Attendance:


District 1 - Monroe Benaim

District 2 - Chuck Shaw

District 3 - Karen Brill

District 4 - Jennifer Prior Brown

District 5 - Frank Barbieri

District 6 - Marcia Andrews

District 7 - Debra Robinson

Also present are E. Wayne Gent, Superintendent; Janis Andrews, Chief Academic Officer; Sheryl Wood, General Council.

Opening Comments
3. Chairman Barbieri

Minutes: Chairman Barbieri allowed Debra Wilhelm, CTA President to address the Board regarding the Marzano Evaluation System.

Workshop Item(s)
4. Overview of Palm Beach County Teacher Evaluation System
Attachment: Executive Summary Memorandum 031512.pdf
Attachment: DQMat.pdf
Attachment: Marzano Board Updated.pdf

Dr. Andrews presented a video for Teacher Evaluation by Kathy Weigel.  Q& A by Debra and Dr. Weigel.  Mr. Shaw - non customizing class based action, what are they being evaluated on this year and where are we in the process.  Teachers being evaluated design their own.  Guidance, ELL, Mentor Resource Teacher, District Administrators trained.  Would like information showing school by school.  Do not have exact answer of when to get data piece but will get that as well.  Diane answered - 11, 872 completed.  School by school will have to wait until all evaluations come in.  Kathy (School Psychologist) evaluated this year, difficult since psychologists don't fit anywhere.  Difficult process for non-traditional people.  Marzano does not address these issues.  Some require less tweaking than others.  Mr. Barbieri - Psychologists being evaluated by AP's.  Difficult and not appropriate for anyone that is not trained in field to evaluate.  Observed in parent's meeting.  Dr. Andrews informed that Area Offices have been doing so.  Changing system and working with Specialists to come up with system.  Mr. Shaw - going forward will we go from Marzano to a blended system?  Conference attended on week of 7/18/12 and most of the items discussed will be non-traditional jobs.  Ms. Brill - teachers with less than 10 students. are students ESE or ELL.  Mr. Gent said there could be several different kinds.  Ms. Brill - for those classes, teachers' evaluation will be based on students failing FCAT?  Incentivize, we want best teachers.  Mr. Howard from DREA addressed this:  student growth is measured via FCAT for all students.  Ms. Brill going back to State, ESE student has teacher being penalized for having to teach them.  In order to get a standard diploma you have to be FCAT tested.  Would like to lobby state regarding this matter.  Ms. Andrews - big accomplishment to have all of this work done.  Why?  Debra Wilhelm - some of the observers got Marzano book and noticed that no one will get development from this.  We have turned it around into evaluation tool.  No innovation but development instead.  Not all teachers are developing teachers.  Realize this came from Tallahassee and we are working through it.  Other teachers are not in better shape than we.  Ms. Brown - requirement that teachers are not in FCATgrade.  Dr. Andrews - part of it goes back to philosophy of we are working together, i.e., you learn from Kinder not just starting at 3rd grade.  Mark Howard-not in all cases are students getting FCAT scores.  Encourage grade teaching at early grade and most highly effective teachers teach highly qualified teacher.  How do we incentivize our most effective teachers into going to a low performing school?  Mark Howard pointed out that most of our students perform higher than the State therefore mitigating all these issues.  Dr. Robinson - comparing growth in our students to light students accross State.  Mr. Howard indicated that variables.  Minimum training required for observers.  3 days and 1/2 day to track.  Assistant Principals trained/tracked and doing observations as well.  Reports that Administrators can run all 41 elements. Mr. Gent thanked everyone in the audience that helped answer our questions.

5. Budget Workshop
Attachment: FY2013 Budget Update.pdf
Attachment: FY2013 FEFP Summary & Budget Reductions.pdf
Attachment: FY2013 Proposed Dept Budget Adjustments.pdf
Attachment: FY2013 Capital Budget.pdf

Mike Burke presented the new budget and introduced Vice Chairman of Budget Committee Faith Schullstrom who commented on maintaining workforce.  Announced it has been a pleasure to work with committee. Shirley Knox reviewed Context of Current Budget Shortfall. Less money per student going into next year.  Property taxes down.  Class size compliance at classroom level. FY2013 Budget Shortfall.  18.9 milliion dollars shortfall starting the year. Administrative Reorganization - Assistant Superintendent of Professional Development became Director.  Assistant Superintendent of Choice Department has been eliminated.  District Wide Budget Reductions; Potential Additional Cost; Capital Budget.  Dr. Robinson commented that she is glad to see that Bargaining Units are being considered.  Swap of interest rates recommendation what happened?  Would like feedback from Elementary Principals of what downsize is for eliminating Attendance Clerk since other duties as assigned is very large for them.  Media Clerk that High Schools have.  Adjustment of Magnet allocations would like note back for a better understanding. 45.5 vacancies.  No one loosing jobs, Personnel Department will be placing them.  Mr. Burke advised that if anyone loose their jobs would be the interim jobs not the regular jobs. Ms. Andrews concerned that employees may be loosing money.  Mark Mitchell said that bargaining agrement calls to maintain the salary even if moved.  Dr. Robinson - do we track employees that are transferred?  Ms. Andrews - reduction for speech pathologists. Shirley Knox said that school pathologists' reduction would be handled efficiently.  Fullservice but less resources.  Mr. Barbieri - would like to know from 19 confidential secretaries if they will be able to cover the front office.  Rather than hearing from them next year, get feedback from them.  Ms. Andrews - Departmental changes for Alternative Ed. - Mr. Gent is getting values from ATOSS.  Safe Schools will limit out of school suspensions and preventive measures and closely monitor.

6. Discussion Item - Summer Assistance for Non-Proficient FCAT Students - Andrews


Ms. Andrews - what are we doing at the District to develop a plan of action regarding the FCAT help during the summer. Mr. Gent - we are giving the Board Members a list of programs in place. Ms. Andrews - have we dissected all our schools as to a plan? Mr. Gent was in schools last week and today, teaching and learning does not stop because of these results.  Have activities available, robo calls and different strategies of programs available to students.  Dr. Andrews - months ago we saw federal grant and applied to it.  Jumpstart to high school algebra.  It can touch students at a non title one high school.  Invited students who failed to an Algebra I camp.  We don't want students having so many FCAT sheets during the summer that they are inundated with it.  Dr. Robinson - if Edline works over the summer, we may be able to use it for refresher work to post on Edline.  We have to figure out something for kids to read this summer.  Present to Principals a year round school as Choice Program.

7. Time: 6:00pm

Vote Results
Motion: Marcia Andrews
Second: Debra Robinson
Marcia Andrews- Aye
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Karen Brill- Aye
Jennifer Brown (Board)- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye
Chuck Shaw- Aye