February 29, 2012

1. Time: 2:12 p.m.

Roll Call
2. Attendance:

Pledge of Allegiance
3. Chairman Barbieri

Opening Comments
4. Chairman Barbieri

Workshop Item(s)
5. Audit Committee Report
Attachment: FEBRUARY 10, 2012[1].pdf
Attachment: JANUARY 13, 2012[1].pdf
Attachment: Draft Action Plan in Response to Grand Jury's Recommendations[1].pdf

Mr. Lung Chiu discussed the following items with the Board: Lake Shore Middle School Investigations; Collection of Cost for Loss and Damaged Text Books; Vending Machine Collection of Palm Beach Lakes High School; Palmetto Elementary School Missing PTO and After School Program Money; Policy 7.22 Construction Change Orders; Policy 7.065 Errors and Omissions of a Construction Related Professional; Policy 7.225 Use of Contingency Funds for Construction Projects; Inspector General Job Description; Update on  Credit Cards; Action Plan; and Letter of recommendations to the Grand Jury and State Attorney's Office.

Mike Burke, Chief Financial Officer discussed the Grand Jury Report: Special audit of Suncoast High School band transfer accounts; Clarify rules; Formalize procedure to close inactive accounts; Define general activity accounts; and Committee of Principals.

Board members discussed the following: Students allowed to work off debt for loss or damaged text books; Schools using same vendor control; Non-approved vendor tracking under $25,000; Reporting system of loss text books; Lost text book and tracking children's instruction; Policy 7.22 Construction Change Order; Authority to sign $300,000; Board members agreed to discuss striking the word "Board designee" from Policy 7.22 at the March 7th Special Meeting; Benchmark of other school districts; Who developed Audit Action Plan; Children left behind on band trip due to lack of money; Who monitors transfers; Accountability of principals on transfers; Corrective measurement procedures follow up; Procedures for trips and activities put on board report; Internal Accounts End of Year report ; Training on Podcast; Item #5 "Formal Written Uniform Protocol"; List all employees attending trips; Education on management of internal accounts; Revisit policy; Outline procedures; Look up guidelines on District website; Talk to principals on improving checks and balances; Vendors used to book trips and drop dead dates; and Training accessible at all times and multimedia educational training tool.

6. Choice Programs and Career Pathways
Attachment: Board Presentation updated 02-12-12.pdf

Peter Licata, Assistant Superintendent of Choice Programs presented a PowerPoint presentation and discussed the following topics: Choice Programs; Career and The Benefits of Our Programs; Choice Programs Participation; Choice Programs Over Time; 2011-2012 Lottery by the Numbers; Principals' 20% List; Principals' 20% List-Sample; Career Pathways Concentrators; Palm Beach County Career and Technical Education Participation; Special Population Students; Why Industry Certification; Business Partners; We Serve Students; Choice Lottery; Career Clusters, Pathways, Programs and Where Clusters Exists.

Board Members asked the following questions: Update on process and assessment of programs; Gather information from business community on careers; Business Development Board transportation issue; Culinary program in the Glades; Students competing for admission to colleges and vocational coding; DOE response to changing designation; Graduation rate of students by school with certification or specialized degree; Develop choice programs in the western areas; What are the Principals' 20% personal criteria; Graduation rate of Choice vs. Others; Priority Level 1; Expected wages of CTE programs; Same programs should be the same quality and lines drawn by region; In house programs, where do people go if not in boundaries ; Middle School of the Arts and Plumosa Middle Schools; Cosmetology program; Entrepreneurial programs; 50% charge to parents not on free and reduced lunch; Outline what's needed to regionalize programs; Process of approving and discontinuing programs; Future Board discussion on regionalized curriculum; Congratulated staff on level of ESE and ELL participation in choice programs; Track students that go onto college in pre-apprenticeship programs; Advisory Board recommended/mandated for each program; Concerned with access to programs from middle schools into high schools; Strategic plan on distribution of programs; Feeder patterns; Lee County ROTC enrollment tied to professional development dollars, and Board should establish Principals 20% criteria guidelines.   

7. Discussion Item - Leading for Equity - Robinson


Dr. Robinson asked the Board to consider forming a book club type discussion around the book Leading for Equity. 

The Board did not agree on the book club meeting. The Board agreed that Mr. Gent should read the book and the management team and bring back suggestions to the board on his recommendations.

8. Discussion Item - Seminole Ridge - Andrews


Mrs. Andrews asked the board to consider having an off-site meeting at Seminole Ridge High School to see the Habitat House the students are building in the Construction Academy.  She thanked the following people; James Campbell, Bernard Godick from Habitat from Humanity, John Walker, Magnet Coordinator and the students.

The Board did not agree due to the cost associated with moving meetings off-site. It was recommended that TEN should video tape and talk to students on the project and discuss the project at a Board Workshop. The video could also be used as a recruiting tool. 

9. Discussion Item - May 16th Board Meeting - Brill


Mrs. Brill discussed the May 16th Palm Beach County Library Association Advocacy Gala. The event is to raise awareness of all public libraries in Palm Beach County by showcasing the importance of libraries relating to education. It takes place from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Mrs. Brill requested that the board consider moving the May 16th meeting up to an earlier start time or swap with the 2nd week in May.

The Board did not agree and was concerned about setting a precedent.

10. Discussion Item - Board Committee Meetings - Brill


Mrs. Brill suggested that all committee meetings be Vodcast. 

Board discussed the cost associated with meetings that are off-site or in the evenings. There was concern that comments made by committee members might be viewed by public as a statement by the Board.  The Board agreed upon consensus to start vodcasting committee meetings held during the day.

11. Discussion Item - Safety in Athletics - Shaw


Mr. Shaw discussed the safety and athletics bills in Tallahassee.  The first bill relates to students hospitalized due to heat stroke. The second bill relates to concussions. Both bills would require the student to be cleared by a doctor before returning to competition.  If neither bill passes, is board interested in asking staff to do a study contacting coaches, athletic directors, parents and the medical community to see if it is appropriate for the board to pursue a policy related to these issues.  Bills have not passed in Tallahassee due to chiropractors lobbying congress and the medical community is opposed to chiropractors signing off on clearances.

The Board agreed on consensus to do a study and also to look into the training that coaches and athletic directors go through relating to loss of consciousness.

12. Discussion Item - Restorative Justice - Robinson


Dr. Robinson requested a Board Workshop on Restorative Justice relating to School wide positive behavioral intervention support, alternatives for court involved youths, social and emotional needs of students, consequences of arrests as well as civil citations. 

The Board agreed on consensus to schedule a Restorative Justice Workshop and invite Judge Alvarez to provide input from legal aid.

13. Time: 4:33 p.m.