February 22, 2012

1. Time: 2:15 p.m.

Roll Call
2. Attendance:

Pledge of Allegiance
3. Chairman Barbieri

Opening Comments
4. Chairman Barbieri

Workshop Item(s)
5. Legislative Update
Attachment: 2012 Regular Session[1].pdf

Vern Crawford provided an update via telephone on The Legislative session in Tallahassee.  Mr. Crawford discussed the following items: Future Leadership of the Senate; Amendment and Vote on Budget Package; School Recognition; Adult Literacy Program; Supplemental Academics; 2011-2012 Schools Rated D-F; Dual Enrollment Dollars through Equity Formula; Child Care, Transportation, Pre-K Funding Issues; Capital Outlay of Charter Schools; School District Share Non-Restricted Dollars; Financial Health of School System; Retirement Benefits; HB0525 Police and First Responders Retirement; SB1886 Zero Tolerance; SB0250 School Bus Cameras; SB1522 School Improvement and Differentiated Accountability; and Class Room Teachers Association and PTA Representation. 

Mr. Gent spoke to the Board regarding the following topics: State Board meeting; Conference Call to County Superintendents; and Letter to Commissioner Robinson.

Board Members questioned signatures from Hillsborough County and Orange County on the letter.

6. Budget Workshop
Attachment: FY13 Budget Workshop_2_22_12.pdf

Ed Tancer, Budget Advisory Committee Chairman, presented the Board with the following options and recommendations: Staff Proposal to Generate Revenue Through Advertising; Cell Tower Placement Revenue; School Support Staffing at Elementary Levels; Change High School Periods from 7 to 6;  Reducing 12 Month Employee Contracts; Furloughs for 186 Day and Higher Contract Employees; Outsourcing Support Functions; RFP Process for Maintenance; RFI for Transportation; Outsourcing School Police; and Future Budget Committee Meetings.

Mike Burke, Chief Financial Officer, presented a PowerPoint presentation on the FY13 Budget and reviewed the following: Priority Based Budget; Develop Budget Recommendations: Major Milestones; House & Senate Budget Proposals; Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP); Budget Shortfall Expected to Range from $23.2 to $33.5 million; Non-Recurring Local Revenue; Budget Variables-Tax Roll; Palm Beach County Taxable Values; Other Operating Budget Variables; Capital Budget Appropriations; and Capital Budget Variable-Charter School Legislation.

Board Members reviewed and asked the following questions: Strike Item #3 and keep #4 "Insure Local State and Federal Regulatory Compliance"; Contractual language with Charter Schools; Flexibility of reading funds; Comparison of money spent in excess of what is allocated; Operating budget personnel transfer; ESE transportation is federally mandated; Release of tentative school budgets; Cost of lengthening school days; Flexibility to encourage the best and brightest teachers; Workshop on evaluation instruments; Analysis of grant funded vs. required clipboard teachers; Flexibility in Title 1 and Title 2; Coach Model for teachers; Dr. Baron's research; Discussion of 20% Advance placement dollars; Benefits to outsourcing technology; Title 1 dollars set higher; Lee County best teachers in Title 1 schools; Title 1 schools as teacher incubators; Title 1 dollars not following under performing students; Staffing allocations; Summer initiatives to Motivate students and teachers; Discuss summer learning initiatives with the business community; Research cost of opening media centers in summer; Year-round school choice options; Multicultural summer reading list; RFP and RFI's; Outsourcing maintenance; Cost of an RFP; Merger or outsourcing School Police; Outsourcing School Food Service; Close gap without outsourcing; Research effectiveness of departments; Reorganize departments; Difference between outsourcing entire services vs. certain tasks; Technology Advisory Committee research outsourcing; and written guidelines explaining excessed positions.

7. Time: 3:58 p.m.