February 01, 2012

1. Time: 2:15 p.m.

Roll Call
2. Attendance:

Pledge of Allegiance
3. Chairman Barbieri

Opening Comments
4. Chairman Barbieri

Workshop Item(s)
5. Legislative Update
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Attachment: 20120126_house_2012_florida_education_finance_program_fefp_detail[1].pdf

Vern Crawford provided a Legislative update from Tallahassee via telephone. Updates were given on the following:  SB0098 School Prayer; Budget Overview; Board direction/position on three bills; House Appropriations Committee budget overview; $1.43 billion increase; $224-$225 million replaces non-recurring revenue; $190 million new enrollment; $238 million replaces declining property tax roll; $167 million increased employer retirement rates; $200 million earmarked for reading programs and reading coaches; Senate budget allocation announcement; House continuation of equity formula funding for post secondary Adult Vocational/Adult Ed programs; Continuation of dual enrollment/credit recovery program; Greater Florida Consortium Program opposed SB1852 charter schools; SB1718 and companion bill HB1191 Parent Empowerment Education Act; Children's Service Council; Auditor's General Council of Florida; and Expenditure issues and Early Learning Coalition.

Mr. Gent commented on the upcoming budget update to be given by Mike Burke, Chief Financial Officer.

Board members discussed and agreed on consensus to the following: to oppose SB1852; to oppose SB1718 and agreed to pursue an amendment to remove state board control on final appeal/decision; agreed to support Early Learning Coalition and the Children's Service Council; District based workforce; and adult education program funding.

Mr. Shaw commented on speaking as an individual not collectively for the Board in Tallahassee.

6. TransForm - The Transformation of Transportation Services
Attachment: Parent Transport Cost and Comparison.pdf
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Attachment: Transportation Services - Feb 1st Presentation.pdf

Joseph Sanches, Chief of Support Operations, Shane Searchwell, Budget Manager of Transportation,  Dale Fambrough, General Manager of Maintenance and Transportation, and Pete Didonato, General Manager of Transportation, provided Board Members with a presentation regarding Transportation and summarized the following information: Transform Transportation Services Division; Challenges; What Transportation is; Atlantic High Attendance Boundary; Atlantic High Bus Stops; Routing; Choice and No Child Left Behind; Hiring of Bus Drivers; Hiring and Retaining Drivers; State FTE Transportation Funding; Overtime; Employee Concerns; Transportation Policies & Procedures; Air Conditioned Buses; Facility Needs; Successes; Comparative Analysis; Comparative Analysis II; Budget Reductions; Private, Palm Tran & Tri-Rail Savings; Tri-Rail; Palm Tran; Parent Reimbursement; Service Vehicle Maintenance Savings; Vehicle Maintenance Savings: Accident Reduction; On Time Performance; Transportation Intranet; Changes; TransFormation Action Plan; Safe Driver Standards; and Recommendations to the Board.

Board Members discussed the following topics: Village of Royal Palm Beach compound and Business Park Area; band equipment; three students to a seat; flexibility on bringing large instruments on bus; share presentation with drivers; set up presentation on website; professionals that work in Transportation; number five recommendation option; breakdown number of students in optional vs. legally required transportation; is choice more expensive than general transportation; ability to provide all choice students with transportation; cost recovery from students that pay for lunch; pooling and efficiency; staging school buses at remote school centers; empty buses go back to assigned facility; make bus drivers partners in support of development of students; don't stop activity buses; charging parents of choice students a small fee; GPS on buses; transportation grants to support field trips; Charter School transportation contracts; software routing; musical instruments and large projects; communication from teachers on projects; and bus attendants in transportation budget.

Mr. Barbieri complimented the working relationship with Alphonso Mayfield and Board Members complimented the Transportation Department on their professionalism and dedication to the students of Palm Beach County.

Mike Burke, Chief Financial Officer, commented on bus attendants move from IDA grant dollars to transportation budget.

7. Facility Master Plan
Attachment: Draft PBC School District 2011 Facilities Master Plan Rev 3 -[1].pdf
Attachment: February 1, 2012 Facility Master Plan Board Presentation[1].pdf
8. Discussion Item - FSBA Legislative Days - Andrews


Marcia Andrews thanked Mr. Crawford and presented the following information to the Board from the FSBA 25th Annual Day in the Legislature: HB0383 Public School Flexibility; SB1550 Flexibility for the School District; SB1644 Physical Education; SB0266 Concussion and Head Injury; SB0606 Heat Stroke; Parent Empowerment; Advocacy Workshops; Advocacy Committee Recommendation; Teacher Appreciation Week; Leaders Being Leaders; Principal For a Day; FSBA Communications Campaign; Take our Legislature to School Resolution; Wellington High School Advocacy;  Legislators in the schools; Discuss hot items to start an action plan; Schools distributing information through SAC meetings; and Video contest.

Mr. Barbieri suggested the resolution be discussed at the main Board Meeting.

Board Members discussed the following: scheduling an update on legislative issues every two weeks; COBRA (Coalition of West Boynton Residential Association) Education Committee "Call to Action"; link on website with legislative items; video contest flyer sent to Park Vista; and schools stick to policy to present neutral information.

Mr. Crawford participated via phone from Tallahassee and discussed the following topics; "Call to Action";  Chamber of Commerce and other organizations work with District to build community effort' and Bills HB1505/SB1550 to give District waiver capacity.

9. Discussion Item - FSBA Communications Campaign - Andrews

Minutes: Please refer to Discussion Item #8.
10. Discussion Item - Legislative Issues - Andrews

Minutes: Please refer to Discussion Item #8.
11. Discussion Item - Guiding Principals (Discussion with Tim Center) - Robinson

Minutes: Dr. Robinson discussed Guiding Principles with Board Members and recommended the following changes: proposed Superintendent contract list of Guiding Principles is outdated; website list is outdated; Guiding Principles were revised on the November 16th Workshop with Mr. Center; discussed word intolerance to be changed to embrace diversity; corrected list of Guiding Principles is listed in the discussion item; and revise to reflect the corrected list in the Superintendent contract and correct on website.

12. Time: 4:05 p.m.