Workshop 9-12-12
September 12, 2012

Public Opening
1. Time - 2:40pm
2. Attendance


District 1 Monroe Benaim – Present

District 2 Chuck Shaw – Present

District 3 Karen Brill - Present

District 4 Jennifer Prior Brown - Present

District 5 Frank Barbieri - Present

District 6 Marcia Andrews - Present

District 7 Debra Robinson – Present

Also present were Superintendent E. Wayne Gent; Chief Academic Officer Janis Andrews, and General Counsel Sheryl Wood.


Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance
3. Chairman Barbieri

Opening Comments
4. Chairman Barbieri


Chairman Barbieri introduced Dave Kerner from Florida House of Representative for District 87.

Chuck Shaw informed that Ms. Brill and him attended Greenacres Elementary which was recognized for the 5th time as one of 100 Best Communities for young people in the nation.

Marcia Andrews thanked Geoff McKee from Boca Raton HS for invitation to 911 Memorial Service with an excellent ROTC participation.  Brought greetings for Mr. Gent from Village of Wellington  for reaching out and making sure parents and elective officials are in the loop together.  Also thanked administrative team, Principal, and Educational Advisory Committee from Royal Palm Beach Elementary, thanked Matt Shoemaker and Ian Saltzman for leading team of Principals and Administrators.  In Pahokee everyone helped out the community.

Chairman Barbieri informed he went to Boca Raton HS with Superintendent Gent for Governor Scott's visit.

Mr. Gent showed a public service announcement video that will be used also at Lynn University since they will be hosting the Presidential Debate on  October 22, 2012 and they have established a curriculum.  This video was shared with Principals at CAO Meeting and will be sent to school centers.

Workshop Item(s)
5. Prioritization of School Board's Legislative Platform
Attachment: Q&A.PrioritizationOfSchoolBoardLegislativePlatform.pdf
Attachment: FY2013 State Legislative Proposals and Issues.pdf
Attachment: Board Member Legislative Items.pdf

Mr. Gent introduced Mr. Crawford who spoke about the Prioritization of School Board's Legislative Platform.  

Board Members discussion regarding: District needs to have the authority to restore the 1/2 mill, need additional computers, if Legislature does not give the money then efforts need to be made to raise it locally, merit pay issues dealt with last year for FCAT administration, test results, and inconsistencies found around the State, include a Moratorium of Implementation of 736 until at least 2016 with questions concerning limitations and reliability of all different instruments giving State 2 years to resolve issues.  Vern Crawford said moratorium is being worked on by FSBA.  Parents not well informed.  Getting 5% or 6% from Lottery, need sources for funding.  How we provide physical activity to students, find out if we can seek a waiver or statutory amendment so that we can make a commitment for kids to get 150 minutes of physical activity with more flexibility as to how they get it.  Superintendent Gent informed that with Wellness Policy, have tried to find way to get Recess in there, it is a very challenging goal to get the 20 minute recess because of instructional time, and reading program.  Flexibility requested to form a committee together to determine how we can accomplish this goal.  Frank Barbieri asked Legislation to get a waiver.  Marcia Andrews requested flexibility for great control over funding as it relates to State Rule vs. Statute and that Superintendent has the power to make the necessary changes.  Additional funding needed for Pre-K, waiting for middle school or high school is too late.  Debra Robinson requested information from Mr. Stern on studies linking physical activities to academic performance. Update in a month or two with feedback on wish list of Workshops.  Flexibility needed on instructional materials dollars. Have list rearranged so that we can show where we need flexibility in this District.  Address psychosocial needs of children.  Would like to see funding for parental education with incentives for parents to participate.  Unfunded mandates come from lots of places (needed automatic step raises). Mr. Crawford to explain to State Legislature that we have this merit pay that it has not been tested no where in the United States.  Strong push that our employees have not received raises for years, teachers and everyone else included.  Approach the republican or democratic legislators here in Palm Beach County with this request and show them how it can make a difference. If we can't get where we have to be locally, we can come to State Board of Education and pursue a waiver.  If State Board says no then we would pursue specifically with Legislative Bill. Palm Beach County is a Broad Nominee and an A Rated District for the last few years in a row, why change?  Important to always keep in mind what is best for children and that they are getting the best education.  When it comes to assessment we shut down because of logistics issues.  Other issues opened but Morotorium on assessments (FSBA and Superintendents' Association is heading in that direction).  Have standard discussion at every Board Meeting regarding legislative issues.  The Board document approved on 20th will come back and remainder will be composition statement.  Evaluation system itself tied into merit pay.  Charter School Accountability/Credibility have different rules.  Will be able to utilize our own TV Station TEN.  Invite our Legislators to show them what happens and reach out to other School Board Members and encourage them to do the same to see outcome of decision and get them when they are not in session.  Need positive behavior support type of program for parents including psychosocial needs.  Need school based team at schools, find a way to fund it.  Will come back next week with more information and a modified list.  Board asked Mr. Crawford to take message back to Tallahassee that we need flexibility and stop changing rules while we are working with issues.

6. Elementary Report Card
Attachment: Elementary Report Card Board Presentation 9-12-12..pdf

Superintendent introduced Dr. Andrews for a presentation of Elementary Report Cards and informed that during pilot program, were able to have Pilot schools get it right with Common Core, Next Generation Sunshine State standards and had a lot of changes happen to the report card.  She introduced Keith Oswald who presented the instructional leaders who reviewed presentation with the Board.  Ensure that we are communicating to parents and all our stakeholders about expectations for our students.  This year report card went full blown and would align with Common Core standards. Professionally Developing our staff and parents is essential and it was provided.  Breeze presentation was also provided.  Principals mentored each other.  In order to report grades, used Grade Quick System.  Teachers were now mentoring teachers as well.  Development of SAGES Program in-house which replaced Grade Quick since it was not the right program to use.  Hidden Oaks has been on Pilot Program from the beginning.  SAGES has been very user friendly, everything done for the teachers was suggested by teachers.  Crystal Lakes ES is using this report card system since 2003.  H.L. Johnson ES in 2008 had group of pioneer principals launch a study for all elementary school principals, in 2012 principals are held in program and happy to inform support of District Leadership. Students are involved in goal setting and gives them ownership of their learning. Children that are "on a roll" receive recognition.  Malaleuca ES informed that it requires communication between parents/teachers, better understanding therefore more focus.  Parents invited to discuss report cards at the beginning of school year.  Parents were invited to the SAC and PTA Meetings and their approval was seeked.  Posted on Edline was the Breeze presentation.  Parent Conferences are vital to understand child's progress. D.D. Eisenhower ES participates and informs that letter grades are not the only source of assessment; advanced courses are made by teacher recommendations made on performance by children; incentive rewards are still given from vendors (Aademic Achievement Breakfast); many other counties are also using a different system.  There is a lot of information on the web regarding use of report cards without a letter grade.  In FY13 we are in full implementation of program in Kindergarten and First Grade.  We now have 20 experienced principals and they are mentoring new ones. Book study will also give Principals more in formation and is available in Kindle edition.  First professional development will take place tomorrow afternoon (allows each school to do their training on report card).   We have provided schools with brochures for parents in 3 languages.  Provided consistent training for all Elementary Principals. Everyone got involved for Pilot Program but now that it was placed in 80 additional schools, there needs to be more communication.  Concern about parents not knowing about it.  Superintendent Gent will meet with Dr. Andrews to implement communication and will get back to Board.  Make sure all parents are getting their children's information throughout the year. Current report card does not reflect strategies.  The more parent involvement and strategies out there, will make it easier for parents to understand.  Superintendent Gent will review process as to what plan needs to look like.  Put a video on the website and post in Frequently Asked Questions and Myths vs. Facts, and maybe send out a message through Edline.  Instruct SAC and PTA to show this video to parents so they can be instructed.  Chuck Shaw - transition of students from elementary to middle schools.  Middle School Principals and Teachers will be aware of what these report cards look like.  Work with Education Committees to have them put this in their Newsletter. Cum Laude type of system at graduation eliminate students competing for wrong reason.

7. Policy Review Workshop
Attachment: SBP Unitary District.pdf
Attachment: Agenda for 9122012 Board Policy Revision Workshop.pdf
Attachment: Chapter 2 - General Administration 09052012.pdf
Attachment: Q&A.PolicyReviewWorkshop.pdf
Attachment: SBP Board Members Authority - Limitation.pdf
Attachment: SBP Board Self Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: SBP_-_Expenditures_of_Board_Members[1].pdf
Attachment: 103 Board Member Constituents' Service Revised 9-11-12.pdf
Attachment: Policy School Board Referendum Elections.pdf
Attachment: SBP-1.011 Responsibilities of the Board.pdf
Attachment: SBP New Member Orientation[1].pdf

Mr. Gent announced the Workshop for Purchasing and Policy Lobbyist will be brought back for a future Workshop.  Request to bring it back before Policy Manual comes back, needs to be fixed for grammar, punctualization, spelling, etc.  Bring them back in smaller amounts.  Bring bullet points of what will be in Policies and then incorporate in Policy.

Mike Burke introduced Sharon Swan who prepared and brought back, 6 policies to discuss from discussion at Workshop on November 2011.  Reviewing some of the key changes made and will also review the new policies.  Policy 6.14 has been reorganized and almost re-written to change it per the Board at the last Purchasing Workshop.  New sections Purpose, Applicability, and Definitions and move on to Delegation of Authorities (added a category for a Director of Purchasing to clearly identify them, also added detail on Principals' delegated authorities for graduation activities, fundraising efforts and other school purchases using their internal funds).  Limited to $500,000 for the majority of purchases (anything exceeding this amount would be brought to the Board, competed or non-competed, there are a few exceptions:  Professional Services Contracts will stay at $10,000 per contract, graduation and other school based purchases using external funds will be excluded as would postage, emergency purchases, utilities, media advertisement, subscriptions, professional dues, payment to Department of Law Enforcement for fingerprinting for vendor/staff review, and travel expenses).  Current policy brings all contracts to Board completed through requests for proposals, competitions including other than price, complex and negotiated contracts come to Board already, others are delegated.  Increase to bid threshold from $25,000 to $50,000 following State Statute.  Proposing change to have dollar limit in policy so that all contracts larger come to Board.  Would like to have a detailed list of what changes were made based on discussion from last November and if decided not to change, needs to be highlighted.  Need a tracking mechanism when we are getting consultant contracts, positions that need to be advertised, also making sure that advertisement piece is there and in the computer.  Also need input from users, committee to look at our business practices so that when we do a policy like this, we can have an outside input.  Need Diversity Committee in place that can explain what is being done at each department.  Getting contract a month later after it has been approved is a problem.  Inspector General would have to check policies.  Will put some additional information together and will bring it to the next development meeting.  Legal Staff and Puchasing and Facilities have spent a lot of time looking at other agencies' policies and taking direction received at last workshop and will make it as clear as policy.  Would like Urban 7 Districts' matrix comparing how other counties do their process as well.  Would like information from Council of Great City Schools and what they see as best practice. 

8. Discussion Item - Shaw - Update from FSBA


Chuck Shaw informed that on FSBA Website appear the Obama/Romney education platforms.  There will be between 22 and 24 newly elected Superintendents, a lot of discussion about FRS and 736 issues discussed earlier, Amendment 8 eliminates that public funds can fund religious schools, may want to consider since it has major implications and potential for School Districts to phase charter applications denied by school district.  Foundation for Floridas Future presentation by Wade Blaton, parent trigger bill, program for disable students, stronger language legislative related for students with dissabililities.  Requiring mandatory training of all teachers in State of Florida for working with disable students, require every teacher has minimum of 18 hours of training but difficulty on how it will be done.  Flexibility for adopttion of textbooks, more with content within specific district.  Most controversial issues were education savings accounts, college and universities will have opportunity to charter schools.  Ask Chairman to cancel Board Meeting on November 28, 2012 since 27th-30th are scheduled dates for FSBA Meetings.

9. Discussion Item - Brill - Revising of Policy 5.40 Pledge of Allegiance in Schools
10. Discussion Item - Robinson - Exhibit at Norton Museum
Attachment: Discussion Item - Robinson - Community Day Letter-POSTER.pdf
Attachment: Discussion Item - Robinson - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE-May 23, 2008.pdf
Attachment: Discussion Item - Robinson - Kinsey Exhibition.pdf
Attachment: Discussion Item - Robinson - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE-April 7, 2008.pdf
Attachment: Discussion Item - Robinson - PrincipalsAcademyAgenda4-17-08.pdf
Attachment: DiscussionItem-Robinson-Education Reception Program-5-2-08-Final.pdf
Attachment: Discussion Item - Robinson - bernard Bookmark.pdf
Attachment: Discussion Item - Robinson - community day program.pdf
Attachment: Discussion Item - Robinson - P-12721-CAO-CPIO.pdf

Debra Robinson informed that Norton Museum of Art, has great lesson plans that can be used in classroom with subject, provide teachers with Professional Development, has roster of multicultural exhibits scheduled for this year, it will be there on 12/27/12 to 3/30/13.  Also has African and African American curriculum context for secondary school that can be integrated into our classrooms.  Attachment includes collection of Art on display at Norton Museum and 6,700 students viewed that exhibit.  Look at how vigorously we can support this exhibit.  Request for Superintendent to fully support this exhibit, and would like to have January Board Meeting at the Norton Museum.

Jennifer Brown - fully support this endeavor, we need to reinforce for our teachers that this kind of fieldtrips can be a part of and integrated into academic program.  If we have a preferred list of providers that have worked closely with us to integrage academic program with fieldtrip and then makes it easier for teachers to find time to go.

Marcia Andrews - Went to Kensey African American Art Exhibit and students loved it and community got very involved, would love to have a Board Meeting there.

Karen Brill - would also like to have a Board Meeting there but since this Exhibit will occur during the winter break, would like to see information go out before the break.

11. Discussion Item - Brown - Replacement of Board Representative to the Council of Great City Schools


Jennifer Brown is representative to the Council of Great City Schools but they need a representative that would give a good report back, asked for help, someone to represent us in the Fall Conference which is out of state.  When the conference is in Florida, the entire Board should go.

Debra Robinson is going to the conference anyway so will be happy to take over.

12. Discussion Item - Robinson - Concerns of the Haitian Ministers


Debra Robinson has engaged with community, had meeting Monday with 30 Haitian Ministers to review some of their concerns, they praised the Superintendent and District.  They are pleased with some specific leadership changes at some specific schools.  The Community Language Facilitators (I refer to them as advocates for children) not so sure they are truly advocates for children that speak Creole, since they report to the Principal. Find ways for Liaisons that do not report to us.  Lack of Creole Speaking Personnel, need specific initiative on recruiting Creole speaking staff at every level (Teachers, Administration, School Police). Disagregating Student Data, separate Haitian students category, track what we are doing to meet needs.

13. Discussion Item - Robinson - Encouraging Extra Curricular Activities For Each Child


Debra Robinson attended meeting that Black Educators Caucus held as a result of Sweet 16 shooting.  There was a Lieutenant from Sherif's Department who made a statement that kids that are in the Band don't join Gangs, understand it is not 100% true but fact remains that children that are engaged in positive activities tend to be more on tract.  We have a role in this too, want us to set a goal to have each child enthusiastic in extracurricular activities which we may engage into start of school year registration, provide exposure, maybe include in morning announcements, they can't join if they don't know about it.  Maybe in attendance sheet there could be a notation about their interest or favorite activity, using relationship building.  Further, if child misbehaves, we can use Coach influence.  Children need caring adult in life and be involved in activities. 

Karen Brill agreed, specially for children with dissabilities, gives them more opportunities for interaction since they are usually not welcomed in regular activities.  They have limited opportunities but it pays off at the end.

Frank Barbieri informed that when his district was being built, every time a new subdivision opened in our area, there were organizations to find members.  Perhaps on first night with PTA Meetings maybe allow and invite organizations around the room to get kids involved.  And then they can send things home for parents that are not there.

Debra Robinson reminded us of the need to also engage kids that their parents are not involved in PTA. Speaker at meeting spoke about domestic violence and relationship amongst children being violent.  When those activities take place, we have some domestic violent saviors there too. 

Marcia Andrews - parks and recreation centers are very instrumental and work collaborative to  with chilren in schools.

14. Time - 5:38pm

Minutes: Superintendent Gent - Will be going to District's Superintendent Meeting and will look forward to bringing back information.

Vote Results
Motion: Marcia Andrews
Second: Jennifer Brown (Board)
Marcia Andrews- Aye
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Karen Brill- Aye
Jennifer Brown (Board)- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye
Chuck Shaw- Aye