Workshop 9-05-12
September 05, 2012

Public Opening
1. Time - 3:15pm
2. Attendance

Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance
3. Chairman Barbieri


Ms. Brown lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Opening Comments
4. Chairman Barbieri


Mr. Gent said that based on Purchasing Workshop on 11/9/11, subsequent meetings were requested.  Recognized the Purchasing Department for receiving in late August the Achievement of Exellence Procurement Award for 2012.  Our District is one of only 20 government agencies in State to get the award and one of 17 school districts nationwide to get the award.  Chairman Barbieri introduced Mike Burke and his staff for the first item on the agenda.

Workshop Item(s)
5. Five Year Capital Plan Workshop
Attachment: FY13 5 Year Plan 9-5-2012 Unbalanced.pdf
Attachment: FY13 5 Year Plan for adoption.pdf
Attachment: Presentation - Five Year Capital Plan 2012-09-05.pdf
Attachment: Updated CSA Table 8-30-2012 2.pdf
Attachment: FY 2013 Tentative District Educational Facilities Plan.pdf

Mr. Burke and Ms. Evans discussed the Five Year Capital Plan Workshop and presented a Power Point.  First year of plan adopted back on 7/25/12 as tentative budget, FY13 no concerns.  Beyond first year, FY14-17 there are concerns about main needs (maintenance, technologies and keeping our facitlities up).  Powerpoint illustrates impact of unfunding needs in the upcoming year, there is two plans, one balanced and one unbalanced, showing what our challenges will be.  Once plan is adopted, Board can work to amend plan for later years.  Fortunate to have Mr. Shaw serving on Facilities Task Force looking at funding for regular operating schools and charter schools, looking to get back the millage we had, issues to monitor getting into the Legislative Sessions.  Identify categorical funding to help with Technology needs.  Ms. Evans presented the Five Year Capital Plan and Tentative District Educational Facilities Plan Powerpoint.  Part of it created by School District and part of it by the State.  This document has to be legally approved before budget is adopted. For FY14-17 not able to spend a lot of time on (years 2 - 5) can be changed any time in the future, they are only projections.  Budget Committee will be doing a lot of work this year to get ready.  Chairman Barbieri asked if items will come to the Board for approval before spending the money and Ms. Evans said yes since these are just allocated monies.  Ms. Evans said 60% of budget is carry over balance.   Unbalanced plan includes everything we think we need.  All construction projects have been removed from the plan since there is no money.  Land proposed for future projects also taken out.  Added the moving of buses from existing facilities somewhere to meet obligations and we will have some land to lease.  Debt service is one of the few things not touched, it is constant since we have mandate to pay. Technology is a big ticket item for Capital Budget this year since there are requirements to provide computers for the end of course exams and we will have online textbooks, no money came from the State to comply.  Chairman Barbieri  asked if we have enough money to have computers for the end of course exams and Ms. Evans said that for FY13 all is ok.  Ms. Evans informed that for FY14, severe reductions will be made to the day to day maintenance of facilities, replacement of furniture for departments, security, transportation, buying buses.  FDOE suggested raising the mill.  Mr. Shaw will report back to us after those meetings.  Chairman Barbieri asked if we are having discussions with County to discourage it.  Ms. Evans confirmed that there is communication taking place.  County thinks impact fees levied will help for growth.  Chairman Barbieri said we are paying for schools that were built for growth. Ms. Evans informed us that that the various committees will be involved in giving ideas about how to improve the deficit.  Ms. Brown asked about the modest population growth within County?  Ms. Evans said it was for property value.  Extent to what has been taken into consideration of more charter schools is outpacing county growth where schools will be less crowded, school closings, can we sell, etc.  County and population is growing at a fast pace.  Do we know enought to make projections?  Mr. Wittman informed us that charters have been taken into account.  Ms. Andrews asked if we are demolishing Delray Full Service Center?  Mr. Sanches said there is not enough money in the budget to do so.  Dr. Robinson asked if demolition of Delray Full Service is in field for Village?  Mr. Sanches said we do not have the money for that either and it is not in the 5 year nor the unbalanced plan either.  Not funding demolition for DD Eisenhower either.  Dr. Robinson said Village Academy is a unique situation and it was brought to District from community. Please add to challenge list to create some partnership and finances to fulfill our promise to that community.  What about Triple M (Riverbridge HS) is on commitment?  Mr. Sanches informed that is on the Facilities Master Plan.  Ms. Brill said that funding for education technology needs to be one of the main priorities for legislative agenda.  Ms. Andrews in unbalanced plan will Pahokee ES and Pahokee HS will continue?  Ms. Evans informed that since these projects are fully funded, they will continue as planned and Pahokee HS Stadium is underway and it is in the 5 year plan and JFK Athletic fields are almost completed.  There is very little added to construction projects.  Few additions going into Galaxy, Gladeview and Rosenwald.  All existing projects are going forward.  At Wellington Landings MS trying to improve their tracts.  Chairman Barbieri asked about air conditioning systems being handled? Mr. Sanches informed us that they are part of the budget though not complete yet.  Superintendent Gent informed that with regards to Legislative item on the agenda next week, we may have enough computers to do online texting but we may have to take students out of current classess that use the computers like Finance and Business classess.  The computers are there for academic purposes not testing purposes.

6. Policy Review Workshop
Attachment: Lobbyist Registration.pdf
Attachment: Preference for Local Vendor.pdf
Attachment: Miami Dade County Policy 8150 Lobbyists.pdf
Attachment: Local Workers Hiring Requirements for Vendors on Certain Construction Projects.pdf
Attachment: Purchasing Department.pdf
Attachment: Construction Bid Procedures.pdf
Attachment: Architects or Engineers.pdf

Superintendent Gent presented Mr. Burke and Sharon Swan who will give an overview of 6 policies discussed in November 2011. 

Policy 6.14 - reorganized and almost re-written, added Principals allocation authorities to using their internal funds, authority limited to $500,000 for majority of purchases (purchases made for contracts that meet or exceed $500,000 in any fiscal year would be brought to Board for approval).  Professional Services contracts will stay at $10,000 per contract.  Graduation using extgernal funds will be excluded, postages, emergency services, utilities, media advertising, professiona dues, and travel expenses.  Currently we bring all contracts to Board for complex purchases regardless of dollar amount.  All delegations are always subject to funds being available.  Increase of bid to $25,000.  Chairman Barbieri asked about the Superintendent's authority limit?  Ms. Swan said there are no dollar limits identified, not pre-approved currently, computers bought with contracts do not come to Board.  Proposing change to have dollar limit of $500,000 in policy so larger ones would come to Board.  Variety of policies, Broward and Dade counties have $1 Million but because of concerns brought over by Board Members, we have limited.  Chairman Barbieri has no problem with Superintendent to approve it but do not agree on Superintendent delegating authority to other staff.  Ms. Brown last discussed in November, comprehensive changes, finding it very difficult to see what the changes are and determine.  Need detail list of what changes made based on discussion.  Ms. Swan is changing policy at direction of Board and any contract for $500,000 or more will be brought to Board.  Ms. Andrews requested for us to have a Diversity Committee to have a better understanding.  Contracts getting to the Board a month after they are done.  Ms. Brill said she hard time following this policy, and when brought back would like a bulleted list, level of authority.  Ms. Swan said they will put information together and bring policy back. Ms. Andrews would like to see matrix and what other places are doing.  Dr. Robinson suggested getting information from Great City Schools sinc $500,000 limit is too high and do not understand reason for dispairity, is also concerned with emergency services. Would like this brought back to the next meeting and provided with vodcast of Workshop.  Ms. Swan said that emergency purchases are determined by Statute, and Superintendent approves proceeding if students' safety is involved.  Superintedent Gent will follow up.  Chairman Barbieri asked for limitations of Principals' purchases for schools and restrictions before Principals can purchase.  Also suggested that since our Academies can print and make signs, we should use them for printing instead of wasting money in outside agencies.  Dr. Robinson requested clarity since Professional services contracts come to Board for approval when less than $10,000. 

Lobbyist Policy - Ms. Swan defined who a Lobbyist is, they are to register with School Board Clerk, allows IG to investigate and there needs to be a contract log maintained in Lobby of District and log and statements of compensation filed with Board Clerk.  Ms. Brill asked Board Clerk to post the Miami Dade Lobbyist Policy.  We do not need the beginning of this policy but our definition of Lobbying is too broad for ours, Miami Dade's is more simple, they also require registration fee of $250 which Superintendent can waive or not.  Deposit by Board Clerk to use for transcription fees.  Ms. Wood said that Mr. Crawford is lobbying on our behalf.  Most government agencies have that 2 year prohibition and cannot appear before anyone else for a fee.  Chairman Barbieri inquired as to why do we have to have in the policy for IG to investigate.  Ms. Brown said that if vendor approaches Board member for business, is it a lobbyist under this definition?  Do we need mechanism that registration is in place?  If vender is a lobbyist, is not a good idea to receive e-mail from them regarding their products.  Would like guidance on how to interact with vendors when attending FSBA.  Ms. Wood will work with Board Clerk's Office for form maybe to be placed online.  Chairman Barbieri does not agree to charge fee.  Ms. Wood clarified that lobbyists are not vendor.

7. Discussion Item - Brill - Discussion of Policy 2.5905 Lobbyist Registration
Attachment: Miami Dade County Policy 8150 Lobbyists.pdf

8. Time - 5:01pm

Minutes: Break at 5pm.