Workshop 12-05-12
December 05, 2012

Public Opening
1. Time 3:26 p.m.
2. Attendance


District 1 Mike Murgio – Present

District 2 Chuck Shaw – Present  

District 3 Karen Brill - Present

District 4 Jennifer Prior Brown - Present

District 5 Frank Barbieri - Present

District 6 Marcia Andrews - Present

District 7 Debra Robinson – Present

Also present are Superintendent E. Wayne Gent; Chief Academic Officer Janis Andrews; and General Counsel Sheryl Wood.

Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance
3. Chairman Shaw

Minutes: Chairman Shaw opened the meeting and asked Mr. Barbieri to lead in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Opening Comments
4. Chairman Shaw


Superintendent Gent introduced the first presenter, Steve Bonino with the Wellness Presentation Power Point for annual report.

Steve Bonino presented 6th Annual Award Winning Wellness Promotion and Annual Report and recognized and thanked everyone that made this happen.

Ms. Brill requested that order of agenda be changed so that Boundary changes is addressed first.  Boundaries did what they felt was appropriate even though it does not align with Policy.  We need to talk about policy first to make sure Staff and Committee are following what they propose. Looking for theoratical answer from Board and discussion since Policy drives Staff.

Dr. Robinson informed we would not change policy today therefore suggested that we speak about Boundaries first before covering policy.

Ms. Andrews agreed that we should look at our policies since there are a lot of questions, and then move forward with recommendations.

Workshop Item(s)
5. FY2012 Wellness Promotion Policy Annual Report
Attachment: Announcement 1.pdf
Attachment: Wellness Promotion Policy - Executive Summary Invite.pdf

Steve Bonino introduced his Staff (Paula Triana, Kim Sandmaier, Erica Whitfield, Robert Kanim, Candice Doom) so they could be recognized by Superintendent, Board Members and Staff for their hard work in putting together the 2012 Wellness Promotion Policy Annual Report and Power Point was presented. 

Superintendent Gent thanked Mr. Bonino and his Staff for the wonderful presentation.

Ms. Brill encouraged all to go to the Wellness Promotion meetings yearly.

Ms. Andrews congratulated Staff and was impressed with garden and grant.  Mentioned EAP Provider and would like to know how Committee has helped our employees.  Kim informed that Committee meets 3 times a year and they monitor progress and training presentation is being reviewed out there with employees. Requested for starting and maintaining of community garden and have them become standard operating practice in the District. Need to see interest in advocacy about reading.  Give people more appropriate responses to stress.  Encourage to give employees discount for gym memberships and find a way to help people.  Kim explained that there are already discount programs available out there with United Healthcare.

Dr. Robinson congratulated Staff for coming a long way. 

Mr. Murgio commended entire team and mentioned garden at Jupiter Elementary and all opportunities available.

Chairman Shaw thanked the team on behalf of the Board.

6. Policy 5.01 Development Workshop
Attachment: Current Policy 5.01.pdf
Attachment: Q&A.WorkshopAgendaOrder.pdf

Superintendent Gent introduced Mr. Sanches for Policy discussion.  Mr. Sanches informed that issue came up during Boundary Committee regarding siblings staying or not, both 4th Grader and younger sibling would move to the other school, and allow lower grades other than 4th Grader to remain in school, optimizing capacity at schools.

Chairman Shaw suggested for Board Members to comment and make recommendations. 

Ms. Brill indicated that biggest issues were stability of students and whether we are confirming attendance boundaries, and how we verify.  Add statement under General Criteria that School Board values and appreciates role of stability.  To insert somewhere (will have legal ramifications): "when a boundary change is being contemplated, District shall first initiate a process to confirm that current students in school reside within attendance boundaries at time or have received reassignment by District's Choice Options, IEP Process or Controlled Open Enrollment"; second paragraph "whenever possible based on current enrollment, District shall provide Opt/In process to complete remaining year"providing transportation by parents.  Stability for students in that school and confirmation for enrollment at school (putting process in place). 

Ms. Brown is intrigued by stability piece.  We have very mobile families which may move several times during the year.  Work into policy that if family is moving into an area, the children can stay in their school throughout elementary or middle or high school years.

Ms. Andrews suggested that we look further and not just the learning environment.  Thanked ABC Committee for their effort but think that we are late in sending communication out to parents.  Boundary website is not just enough, it needs to be on Edline, discussed with PTA, cannot wait until October for Superintendent to make recommendation in December.  Compared to policies in Broward and Miami Dade, we do not have a lot of involvement.  Regarding transportation, our Principals and Area Superintendents were not part of these meetings.  Need process or timeline in place to educate people.  Worked with Mr. Wittman in having meetings with County so that children are not in danger traveling to school.  SACS and Area Superintedent should be involved in that process.

Mr. Barbieri asked to allow younger sibling to stay in school until older sibling moves out, policy needs to be modified, particularly for Elementary schools.

Dr. Robinson agreed to keep elementary siblings (but look at numbers), value stability is ok too. Not clear about sidewalk issue and how it binds to consideration of boundaries.  High mobility and impact on numbers is important to consider.

Mr. Murgio mentioned stability is very important and agrees with younger siblings staying since we do not want to split families but cannot go over capacity.  Possibility of looking at satelite schools composed of about 200 students approximately to aid in this matter.

 Chairman Shaw - if family has special education student then it becomes even more difficult. Concurrency definition is not clear.

Mr. Harris stated that Policy 5.011 does require parents to update their address annually.  Policy Development Workshop does not have numbers in policies.  Also wanted to hear from ABC Committee.

ABC Committee informed in terms of boundary postions and recognized that School Board sets policies and follow it.  Timeline is set by Board and committee has no objection.  Siblings attending is a Board decision.  Working outside of schools is recognized clearly and Staff took lead in contacting County and Indian Trail District since they have authority.  Need to stay within our boundaries and our focus is capacity.

Nancy from ESE Department informed us that programs are outside parameters.  Feeder Patterns have been cleaned by using information Art Wittman provides.

Dr. Robinson thanked Boundary Committee for everything they do individually and collectively.  Academic side of house is involved early in the process and that participation needs to be public maybe by sending quarterly information via Edline.  Look at Diversity issue, and Legal Department prepare memo as to weather Boundary can look at ethnicity when looking at these measures even if it is not the reason to make decision.

Mr. Murgio requested creating Ad Hoc Committees outside the ABC Committee.

Mr. Barbieri requested to provide a packet to new comers if school in area will be over capacity so that before they move into neighborhood they are aware of it.

Superintendent Gent thanked Boundary Committee for all they do.

Motion to reorder the agenda to cover the Policy 5.01 before the Boundary discussion.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Karen Brill
Second: Marcia Andrews
Marcia Andrews- Aye
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Karen Brill- Aye
Jennifer Brown (Board)- Aye
Michael Murgio- Aye
Debra Robinson- Nay
Chuck Shaw- Aye

7. 2013-14 Boundary Cycle Workshop
Attachment: Boundary Board Workshop Packet-12-5-12.pdf

Superintendent Gent informed that a summary of recommendations for Boundary Cycle will be provided.

Mr. Wittman discussed presentation and mentioned numbers at Sunset Palms Elementary to Coral Reef Elementary. Setting boundaries to be implemented for next August, 2013. A copy of all correspondence is available in the Board Office. Summary of PR1 and PR2 reviewed.  Proposed change from Hagan Road Elementary to Crystal Lakes ES. 

Ms. Brill commented that information was given to all Board Members and at Sunset Palms, there are discrepancies in enrollment and verified that since 2008, for surrounding neighborhoods, shows 1,517 homes sold or rented in the area feeding into Sunset Palms, people are uncomfortable about reporting neighbors, so then what shall be done, a mailing, postcard to verify address will cost money, maybe with IT involvement, a spreadsheet with school addresses and sorted so if someone moves, it can be investigated. 

Ms. Brown asked asked who does it fall upon to investigate an accussation of boundary jumper.  Mr. Wittman informed that in his department there are 2 staff memmbers that contribute.  Ms. Brown suggested when IG Hotline is running people will feel more comfortable about reporting it to Hotline.

Ms. Andrews asked how long will it take department to work with data that Ms. Brill submitted. Mr. Wittman informed that they routinely investigate for foreclosures and people that move out by pulling a list of schools.

 Mr. Barbieri informed that Property Appraisers Office sends a postcard yearly and suggested we do the same.  Make parents prove their residency every year when they register by showing a bill.

Ms. Andrews suggested the cycle be cleaned before we vote on it.

Dr. Robinson suggested that as part of being on yellow alert, notify parents to verify address, and send message to all parents that are in red zone to bring address verification. 

Superintendent Gent advised that in February, 2013 would be the very latest that this voting can take place and first reading needs to take place 30 days before.  All these are very good ideas that will enhance students and community as well.

Mr. Murgio suggested using mailing for address verification since it would be less money than staff to verify. 

Ms. Brill requested that even if we do not vote on this item, allow speakers to express themselves.

Speakers were allowed by all Board Members to speak about the Special Meeting Item that will be withdrawn as follows:  Nancy Cope, Diana Wrathell, Ron Reis, Lucas Brandt, Craig Wrathell, Tammy Diaz, Marlo Scott, Bram Mariavent, Tony Frontero.

Chairman Shaw thanked parents for coming out here tonight and sharing the experience.

Motion to allow speakers for this item to speak during the Workshop instead of waiting to the Special Meeting.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Frank Barbieri
Second: Debra Robinson
Marcia Andrews- Aye
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Karen Brill- Aye
Jennifer Brown (Board)- Aye
Michael Murgio- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye
Chuck Shaw- Aye

8. Discussion Item - Robinson - Grant Writers


Dr. Robinson requested more grant writers have to be hired or designate more, we only have one in the District now.  Suggest we have one grant writer in at least each Area Office.  Find people that will focus on grants for our schools.

Ms. Brill has been thinking about the need of a grant writing department, it is a talent and a skill and it pays for itself.

Mr. Barbieri reminded us that District website was changed to show grants available but schools do not have the time to put them together, we do need the grant writers in place.

Ms. Andrews mentioned that we used to have a grant writing department and asked Superintendent to move forward in adding it in the area offices.

9. Discussion Item - Shaw - Board Member Committee Assignments
Attachment: BoardCommittees2012.pdf

Chairman Shaw requested that all Board Members look at all the Committees and inform of any changes they would like to make.  Also requested that Ms. Llanes would open up for new assignments every committee he currently serves in. 

Board Members discussed the different assignments and new assignments were registered with Boad Clerk.

Dr. Robinson requested that there is more clarity as to when committee meetings take place and Chairman Shaw requested Board Office to update and notify Board Members of the meetings.

10. Discussion Item - Shaw - Identification of Major District Projects


Chairman Shaw would like closure to requests presented at meetings.  After Holidays, have at least 2 things that we would like to identify to bring forward over the next year or so.  Focus for the next several months on completing Board Gantt chart.  Grant Writers discussion for example can become a priority on the list.

Mr. Murgio would like once a quarter to have Strategic Planning ideas for discussion.

11. Discussion Item - Barbieri - Calendar Year


Mr. Barbieri mentioned that a while ago, it was agreed to have a 2 year calendar so that we are always a year ahead.  Superintendent to go back to Calendar Committee to adopt the 2014-2015 Calendar already and then from here on, every year we can adopt 2 years together.

Superintendent Gent will bring it to the Calendar Committee.

Mr. Barbieri would like to pilot year round school, getting rid of long summer time, making sure children do not loose everything in the summer.  Extending class days would be another option but it would interrupt high school activities.  Currently there are 5 states with year round schools.

Mr. Murgio agrees to looking at multiple year calendars. 

Dr. Robinson mentioned that we offer as choice option and would like to see underperforming schools participate.

12. Discussion Item - Robinson - Banning Exclusion of Students from Instruction for Minor Offenses


Dr. Robinson firmly suggested that we stop taking students out of the classroom for minor offenses such as dress code, etc.  Superintendent needs to change mind set so that students can stay in class to learn.  Have a roundtable discussion with Staff.  Dr. Andrews agreed to Roundtable discussion.

Ms. Brown discussed with Dr. Andrews regarding the cold season coming up and dress code exceptions.

Ms. Brill commented about clothing closet in schools and making closets available to children if done in a discrete fashion.  Dr. Andrews mentioned that many of our schools do have the closet as well as a program to uniform trading.

Chairman Shaw mentioned this is more a secondary issue since primary grades do very good with back up clothes, etc.

Dr. Robinson mentioned that uniform is just an issue and there are many others, we need a mind set to say that we need students in class.

Superintendent Gent mentioned that is powerful when Principals can meet as a group.

13. Discussion Item - Robinson - Bullying

14. Time 6:30 p.m.

Motion to Adjourn Meeting.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Frank Barbieri
Second: Debra Robinson
Marcia Andrews- Aye
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Karen Brill- Aye
Jennifer Brown (Board)- Aye
Michael Murgio- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye
Chuck Shaw- Aye