Workshop 11-07-12
November 07, 2012

Public Opening
1. Time 2:57pm
2. Attendance

Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance
3. Chairman Barbieri


Chairman Barbieri - Mr. Shaw led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Opening Comments
4. Chairman Barbieri


Chairman Barbieri - after the Workhsop we will conduct the Special Meeting and listen to Board Members' Comments then.

Mr. Gent - introduced Mike Burke for the first presentation.

Workshop Item(s)
5. Policy Review Workshop
Attachment: Purchasing Policy side by side comparison.pdf
Attachment: 25905develop11-7-12.pdf
Attachment: Purchasing Policy School Board Workshop November 7, 2012.pdf
Attachment: 614develop11-7-12 (1).pdf

Purchasing Policy - Mike Burke mentioned that this policy has been simplyfied for better understanding, took into consideration the information from Great City Schools.  Delegation of authority is explained in detailed (limitation to bid, unlimited in dollars).  Superintendent would have authority up to $500,000 per vendor/per year, and anything beyond would come to Board.  Some services are exempt from competing.  Professional Services cap is $10,000.00. 

Board Members discussed the delegation of expenditure and Superintendent's Assignees.

Chuck Shaw would like to ensure identification of lobbyist by vendors and would like to see some control. 

Chairman Barbieri asked for contracts to clearly refer to policy. 

Chuck Shaw inquired about recent audit findings and recommendations this year and Mike Burked informed that there has been no findings this year.

Jenny Brown suggested now that we transitioned from Audit Department to IG Department, Inspector General needs to be involved in policy review and able to recommend amendment, not just look for aufit findings but make sure we are preserving and spending tax dollars in a more efficient way.

Chairman Barbieri and Jenny Brown requested for Inpector General to be involved in this process.

Jenny Brown requested that there be a check/balance between Board, Legal, Purchasing for a Sole Source Vendor.

Sharon Swan informed that we currently use a provider and would e-mail vendors that are interested in doing business with us in that commodity area to get confirmation.  Sometimes we need service and no one else is available to provide it.

Jenny Brown and Karen Brill congratulated the Department for a very well presented policy review.

Board Members discussed the need to use and enforece Disclosure Forms.

Lobbyist Policy - Mike Burke informed this is a new policy coming to the Board and explained that a Lobbyist is anyone representing an outside company that has interest in doing business with School District.  They have to register through Board Clerk but iff they represent District it does not apply.

Karen Brill - when we have our meeting with the League of Cities and County Commission we should find out about their lobbyist registration process and whether we can partner with them. Prefer to discuss this directly in an open forum. 

Jenny Brown finds this policy very complicated and hard to follow, has a concern that so will people that are lobbyist with us.  Suggested we use County's registration system. Table it for now until we meet with League of Cities.

Karen Brill - would like for a copy of the "Palm Beach County Lobbyist Registration Ordinance Effective April 2, 2012" to be distributed to all Board Members to review for when Lobbyist Policy is brought back.

Board Members discussed employees of Charter Schools and explanation of whether they would be considered lobbyists.  Suggested looking at how other Districts handle it.

Mike Burke said he will continue working on this Lobbyist Policy.

6. Discussion Item - Brill - Review Policy 5.01 Student Assignment


Karen Brill informed us that at the Boundary Committee Meetings, changes are being proposed in her voting district and it was suggested, in responding to community, that they are bound by policy that has not been reviewed recently and should be reviewed now. Would like to send policy back to committee to bring back suggested changes since some of the changes do not align with our mission/vision.  Committee is not due to meet until Spring but they are willing to reconvene and get back to us with Report.

Debra Robinson that some of our experts be present at Advisory Committee meetings to review what is best for the District and the children but does not want them making recommendations that have not been shared with Board.

7. Adjourn 3:50 p.m.

Motion to Adjourn Meeeting.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Marcia Andrews
Second: Chuck Shaw
Marcia Andrews- Aye
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Monroe Benaim- Not Present
Karen Brill- Aye
Jennifer Brown (Board)- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye
Chuck Shaw- Aye