Workshop 03-06-13 at 3pm
March 06, 2013

Public Opening
1. Time 3:15 p.m.
2. Attendance


District 1 Mike Murgio – Present

District 2 Chuck Shaw – Present  

District 3 Karen Brill - Not Present

District 4 Jennifer Prior Brown - Present

District 5 Frank Barbieri - Present

District 6 Marcia Andrews - Present

District 7 Debra Robinson – Present

Also present were Superintendent E. Wayne Gent; Chief Academic Officer Janis Andrews; and General Counsel Sheryl Wood

Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance
3. Chairman Shaw

Minutes: Chairman Shaw opened the meeting.  Pledge of Allegiance led by Blair Littlejohn.

Opening Comments
4. Comments - None

Workshop Item(s)
Attachment: IG HOTLINE.pdf
Attachment: Discussion Questions on Reporting Structure - 2013-3-6 Board Workshop.pdf
Minutes: Superintendent Gent introduced Mr. Chiu (Inspector General) to discuss IG Hotline.  Mr. Chiu introduced Committee Chair Daniel Gregory and Committee Vice Chair Noah Silva and explained how the IG Hotline works:  having 3 existing Hotlines (Professional Standards, School Police, Facilities Services), therefore IG Hotline will be the 4th one.  Still deciding where calls will be directed to after received in IG Department.  Under policy, there are provisions as to how to determine where to send calls in order to maintain independency and integrity of system.  A priority is to respond on a timely manner. Chairman Shaw reminded everyone that there is a primary responsibility to the role of the Superintendent as Administrator of the District having been appointed by the Board and his authority cannot be removed.  Staff needs to follow chain of command and when there is a problem, go directly to their immediate supervisor first, making sure that problems are handled according to contract requirements.  Mr. Barbieri would like to have complete independende for the Inspector General.  Thinks there should be only 1 Hotline in the District and from there, complaints are routed appropriately.  Would like assurance that Inpector General has complete authority of entire District.  Ms. Andrews feels the anonymous caller must feel comfortable in being truly anonymous.  If additional work has to be done for Requester, would like IG to handle it.  Would like only 1 Hotline as well.  Ms. Brown agrees for callers to stay anonymous and that departments accept anonymous reports.  Mr. Murgio explained that we should have 1 Hotline and then whether they investigate or pass it on, then records are kept of its status and all information stays in one location.  Dr. Robinson agrees with having only 1 Hotline for efficiency and encouraged to use chain of command unless uncomfortable for any reason. Would like to see Professional Standard's Reports back to IG.  Ms. Brown is not clear as to whether other hotlines should be abolished since each department is more capable of responding their individual issues.  Superintendent Gent informed that Transportation Hotline is just for information purposes only.  Chairman Shaw expects that after IG Department goes through investigation, request is sent to Superintendent for action.  Mr. Silva does not agree other hotlines should be eliminated, also IG Hotline is not absolutely anonymous, people can identify themselves if they wish.  Mr. Chiu will always keep Superintendent informed of the complaints unless it is directly about him.  Mr. Barbieri stressed that even if there are other hotlines, there should be a clear message out that the IG Hotline will keep anonimity a priority.  Mr. Chiu informed that a memo with explanations is going out to Staff soon and there will be a Press Release and a poster and brochure will be printed to be delivered to all schools and District locations.  Would like to know if it can be sent to other municipalities or libraries.  Chairman Shaw summarized requests as:  1) investigations handled on timely manner; 2) report of closed issues go back to IG Department; 3) any action on anything should be handled by Superintendent.  Mr. Burke explained that there is a difference between a call center and a hotline, we have a Facilities, HR, and Transportation call center, and School Police has an emergeny line therefore, the only hotlines in existence are the Professional Standards and Superintendent which identify inappropiate behavior as well as a Boundary Hotline.  Dr. Robinson would like to see complaints that go through Professional Standards Hotline shared with Board, even if no discipline is involved, so remediations can take place in the future and practice can improve.  Ms. Andrews commented that in the past a Survey on analysis of concerns received was kept (a narrative of what had been received over a certain period of time).  Chairman Shaw requested that information is not shared with anyone while investigation is taking place yet inform the Superintenden of what is going on.  Superintendent Gent suggested that this item come back to the Board with more information in around 6 months and update as to how these hotlines are working.  Chairman Shaw summarized:  1) if issue comes in needing interpretation of contract, it needs to be forwarded to proper department; 2) if academic issues, they can be expedited; 3) if criminal in nature, action taken by School Police may never come back to IG.  Mr. Daniels said that IG Hotline should not be delayed anymore.
6. Discussion Item - Shaw - Informal Board Meetings' Request from Mr. Murgio


Chairman Shaw would like a clear understanding by the Board of when to do this meeting and if there are any concerns, and ensuring that it does not violate any Sunshine Laws.  Mr. Murgio distributed a form with general concepts which have already been spoken about in the past.  These meetings will be in addition to the regular meetings we now hold giving an opportunity to Board Members to share thoughts and generate new ideas, intended to be low impact meetings.  Suggests to meet in another meeting room instead of the Boardroom.  Board Clerk would send out invitations via Google 2 weeks prior to date.  If not enough attendees, meeting would be cancelled.  All meetings are open to the Public and will be noticed.  They would last approximately 1 1/2 hour from 4:30pm-6pm.  Each Board Member will have 10 minutes to speak about subjects that they feel are important for improvement of our District.  At the end, each Board Member will have 2 minutes to make a closing remark.  In the form received, there is a proposed agenda for the first meeting, and for future meetings Board Members can suggest topics for the agenda .  Suggesting to use 2nd Tuesdays since there are no Board Meetings on the second Wednesday and would like to have first meeting on Tuesday, 3/12/13.  Dr. Robinson asked Legal Department for their input and Sheryl Wood said that as long as the meetings are properly noticed, public access is allowed, and minutes taken, all is ok.  Chairman Shaw reminded everyone that having this meeting next week is too soon plus there is CAO and A&S Meeting that day and it would be too stressful for Staff.  Ms. Andrews likes the concept of the meetings but her schedule is full for next week and needs it to be scheduled for later on.  Mr. Barbieri has no problems with meetings but would rather have them on Wednesdays when there are no meetings since his schedule is full for at least the next 3 months, he also does not think Staff needs be present since meeting will be for just the 7 Board Members and minutes taken by someone from Board Office.  Mr. Murgio is ok with keeping it on the 2nd Wednesday when there are no regular meetings.  Ms. Brown expressed that there should be at least one Wednesday each month available for this meeting.  Ms. Andrews would like it to be fluent and have ability to restructure it if it does not work in the future.  Superintendent Gent would like Board to consider at least 4 of these a year.  Wednesdays are filled until the end of the year with graduations, spring break, and vacations coming up.  Schedule first meeting and then schedule future ones during that first meeting.  Leadership Staff will be present.  Mr. Murgio is concerned about it starting 6 months from now and said not every Board Member has to be there, it is not meant for directions to be given, just opportunity for a few to talk about issues without violating Sunshine Law.  Dr. Robinson feels this is just a free flowing discussion, not to give any direction to Superintendent and Staff, information will come back to a future Board Meeting as a discussion item to provide direction, Staff does not need to attend.

7. Chapter 1 Policies Workshop
Attachment: Chapter 1 Outline.pdf
Attachment: Chapter 1 Sections A and B.pdf
Attachment: Chapter 1 Section C.pdf
Attachment: Chapter 1 Sections D, E, and F.pdf

Superintendent Gent introduced Liz McBride (Legal Department) to discuss policies for Chapter 1 and requested for this section to be reduced to 30 minutes due to the large amount of speakers scheduled for tonight's Special Meeting.  Liz McBride explained that discussion had already taken place before for Section A and B, will continue now with Section C (Operating Procedures).  Board-Superintendent Relationship Policy came from the Master Board Training.  Areas discussed were vision, structure, educational program, physical management, community relations, and advocacy. Mr. Murgio commended Ms. McBride for the way document was set up by showing School Board responsibilities in one column and the Superintendent's on another. Chairman Shaw would like for it to come back as a list with Current Policy and Proposed Policy and if there is no change, indicate so.  Asked if any changes in Chapter are significant which need addressing.  Ms. McBride explained that policy is still under development.  They discussed if Superintendent should have same settlement authority as Risk Manager.  Mr. Murgio did not mind if Superintendent has more authority before coming to the Board.  Ms. Brown likes that policies discuss how Board operates, not just mandated by Statute.  Policy 6.09 is a School Board Policy but there are other policies in packet that are vebatim to Statutes.  Mr. Gent informed that Ms. Brill is trying to participate in meeting but communication failed and would like to communicate via e-mail.  Ms. Wood said it can be done only with communication to Superintendent or Board Clerk.  Mr. Shaw explained that at some point, District operated with Administrative Directive Book and a Policy Book but then Board directed to combine the two in one book that became just policies.  Principals may want to see two different books again.  Mr. Shaw explained that by Statute, Board has to review all policies every so many years and take action.  Ms. Wood explained that if there has been no Statutory changes, no changes from Board, and no changes from Staff, then policy does not have to be changed.  Ms. Andrews said Administrative Procedures started to become outdated and not kept up with, now is when finally policies are being placed in line.  Mr. Shaw asked Ms. McBride to come back to the Board with a summary of new policies approved and those updated.  Mr. Barbieri expressed that this process needs time but Board needs to get it done.  Mr. Gent read Ms. Brill's e-mail said that regurgitating statutes is not direction needed, we need more technical or policy assistant.  Mr. Shaw asked to please bring it back so it can be addressed.  Changing technology is critical to us, therefore that information has to be added to policy.  Dr. Robinson would like to have the next policy meeting with Ms. McBride walking us through Chapter 1.  Mr. Shaw suggested that the policies is the only thing done during that day.  Mr. Gent read e-mail from Ms. Brill suggesting to meet individually with Legal to provide Board input.  Mr. Shaw thanked Ms. McBride for all the efforts put in this project.  He also said Ms. Brill asked not to discuss General Counsel input until she comes back, but advertising needs to tak place now so that we have time for hiring.  Dr. Robinson informed that job description needs to be agreed upon before advertising.  Mr. Gent explained that we only have next week's Board Meeting for March so it was decided to go ahead and advertise the position.

8. Time 4:40 p.m.