Workshop 02-06-13 at 2pm
February 06, 2013

Public Opening
1. Time 2:03pm
2. Attendance


District 1 Mike Murgio – Present

District 2 Chuck Shaw – Present  

District 3 Karen Brill - Present

District 4 Jennifer Prior Brown - Present

District 5 Frank Barbieri - Present

District 6 Marcia Andrews - Present

District 7 Debra Robinson – Present

Also present were Superintendent E. Wayne Gent; Chief Academic Officer Janis Andrews; and General Counsel Sheryl Wood.

Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance
3. Chairman Shaw

Minutes: Chairman Shaw opened the meeting. Mr. Murgio led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Opening Comments
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Workshop Item(s)
5. Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP) Grant Proposal
Attachment: MSAP PowerPoint Presentation.pdf
Attachment: MSAP Civil Rights Assurances.pdf
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Attachment: Q&A.WorkshopItem#5.pdf
Attachment: REVISED MSAP - Voluntary Plan - Resolution.pdf
Attachment: MSAP Data Panel Feb 6 2013 (2) Lake Park.pdf
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Dr. Joseph Lee, Area Superintendent of Learning and Safety Environment, and Pete Licata, Director of Choice Programs showed MSAP Competitive Grant Opportunity presentation to the Board.  The following topics were discussed: MSAP Grant Projected Awards; MSAP Key Date; PBC History of MSAP Grant Awards; MSAP Eligibility; Plan Requirements 34 CFR 280.20; What is a Magnet School; Proposed MSAP Magnet Schools; IB Continuum of Education; IB Structural Continuum; IB Learning To Learn Continuum; IB Assessment Continuum; Pete Licata presented to the Board the following topics: Galaxy Elem STEAM Magnet; Congress STEAM Magnet School; Boynton Beach STEAM Magnet HS; What will the MSAP Pay for; GPRA Performance Measures. Chuck Shaw asked how competitive will this be. Karen Brill requested to see the Civil Rights insurance form.  Do you utilize same form for all schools; How do you handle students that get a rejection letter; Embry Riddle program concerns. How do we handle laboratory fees, understanding role in program and holding grades based upon students ability to pay bills; Marcia Andrews asked how are success rates and graduation rates tracked and do we have data; Jennifer Prior Brown asked what percentage of students in Lake Park are in IB program; Will students in Lake Park voluntarily sign up for programs; In terms of Galaxy, will the application process be diviersified; Is Congress Middle School meant to be an art school; Is there going to be a strings program. Mike Murgio Dreyfoos School of the Arts concern regarding capacity in existing programs when will this be discussed; Regarding Opt-Out zones what will we be looking at.  Frank Barbieri asked if we have the funding to continue these programs once they are put in place; could the money be used to expand programs in current schools; how do we avoid breaking laws if the outcome of the lottery produces issue.  Debra Robinson - requested information for feeder patterns for all programs; Programs in Palm Beach Public being closed to kids not living in the boundaries; All programs with the same name are the same program; Clear analysis of staff development leads; Discussed history of magnet programs; Assure that children that live within the boundaries of these new programs are in an opt-out status and not opt-in status; Are we going to say to children of color outside the boundary that the quota is reached; How will this lottery work;  Look at all the languages offered.

6. District Innovation Schools
Attachment: District Innovation Schools Powerpoint (3).pdf
Attachment: Pending Charter School Openings 2013-14 Rev 1-31-13 (5).pdf

Superintendent Gent introduced Faith Ann-Cheek, Director of Charter Schools.  Dr. Joseph Lee, gave the Board a brief oversight of District Innovation Schools;  Dr. Faith Ann showed presentation to the Board regarding Charters; District Innovation Schools and Process. Dr. Joseph Lee and Faith Ann-Cheek presented information to the Board regarding: Funding Governing Board: Hybrid Board; Benefits; Around the State; Chuck Shaw could this be the same as conversion; Hybrid Boards in other counties. Karen Brill this is not coming to the board soon, find concept very scary; targeted population is contrary to District's vision; Marcia Andrews formulate ourselves to be ahead of the game regarding conversion schools so that we don't lose land. Jennifer Prior Brown if this is a way to get a middle school of the arts open sooner then she would consider it. Frank Barbieri how does this affect the District funding; Will the targeted population be applied at all schools. If we can use this new statute to beat them and compete, then we should explore.  Dr. Debra Robinson agrees with everything Mr. Barbieri said.  Also, focus on the needs of children; Wants to explore all the options; wants documents that state DOE rules regarding charter;  If opening charters as a business move, what will we do differently; Could we contract out to a management company.


7. Discussion Item - Robinson - Extra Curricular Activities for Students Attending Other Schools
Attachment: Policy 5-60 Extra Curricular Activities.pdf

Dr. Robinson discussed students that participate in Bands in schools other than their own.  Policy 6.0 does not specifically address this issue. It was interrepeted by staff particularly at Dreyfoos, we need to clarify our policy.  By policy we give privilege to charter schools and Dreyfoos.  If it is by state law, it should be available to all students. Troubled by the concept of only being able to go to the school of your boundary; Mr. Barbieri asked how we fund extra curricular activities for students that come from other schools.

8. Discussion Item - Robinson - Value of Diversity
Attachment: Kahlenberg.pdf
Attachment: Why_Segreg_Matters.pdf
9. Discussion Item - Robinson - Academic Advisory Committee


Dr. Robinson asked for a brief discussion about the Academic Advisory Committee.  If the plan to make massive overhaul to make education decisions would be brought to concerned citizens then we could avoid future debacles;  It was intended to look at big picture projects.  They want direction from the Board.  Mr. Barbieri would like to see the committee give the Board their input so that they could see their concerns.  Would like to see their items put on the agenda.  Mike Murgio said he has a high level of expertise in their field.  Need to be careful that there is a certain level of knowledge on the committee.  Would need to look at the make up of the committee. Ms. Andrews would like input from them and hear what is out there in the community.  Ms. Brown said in current committees, members bring special expertise, different from what board members have.  We are an academic institution.  We have check and balances.  AAC adds value but eats up alot of staff time without adding value.  We have a very engaged stakeholders;  Ms. Brill would like to discuss further and likes the concept, they have had times when they wanted to make recommendations but felt shut down.  A good part of the first year was dealing with parliamentary proceedures.  

10. Discussion Item - Brown - Recess

11. Time 4:00pm