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Agenda Item #4

CS1 - Third Amendment for DayStar Academy of Excellence Charter School


DayStar Charter School's Charter Agreement expires June 30, 2010.  DayStar has timely submitted a Renewal Application which has been approved by District reviewers.

Contract negotiations will commence after the School Board's approval of the Renewal Application.  An extension of the current contract is necessary to allow the parties sufficient time to negotiate a new contract incorporating changes in the law and/or State Board of Education rules and that clearly articulates the rights and responsibilities of each party.  Contracts must be negotiated within sixty (60) days after an application is approved.

The Governing Board of the school has signed the Third Amendment to extend the current "Contract" until December 31, 2010 (see Exhibit "A").

Data Panel is attached.


I recommend that the School Board approve the Third Amendment for DayStar Academy of Excellence Charter School.

My Contact
Judith Klinek/(klinek@palmbeach.k12.fl.us)
Janice S. Cover
Juanita W. Edwards

Financial Impact
There is no financial impact to the District.

Attachment:  Exhibit A - DayStar Amendment.pdf
Attachment:  Legal Checklist - DayStar.pdf
Attachment:  Exhibit B - DayStar Data Panel.pdf