Spec Mtg re Boynton and Delray Consolidation
Agenda Item #3

Delray/Boynton Beach Consolidation of Schools


The Board asked staff to look at various options for consolidating Galaxy, Forest Park and Plumosa Elementary Schools due to their relatively low enrollment and current plans to modernize these campuses.

On December 5, 2007, the Palm Beach County School Board approved Option #1 Consolidation of Boynton Beach/Delray Beach schools (as indicated below).  The School Board requested follow-up information and recommendations on instructional programs, municipal joint use agreements and students' boundaries.  The attached recommendation is brought to the School Board for action.

In order to outline the options and develop the criteria by which a recommendation can be made to the Board, staff has had numerous District meetings and met with representatives from the affected communities.

The following is a brief synopsis of Option #3, which staff recommends:

  • Plumosa would be relocated and rebuilt on Seacrest Campus as a K-8 Arts Program (Completion Date: 4Q 2010)
  • Forest Park would have no changes.
  • Galaxy would be rebuilt smaller on existing or nearby site (Completion Date:  August 2012)
  • Boynton Beach HS - Would receive an enhanced arts cluster (D.A.S.H) to align with the K-8 Plumosa School of the Arts feeder pattern.


I recommend the School Board approve Option #3 of the Delray/Boynton Beach Consolidation of Schools.




My Contact

Joseph M. Moore, Chief Operating Officer

Joseph M. Sanches, Chief of Facilities Management


Financial Impact

Total preliminary estimated cost is $84 million.  More detailed estimates will be prepared after the educational specifications have been developed.

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