Board Meeting
February 20, 2008

Call to Order
1. Time

Pledge of Allegiance
2. The Pledge Allegiance to the Flag was led by:

Opening Remarks
3. Opening remarks were made by Chairman Graham.

Approve Board Minutes
4. None

Board Member Disclosures
5. None

6. Black History Month
7. Janell Leatherman National Finalist School Counselor of the Year
8. Career and Technical Education Month
Attachment: Career and Technical Education Month-2008-01 (2).pdf
9. Bak & U.B. Kinsey/Palmview Receive Arts Achieve! Award
10. Aramark Education Scholarship Award
11. Dr. Janice Cover-Success Magazine Honoree

Curriculum/Learning Support

12. CLS1-2008-2009 Instructional Materials Adoption and Program Budget
Attachment: Newly Adopted Materials 2008-2014.doc
Attachment: Summary Cost Sheet for FY09.xls
Attachment: FCAT SSS Data Panel-All Grades.pdf
Attachment: Technology Backup Information FY2008.doc
Attachment: QACLS1.doc
13. CLS2-Jupiter High School - Environmental Academy Field Trip to Costa Rica
Attachment: Save the Rainforest - Contract - JHS Costa Rica Trip.pdf
Attachment: Trip Itinerary - JHS - Costa Rica Trip.pdf
Attachment: Jupiter High Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Trip Insurance - JHS - Costa Rica Trip.pdf
Attachment: Field Trip Request - JHS - Costa Rica Trip.pdf
14. CLS3-Boca Raton High School Student Trip to Hawaii
Attachment: Boca High TDE.doc
Attachment: Boca High Hawaiian Itinerary.doc
Attachment: BRHS Data Panel 2007.pdf

15. G1-Improving Health and Educational Outcomes of Young People
Attachment: FCAT Data Panel MS.pdf
Attachment: FCAT Data Panel Elem.pdf
Attachment: FCAT Data Panel HS.pdf
16. G2-Grants to Reduce to Alcohol Abuse
Attachment: Alcohol Grant Data Panel 08.pdf
Charter Schools

17. CS1 Resolution to Retain Exclusive Authority
Attachment: Exclusive Authorizer Resolution 200809.doc

18. AC1-Affiliation Agreements with Participating Healthcare
Attachment: agreement between Sb and Boca Raton Communtiy.pdf
Attachment: addendum agreement with Merzer & Sherman.pdf
Attachment: agreement between Sb and Palm Beach Obstetrics & Gynecology.pdf
Attachment: agreement between SB and Sovereign Healthcare.pdf
Attachment: addendum agreement with palm beach obstretrics & gynecology.pdf
Attachment: checklist for agreement with Boca Raton Community.pdf
Attachment: checklist for agreement with Merzer & Sherman.pdf
Attachment: checklist for agreement with Select Specialty Hospital.pdf
Attachment: addendum agreement with integrated living communities.pdf
Attachment: addendum agreement with Sovereign Healthcare of Medicana.pdf
Attachment: Data Panels Medical Agreements.pdf
Attachment: Agreement Between SB and Integrated Living Communities.pdf
Attachment: agreement between SB and Merzer & Sherman.pdf
Attachment: agreement between SB and Select Specialty Hospital.pdf
Attachment: addendum agreement with Boca Raton Community.pdf
Attachment: addendum agreement with Select specialty hospital.pdf
Attachment: checklist for agreement with Integrated Living Communities.pdf
Attachment: checklist for agreement with PB Obstetrics & Gynecology.pdf
Attachment: checklist for agreement with Sovereign Healthcare.pdf
19. AC2-Subscription Agreement with Educational Options
Attachment: Ed Opts contract for second purchase.pdf
Attachment: Registration Form 2045.pdf
Attachment: Virtual Ed Half-Credits 2007 School Year Data Panel v3.pdf
Attachment: Ed Opts Beneficial Interest form.pdf
Attachment: QAAC2.doc
Attachment: QAAC2.doc
Attachment: Courses.doc
Attachment: Ed Opts Legal Review Checklist.pdf

20. PD1-Personnel Agenda
Attachment: February 20 Agenda.pdf

21. T-1 Consider Disposal of Salvage and Surplus Vehicles
22. T-2 Sale of Surplus Bus to Village of Palm Springs
Attachment: PalmSprgsBus.pdf
School Police

23. SP1 Consider Acceptance of the Grant for the Replacement of Police Officers Bulletproof Vests
Attachment: Grant Award for Police Officers Vests.pdf
24. SP2 Consider Acceptance of the Grant for School Safety/Emergency Preparedness - Emergency Notification Service
Attachment: Grant Award for Emergency Notification Service.pdf
Program Management

25. Project Modification Chart - FYI Informational Chart ONLY
Attachment: PM Chart.pdf
26. PM1 Emerald Cove Middle School Project Modifications
Attachment: Emerald Cove MS CSR Analysis.pdf
Attachment: Emerald Cove MS Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Emerald Cove MS Site Plan.pdf
Attachment: Emerald Cove MS Facility Summary.pdf
Attachment: Emerald Cove MS Budget History.pdf

27. P1 Approve the RFP 08C-003N for Professional Development Regarding Diversity and the Root Causes of Racism
Attachment: RFP 08C 003N Tabulation.pdf
Attachment: RFP 08C 003N Mailing List.pdf
Attachment: RFP 08C 003N.pdf

28. CP-1 Amend the CM Agreement for Pre K Classroom Additions
Attachment: Benoist Farms Exh Z Rev 3 1-29-08.pdf
Attachment: Benoist Farms Facility Summary.pdf
Attachment: Cholee Lake Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Pre-K Royal ConcreteChecklist.pdf
Attachment: PreK FP Model.pdf
Attachment: Benoist Farms Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Cholee Lake ExhZ Rev 3 - 1-29-08.pdf
Attachment: Indian Pines Capacity Utilization.pdf
Attachment: Indian Pines EXH A PreK.pdf
Attachment: Indian Pines ExhZ Rev 3 - 1-29-08.pdf
Attachment: Indian Pines PreK Facility Summary.pdf
Attachment: Royal PreK Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: PreKRoyalAgreement.pdf
Attachment: Benoist Farms Capacity Utilization.pdf
Attachment: Cholee Lake Capacity Utilization Tables.pdf
Attachment: Cholee PreK Facility Summary.pdf
Attachment: Indian Pines Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Cholee Lake EXH A PreK.pdf
Attachment: Benoist Farms Ex A Revised.pdf
Attachment: First Amendment Pre K Classroom Additions-Royal Concrete Concepts.pdf
Attachment: QACP1.doc
29. CP-2 Renewal of Continuing Contract for Civil Engineering
Attachment: RENEWAL OF CIVIL BOARD 2-21-07.pdf
Attachment: PPE Civil.pdf
Attachment: Greenhorne Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Heller Weaver Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Civil Design Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Civil Design Amendment.pdf
Attachment: Greenhorne Amendment.pdf
Attachment: HellerWeaver Amendment.pdf
30. CP-3 New and Renewal of Prequalifications
Attachment: Renew PreQual Feb08.pdf
Attachment: UpdatedListPreQualVendorsFeb08.pdf
Attachment: NewPreQualFeb08.pdf
31. CP-4 Approve 90 Day Extension and Additional Expenditure for Relocatable Modular Classroom and Non-Instructional Buildings
Attachment: AMENDMENT-90 DAY EXT 03C-005 Royal Concrete.pdf
Attachment: Relocatable Modular Checklist.pdf
Attachment: RoyalExeAgreement03C005.pdf
Attachment: Royal Beneficial Relocatables.pdf
Consultant Contracts

32. CC 1 Consultant Contract for Jimilynn Taylor
Attachment: Jimilynn Taylor Contract.pdf
Attachment: Jimilynn Taylor Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Jimilynn Taylor Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Jimilynn Taylor Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Jimilynn Taylor Data Panel.pdf
33. CC 2 Consultant Contract for Page Turner Adventures
Attachment: Page Turner Adventures Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Page Turner Adventures Contract.pdf
Attachment: Page Turner Adventures Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Page Turner Adventures Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Page Turner Adventures Data Panel.pdf
34. CC 3 Consultant Contract for Glass Productions
Attachment: Glass Productions Contract.pdf
Attachment: Glass Productions Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Glass Productions Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Glass Productions Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Glass Productions Legal Checklist.pdf
35. CC 4 Consultant Contract for The Flippen Group, LLC
Attachment: Flippen Group Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Flippen Group Contract.pdf
Attachment: Flippen Group Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Flippen Group Data Panels.pdf
Attachment: Flippen Group Previous Evaluation.pdf
36. CC 5 Amendment 6 to Consultant Contract for Fish and Richardson
Attachment: Fish and Richardson Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Fish and Richardson Amendments and Contract.pdf
Attachment: Fish and Richardson Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Fish and Richardson Previous Evaluations.pdf
37. CC 6 Amendment No. 3 to Consultant Contract with Nason, Yeager, Gerson, White & Lioce, P.A.
Attachment: Nason Yeager Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Nason Yeager Amendments and Contract.pdf
Attachment: Nason Yeager Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Nason Yeager Beneficial Interest.pdf
38. CC 7 Amendment No. 1 to Consultant Contract with Edwards, Angell Palmer & Dodge, LLP
Attachment: Edwards and Angell Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Edwards and Angell Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Edwards and Angell Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Edwards Angell Amendment and Contract.pdf
39. CC 8 Amendment 6 to Consultant Contract for Metaformers, Inc.
Attachment: Metaformers Amendments and Contract.pdf
Attachment: Metaformers Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Metaformers Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Metaformers Previous Evaluation.pdf

40. B1 Budget Amendments
Attachment: December 2007 Amendments.pdf
Financial Management

41. FM1 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
Attachment: 2007_CAFR.PDF
42. FM2 KPMG Management Letter for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2007
Attachment: 2007 Management Letter.PDF
43. FM3 Signatories For School Internal Bank Account
Attachment: February 20, 2008.pdf
44. FM4 Conversion of interest rate modes for Certificates of Participation, Series 2003B.
Attachment: 2008-02-20 Exec Summary COPS 2003B.pdf
Attachment: Resolution 2003B Restructure SB.pdf

Naming of Schools
45. None

Student Government Report
46. Student Representative

Delegations\Individual Appearances
47. Elected Officials:
48. Delegations:
49. Agenda Item Speakers:

Approval of Consent Agenda
50. Consent Agenda

Commitee Reports
51. Audit Committee Report:
52. Construction Oversight and Review Committee (CORC) Report:
53. Finance Committee Report:
54. Superintendent's Report:

Unfinished Business
55. RE1 03-Z Elementary School/LWDD Land Purchase
Attachment: Exhibit B.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit A.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit A-1.pdf
Attachment: Checklist.pdf

Policy Review
56. None

Legal Review
57. None

58. None

New Business

59. PD2 - Personnel Addendum
Attachment: February 20 Addendum.pdf
Leasing Corporation

60. Leasing Corp - Conversion of interest rate modes for Certificates of Participation, Series 2003B.
Attachment: Resolution 2003B Restructure LC.pdf

Non-Agenda Speakers
61. Time Certain of 7:00 p.m.

Board Discussion Item
62. Cost of Programs - Robinson
63. Drama Classes at Santaluces High School - Richmond

64. Time