School Board Meeting 12-12-12
Agenda Item #47

P4 Synovia Solutions, LLC Agreement for Installation of GPS Systems on School Buses


Approve the Award of RFP 12C-011A for Installation of GPS Systems on School Buses and Pilot Program for Student Ridership Tracking.

On July 19, 2012 an Evaluation Committee consisting of District personnel, including a representative from the Office of Diversity in Business Practices, reviewed the four proposals received and evaluated each of them based on the criteria outlined in the RFP. Prior to discussing and evaluating each of the responder's proposals, the Committee agreed that a recommendation of award would be made to the proposer who had a Minimum Acceptable Score of 70 or higher and offered the lowest cost per point.  After discussing and scoring each proposal, the Committee determined that Synovia Solutions, LLC offered the lowest cost per point.

The representative from the Office of Diversity in Business Practices awarded Synovia Solutions, LLC four (4) points for M/WBE participation based on their intent to use a Minority Subcontractor registered with the District.

Services to be provided include the equipment, software, installation, training and support of GPS Tracking Systems on District school buses and the equipment, software, installation, training and support to conduct a pilot program for Student Ridership Tracking System. At a later date through an Amendment agreed to by the parties, the School Board may choose to integrate the GPS School Bus Tracking System with the Student Ridership Tracking System to record student's boarding and disembarking buses as described in Request for Proposal 12C-011A.

The State of Florida has a contract with Sprint, our current cellular provider, which covers the data plans that will be required for both systems. Through the School Board's ability to piggyback on the State Contract, the School Board may obtain an appropriate data plan for an additional $6.00 per bus per month, payable to Sprint.  There will be no additional Data Plan cost to the School Board if the School Board decides to integrate the Student Ridership Tracking System on all buses after a successful pilot of that system.

This item was reviewed and unanimously approved by the Technology Advisory Committee on October 3, 2012.


I recommend approval of the contract between the School Board and Synovia Solutions, LLC for installation of GPS Systems on School Buses and for a Pilot of a Student Ridership Tracking System for the period of December 13, 2012 through December 12, 2014, with an option to renew for additional three (3), one (1) year periods with Board approval and authorize the Superintendent and Board Chairman to finalize and sign all necessary documents.

My Contact

Michael J. Burke, Chief Operating Officer (mike.burke@palmbeachschools.org)

Joseph M. Sanches, Chief of Division of Support Operations (joseph.sanches@palmbeachschools.org)


Financial Impact

The annual financial impact to the General Budget for the contract with Synovia Solutions, LLC  is not to exceed $500,000. The source of funds is the Transportation budget.

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