School Board Meeting
November 22, 2011

Call to Order
1. Time:

Roll Call
2. Attendance:

Pledge of Allegiance
3. Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem

Opening Remarks
4. Chairman

Approve Board Minutes
Board Member Disclosures
5. Elizabeth Kennedy, Named Among America’s Best K-8 Principals
6. PTA Healthy Lifestyles Month
Attachment: PTA Healthy Lifestyles Month-2011[2].pdf

7. Nancy Kinard-Florida Mathematics Educator Of The Year
8. National Homeless Youth Awareness Month
Attachment: National Homeless Youth Awarenss Month-2011[2].pdf

9. Michael Kane-Florida Elementary School Counselor Of The Year
10. Recognition of Excellent Employee: Barbara Johnson
11. National Achievers Society Inductees
12. Retired Educators Day
Attachment: Q&A.Retired Educators Day.pdf
Attachment: Retired Educators Day Nov.pdf

Curriculum/Learning Support

13. CLS1 - Suncoast Principal to attend ACA Secondary School International Summit - Bejing, China
Attachment: AP-IB Expenses FY2011[3][1].pdf
Attachment: Q&A.CLS1.pdf
Attachment: Q&A.CLS1.2.pdf
Attachment: Suncoast - Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: TDE & Invitation.pdf
Attachment: FY2011 - AP IB[1].pdf

Charter Schools

14. CS1- New Application My Choice Academy
Attachment: Charter Schools Location Map.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit D - My Choice.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit H - My Choice.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit B - My Choice.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit E - My Choice.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit G - My Choice.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit I - My Choice.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit A - My Choice.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit C - My Choice.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit F - My Choice.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit J - My Choice.pdf

15. CS2 - New Application Mavericks High of Metro PBC
Attachment: Q&A.CS2.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit B - Mavericks Metro PBC.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit D - Mavericks Metro PBC.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit H - Mavericks Metro PBC.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit C - Mavericks Metro PBC.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit G - Mavericks Metro PBC.pdf
Attachment: Charter Schools Location Map.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit F - Mavericks Metro PBC.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit A - Mavericks Metro PBC.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit E - Mavericks Metro PBC.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit I - Mavericks Metro PBC.pdf

16. CS3 - New Application Mavericks High of PBC
Attachment: Exhibit D - Mavericks PBC.pdf
Attachment: Charter Schools Location Map.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit B - Mavericks PBC.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit F - Mavericks PBC.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit G - Mavericks PBC.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit I - Mavericks PBC.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit D - Mavericks PBC.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit A - Mavericks PBC.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit E - Mavericks PBC.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit H - Mavericks PBC.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit C - Mavericks PBC.pdf

17. CS4 - New Application Mavericks High of PBC West
Attachment: Exhibit C - Mavericks PBC West.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit I - Mavericks PBC West.pdf
Attachment: Charter Schools Location Map.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit B - Mavericks PBC West.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit E - Mavericks PBC West.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit H - Mavericks PBC West.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit A - Mavericks PBC West.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit F - Mavericks PBC West.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit D - Mavericks PBC West.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit G - Mavericks PBC West.pdf


18. AC1 - Mary and Robert Pew Public Education Grant-Award Field Trip for Glades Elementary Schools
Attachment: Belle Glade Elem Grant.pdf
Attachment: Rosenwald Elem Grant.pdf
Attachment: School FCAT Data Panel-Belle Glade[1].pdf
Attachment: School FCAT Data Panel-Rosenwald[1].pdf

19. AC2 - Safety Net Contract
Attachment: Safety Net Board Item.pdf

20. AC3 - Mary and Robert Pew Public Education Grant-Award Field Trip for Glades Elementary Schools
Attachment: Gove Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Glade View Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: 2011-2012 Glades Elementary Schools Pew Grant.pdf

21. AC4 - State of Florida Department of Health Standard Contract for Community-Based Tobacco Prevention Interventions
Attachment: Data Panel Fl Dept of Health Tobacco Prevention 11-22-11.pdf
Attachment: Contract Florida Department of Health for Community-Based Tobacco Prevention Interventions.pdf
Attachment: Legal Sign Off 11-22-11 FL Dept of Health Contract.pdf


22. PD1 - Personnel Agenda
Attachment: November 22 Agenda.pdf
Attachment: Q&A.PD1.pdf
Attachment: Nov22AgendaSeparationCounts.pdf
Attachment: Visio-FY12 IT org chart 08.29.11 with funding[3].pdf

23. PD2 - Personnel Addendum
Attachment: November 22 Personnel Addendum[1].pdf


24. T1 Contracted Individual Transportation
Attachment: Contracted Transp Attchmnt - 11-22-11.pdf

25. T2 Disposal and Sale of Surplus Vehicles
Attachment: DOE Request Letter.pdf
Attachment: Surplus Vehicle 11-22-11.pdf

Labor Agreements/Contracts

26. LA1 - MOU with CTA to Implement a State Improvement Grant for Four District Elementary Schools
Attachment: SIG II MOU signed with presentation pages[1].pdf

Facilities Services

27. FS-1 Crestwood Middle School Project Modifications
Attachment: Crestwood MS Budget History.pdf
Attachment: Crestwood MS Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Crestwood MS Facility Space Summary.pdf
Attachment: Crestwood MS Site Plan.pdf
Attachment: Crestwood MS CSA Table.pdf

Planning and Real Estate

28. PR-1 Community Use of Swimming Pool Facilities-Leasing
Attachment: Exhibit A.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit B.pdf
Attachment: swim team fy12[1].pdf
Attachment: Q&A.PR1.pdf

29. PR-2 Fulton Holland Educational Service Center Easement/PBCWUD
Attachment: checklist.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit A.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit B.pdf
Attachment: Utility Easement.pdf

30. PR-3 Approve Signage Easement with PBC/Park Vista HS
Attachment: Signage & Maintenance Easement Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit A.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit B.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit C.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit D.pdf
Attachment: checklist.pdf

31. PR-4 - Board Member Redistricting Adoption
Attachment: School_Board_Member_Districts_2011_Final[1].pdf
Attachment: Redistricting_Board_Resolution_2011_with_Legal_Descriptions[1].pdf
Attachment: Adjustment_to_Districts_1&6_CensusTract_79-12[1].pdf
Attachment: Scenario V Legal Review- 10-19-11.pdf
Attachment: 2011_PBC_School_Board_Legal_Standards.pdf
Attachment: FS_1001_36_District_School_Board_Member_Residence_Areas.pdf
Attachment: 2011 Redistricting Public Input Report.pdf


32. P1 IT Hardware Maintenance Agreement
33. P2 Microsoft's Enrollment for Education Solution
Attachment: Q&A.P2.pdf


34. CP-1 Prequalified Vendors
Attachment: Current Prequalified Vendors Oct. 19 2011 rev.pdf
Attachment: New Prequalified Vendors 11-22-11.pdf
Attachment: Renewal Vendors 11-22-2011.pdf

35. CP-2 Architects on Continuing Agreement Renewal
Attachment: Second AMENDMENT Architects on Continuing Agreement-TERCILLA COURTEMANCHE ARCHITECTS.pdf
Attachment: Second AMENDMENT Architects on Continuing Agreement-ZYSCOVICH, INC.pdf
Attachment: Second AMENDMENT Architects on Continuing Agreement-MPA Architects Inc.pdf
Attachment: Tercilla-Checklist Architects on CC 11-22-11 Board CP2.pdf
Attachment: MPA EXE AGREEMENT with 1st Amendment.pdf
Attachment: TERCILLA EXE AGREEMENT with 1st Amendment.pdf
Attachment: ZYSCOVICH Exe. Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: PPE Scores On Record Architect Renewal.pdf
Attachment: BRPH Exe. Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: TERCILLA Exe. Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: BRPH EXE AGREEMENT with 1st Amendment.pdf
Attachment: ZYSCOVICH EXE AGREEMENT with 1st Amendment.pdf
Attachment: Second AMENDMENT Architects on Continuing Agreement-BRPH Architects Engineers, Inc..pdf
Attachment: MPA Exe. Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: BRPH-Checklist Architects on CC-11-22-11 Board CP2.pdf
Attachment: MPA-Architects on CC 2nd Amendment-11-22-11 Board CP2.pdf
Attachment: Zyscovich-Checklist Architects on CC 11-22-11 Board CP2.pdf

Professional Services

36. PS 1 Professional Services Agreement with The Reading and Writing Project Network LLC at Rosenwald Elementary
Attachment: Q&A.PS1.pdf
Attachment: Reading and Writing Contract.pdf
Attachment: Reading and Writing Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: School FCAT Data Panel-Rosenwald[1].pdf
Attachment: Reading and Writing Legal Checklist.pdf


37. B1 Budget Amendments - September 2011
Attachment: September 2011 Amendments.pdf

Financial Management

38. FM1 - Signatories For School Internal Bank Account
Attachment: November 22, 2011.pdf

39. FM2 - Monthly Purchasing Report - September
Attachment: PO Activity Report - September.pdf

40. FM3 - September 2011 Interim Financial Statements
Attachment: FS - FINAL 09-30-11.pdf

41. FM4 - Tangible Personal Property Disposal Report - June 30, 2011
Attachment: TPP Disposition Report_2011-06-30.pdf


42. LR 1 Adoption of Policy 7.185 Community Use of School Board Swimming Pool Facilities (4A)
Attachment: 4A.pdf

43. LR 2 Adoption of Policy 2.502 Terms of Use: Wireless and Website Access (4B)
Attachment: 4B.pdf

44. LR 3 Adoption of Policy 2.383 Firearms and Weapons (4C)
Attachment: 4C.pdf

45. LR 4 Adoption of Policy 7.19 Tobacco Free Environment (4D)
Attachment: 4D.pdf

46. LR 5 New Suncoast HS – Settlement of Eminent Domain Suit with Ericka Gonder
Attachment: Stipulated Final Judgment Ericka Gonder 2011-11-01.pdf

47. LR 6 Development of Policy 1.0971 District Diversity Committee (5A)
Attachment: 5A.pdf

48. LR 7 Development of Policy 3.78 Eligibility for the Purposes of Health Insurance Coverage (5B)
Attachment: 5B.pdf
Attachment: Q&A.LR7.pdf

49. LR 8 Development of Policy 2.28 School District Owned Vehicles (5C)
Attachment: 5C.pdf

50. LR 9 Development of Policy 3.60 Nepotism (5D)
Attachment: 5D.pdf

51. LR 10 Development of Policy 3.05 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (5E)
Attachment: 5E.pdf

52. LR 11 Development of Policy 3.19 Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment (5F)
Attachment: 5F.pdf

53. LR 12 Development of Policy 3.76 Family and Medical Leave Act Policy (5G)
Attachment: 5G.pdf

54. LR 13 Development of Policy 6.143 Diversity and Equitable Utilization in Business (5H)
Attachment: 5H.pdf

55. LR 14 Development of Policy 6.144 Commercial Non-Discrimination (5I)
Attachment: 5I.pdf

56. LR 15 Development of Policy 5.60 Eligibility for Participation in K-12 Extracurricular Activities (5J)
Attachment: 5J.pdf

57. LR 16 Development of Policy 1.097 Academic Advisory Committee (5K)
Attachment: 5K.pdf

58. LR 17 Repeal Development of Policy 7.081 Non-Discrimination Statement (5L)
Attachment: 5L.pdf

59. LR 18 - Approval of Minutes
Attachment: 10.5.Special Meeting.pdf
Attachment: 8.3.Special Meeting.pdf
Attachment: 8.31.Special Meeting.pdf
Attachment: 9.14.Special Meeting.pdf
Attachment: 10.19.School Board Meeting.pdf
Attachment: 10.26.Workshops.pdf
Attachment: 10.12.Workshops.pdf
Attachment: 10.12.JM with Leg Del.pdf
Attachment: 10.12.WB re Supt Search.pdf
Attachment: 10.26.AC re Palm Beach Post.pdf
Attachment: 10.19.Redistricting.pdf

Naming of Schools
60. None

Student Government Report
61. Co-President's Loren Cataldo and Holland Smith (Ian Mellul will fill in for Loren Cataldo)

Delegations\Individual Appearances
62. Elected Officials:
63. Delegations:
64. Agenda Item Speakers:

Committee Reports
65. CORC Committee Report:
66. Superintendent's Report

Approval of Consent Agenda
67. Consent Agenda Approval

Unfinished Business
68. None

Policy Review
69. None

Legal Review
70. None

71. None

New Business
Non-Agenda Speakers
72. Time Certain 7:00 p.m.

Board Discussion Item
73. None

74. Time: