School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #29

PR-2 Fulton Holland Educational Service Center Easement/PBCWUD

  1. Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department (PBCWUD) requested a 1,000 sf easement on the north end of the swale area of the Fulton Holland Educational Services Center (FHESC) located on Forest Hill Blvd. (See Exhibit "A")
  2. The Village of Palm Springs and Palm Beach County would like to connect the two water systems in order to have a back-up plan.
  3. The District headquarters on Forest Hill Blvd. is the most northern point of the Palm Springs water system and will benefit from the enhancement that will avoid uninterrupted service and provide FHESC with ongoing service reliability. (See Exhibit "B")
  4. The County's water systems most southern location is along Dalinda Lane on the north side of Forest Hill Blvd. (See Exhibit "B")
  5. The easement will not impact the School District's drainage and dry retention capacity.
  6. The PBCWUD will maintain the required slope within the easement and any excavation will be conducted at a substantial distance from an existing tree, to protect its root system.
  7. The location of the easement was selected to avoid interference with the District's headquarters main road access and to utilize Dalinda Lane right-of-way (north side of Forest Hill Blvd.) to install a water main across Forest Hill Blvd. (See Exhibits "A&B")
  8. The PBCWUD has provided the legal & sketch and will be responsible for all costs involved.
  9. The value of the 1,000 sf (1/43 of an acre) easement is estimated to be approximately $1,000 which is less than the cost of an appraisal.
  10. Given the de minimus value of the easement, the infrastructure benefit and the intergovernmental nature of this project, the easement is being provided at no cost.

I recommend the School Board approve the Grant of Easement between the School Board of Palm Beach County and the Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department; and authorize the Chairman and Superintendent to sign all necessary documents.

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Financial Impact

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