School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #13

CLS1 - Suncoast Principal to attend ACA Secondary School International Summit - Bejing, China


Approval is requested for Linda Cartlidge, Principal of Suncoast High School to travel to Beijing, China, January 11-17, 2012 to attend the ACA Secondary School International Summit. 

Dr. Cartlidge has been invited to attend the Summit, to represent Suncoast High School as one of the top 20 high schools in America.

The Summit is organized by CIEUS and China Education Association for International Exchange to promote China's education reform at senior middle school level and explore global programs to enhance harmony between man and nature.


I recommend that Dr. Linda Cartlidge be allowed to attend the ACA Secondary School International Summit in Beijing, China, January 11-17, 2012, as representative of Suncoast High School.



My Contact


Judith Klinek - Judith.Klinek@palmbeachschools.org

Camille Coleman - Camille.Coleman@palmbeachschools.org

Linda Cartlidge - Linda.Cartlidge@palmbeachschools.org


Financial Impact

The accommodation cost for this trip to China for top High School Principals from America, is partially funded by the CIEUS organizing committee.  The cost to Suncoast's Adanced Placement/IB funds for this trip will be $1,100 in flight cost only.

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