Special Meeting 9-05-12
Agenda Item #33

B1 Resolution Certifying Millage To Be Levied - Time Certain of 5:05 p.m


Chapter 200.065(2)(f)3 of the Florida Statutes requires that the school district hold a public hearing to adopt a millage rate within 80 days of certification of value, but earlier than 65 days after certification.

The total millage rate 7.7780 which raises $993,364,692 in local tax revenues for FY 2013

I recommend the School Board adopt the Resolution determining revenues and millages levied for FY 2013.

My Contact

Michael J. Burke (Mike.Burke@palmbeachschools.org)

Shirley Knox (Shirley.Knox@palmbeachschools.org)


Financial Impact
The financial impact to the district is $993,364,692 in local tax revenues for FY 2013.

Attachment:  Resolution Determining Revenues and Millages Levied.pdf