Special Meeting 9-05-12
Agenda Item #19

Superintendent's Evaluation Instrument


Pursuant to the Superintendent’s Employment Contract, the Superintendent is to submit to the School Board the following:

  • Recommended annual performance objectives and goals.  See Paragraphs 3a and 5b and Exhibit A of Superintendent’s Employment Contract
  • A recommended evaluation form, format and process. See Paragraph 5a and Exhibit A of Superintendent’s Employment Contract.

In accordance with the employment contract, the School Board and the Superintendent will meet to discuss and approve the recommended evaluation form (Superintendent’s Evaluation Instrument), format and process and the FY13 goals/performance objectives.   See Exhibit A of the Superintendent’s Employment Contract.

The proposed FY13 Superintendent's Evaluation Timeline and Process, the Superintendent's Evaluation Instrument and Scoring Rubric, and the Superintendent's Performance Objectives  are attached.



I recommend the School Board approves:

·         Superintendent’s Evaluation Instrument, consisting of FY13 Goals

·         Superintendent’s Evaluation Timeline and Process

·         Superintendent’s Performance  Objectives for FY12 to FY13

·         Superintendent’s Evaluation Instrument Scoring Rubric


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E. Wayne Gent - ewayne.gent@palmbeachschools.org

Financial Impact

No Financial Impact to District.

Attachment:  Superintendent's Evaluation Instrument.pdf
Attachment:  Superintendent's Evaluation Instrument Timeline and Process.pdf
Attachment:  Superintendent's Performance Objectives.pdf
Attachment:  Superintendent's Evaluation Instrument Scoring Rubric.pdf