Special Meeting 9-05-12
Agenda Item #34

B2 Approval of 2012 - 2013 District Summary Budget


The recapitulation of this budget is scheduled below.

General Fund                                  $1,530,076,976

Special Revenue - Food Service            96,418,182

Special Revenue - Other                     115,493,118

Special Revenue - ARRA Stimulus          1,932,059

Debt Service                                       342,910,067

Capital Projects                                   513,091,830

     Sub-Total                                   $2,599,922,232

Less Transfers:                                   (230,926,143)

     Total Funds                                 $2,368,996,089


I recommend the School Board approve the resolution and adopt the final district summary budget in the amount of $2,368,996,089 for FY 2013; and approve the District's FY 2013 organizational chart included within the budget; and authorize the Chairman and Superintendent to sign all necessary documents.

My Contact

Michale J. Burke (Mike.Burke@palmbeachschools.org)

Shirley Knox (Shirley.Knox@palmbeachschools.org)


Financial Impact

The financial impact to the school district is a budget $2,368,996,089 in all funds for FY 2013.

Attachment:  FY 2013 Budget Presentation 9-5-12 Hearing.pdf
Attachment:  District Summary Budget.pdf
Attachment:  Resolution Adopting Final Budget-R.pdf
Attachment:  FY 2013 Executive Summary.pdf
Attachment:  FY 2013 Organizational Chart.pdf