Special Meeting 9-05-12
Agenda Item #6

Withdrawn Items


I would like to withdraw the following items:

  • Early Reinstatement of Student 11/12-X-0525
  • DA1 Personnel Disciplinary Action

The Board has requested to withdraw the following items so they can be brought back for development and discussion at a future workshop:

  • LR3 Development of Policy 6.14 Purchasing Department
  • LR4 Development of Policy 2.5905 Lobbyist Registration
  • LR5 Development of Policy 6.147 Preference for Local Vendor
  • LR6 Development of Policy 6.148 Local Workers Hiring Requirements for Vendors on Certain Construction Projects
  • LR7 Development of Policy 7.10 Construction Bid Procedures
  • LR8 Development of Policy 7.051 Architects or Engineers, Appointment of


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