Spec Mtgs and Workshops re Operations
December 03, 2008

1. Time: 3:45 p.m.

Public Comments
2. None

Real Estate

3. RE-1 02-MMM, Amendment to Post Closing Occupancy Agreement
Attachment: RE-1 Beneficial Interest and Disclosure Affidavit.pdf
Attachment: RE-1 Checklist.pdf
Attachment: RE-1 Amendment to Post Closing Occupancy.pdf
Attachment: RE-1 Exhibit A.pdf
Attachment: QARE1.pdf
Attachment: QARE1.pdf

I recommend the School Board approve an Amendment to the Post Closing Occupancy Agreement for Riviera Beach Community Chapel located at 3031 Avenue ā€œIā€, Riviera Beach, adjacent to the existing Suncoast High School Campus as herein described; and authorize the Superintendent and Chairman to sign all necessary documents.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Debra Robinson
Second: Monroe Benaim
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Not Present
Bill Graham- Not Present
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye

New Business
Approval of Consent Agenda
4. Time: 3:50 p.m.