Spec Mtg re Superintendents Evaluation
April 15, 2009

1. 3:39 p.m.

Public Comments
2. Curtis Sherrod

Board Report(s)
3. Superintendent's Evaluation
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The Superintendent outlined the evaluation process stating that he is not seeking compensation; however, would like the one year extension of his contract.  The Superintendent indicated that the evaluation would contain four components:  each School Board Member will evaluate the Superintendent; the School Board will accept the completed performance matrix for the past two years and past five years; the School Board will approve the performance matrix for calculation of this year's performance indicators; and the Superintendent requested that the School Board restore the five year contract.

Dr. Benaim commented as follows:  KJR1 outstanding educational leader in the State of Florida; electronic data warehouse and principal academies are incredible; improved relationship with unions; positive change separating academics from operations; closing the gap; wxel initiative will have positive ramifications to get programs out to the Glades; KJR2 calls Board Members every evening to keep Board informed; great legislative relationships; KJR3 change in the Personnel Department with implementation of Human Resources have continued to improve the process; open to new suggestions where personnel management is concerned; KJR4 national and state recognitions for facilities department; outstanding leadership in facilities positions; transparency in trimming the capital budget; KJR5 strong point with ERP and development of the IT Department; implementation of Tech Advisory Committee; top flight financial team; KJR6 recognizes how important relationships are with the private sector; attends meetings all over the county; continually invited to speak at chambers and other functions; KJR7 single school culture, concern for safety, anti-bullying has been put in place. 

Mrs. Burdick commented as follows:  KJR1 continue to invest and support the K-2 reading; continue to work with schools where there is a high mobility rate; need to develop a schedule for revising the employee evaluations to meet guidelines; KJR2 refinement with eagenda has increased transparency; appreciates daily updates; KJR3 need to continue to look at teacher retention and teacher recruitment as well as carpooling for our employees; identify universities that best prepare teachers for the classroom and are most aligned with Sunshine State Standards; KJR4 outstanding job with replacing and building schools; new LEED schools shows progressive planning; HVAC program is working well; commitment that we believe in all children and they deserve adequate facilities; need to continue to work on HVAC issues and assure that we manage and take care of the investment in these schools; KJR5 good fiscal management has helped us miss the fiasco all other counties are having; possibly evaluate the system since ERP is fully functioning; KJR6 one of many successful qualities are that you are honest and frank; KJR7 infusion of Single School Culture should continue and eventually measure the outcome of such programs.

Mrs. Hill commented on the following:  Capacity of Superintendent to led the district, as well as the outstanding financial team.  Need to improve how we explain the data attached to the evaluation and KJR items need to have percentages; specific data and criteria need to be shown for School Board goals and objectives; requested additional information in personnel and financial management and requested statistical information for safety.  She is proud to be a part of the team.

Dr. Robinson commented as follows:  Superintendent has surrounded himself by people who exceed in their area; the Board is actually evaluating itself with the Superintendent evaluation as he is the Board's employee; the Superintendent is passing but not proficient; critical data element has not moved where it should move; student achievement is not where it should be; this evaluation should come after disaggregated FCAT data instead of using old data; level three and above tenth grade data 38% of the total tenth grade population were level 3 and above in reading which should not be an 'A' rated district; there has been some improvement but we are not where we need to be; acknowledged that there are tremendous things that have happened in this district; however, we are failing and although she voted against an item last week due to budget issues she has hope that we are going to move as fast as humanly possible; need an instrument that reflects outcomes not just processes.

Mr. Barbieri evaluated as follows:  Have not been here quite a year but here are some observations - PBC has been a top urban district for the last five years and commended the Superintendent for academic achievement; extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and caring staff; concerned with graduation rate; need more vocational opportunities for students with no desire to go to college; hopeful that with recent hiring of Mr. Hernandez there will be gains in the vocational education area; concerns of contract oversight but hopeful that a contract oversight committee will solve those problems; concern with respect to prioritizing needs rather than wishes; appreciate the time you as the Superintendent as well as staff has spent assisting me as a new Board Member.

Dr. Richmond evaluated as follows:  Very proud to serve on this Board; the Superintendent definitely performs as the educational leader; not sure that FCAT is the best tool to measure student achievement; an 'A' district and 80% of our schools labeled 'A' and 'B' speaks volumes; pleased that the Superintendent recognizes that we need to continue to improve student achievement; delighted to see the team created; moving in the right direction with vocational education and alternative education as well as choice schools to draw in the children we are loosing; glad we are moving forward with Single School Culture and Learning Team Meetings; continual focus on the classroom while reviewing critical budget shortfall; pleased with the direction of technology and facilities so all children have equal facilities.

Mr. Graham commented as follows:  KJR1 commendable that we have established relationships with DOE employees; KJR2 good working relationship with communication to the Board on a daily basis; KJR3 commendable to continue professional development and training; KJR4 proud of the new Pine Jog School and challenged staff to continue to bring innovative ideas and conservation/recycling ideas; KJR5 commendable that we don't see our people running around saying the sky is falling because we have incrementally tightened up over the last several years and are more prepared; KJR6 community events continue to expand and Ms. Killets will assist in her new role to bring people together and build more relationships; KJR7 pleased to have Jefferey Hernandez on board. 

The Superintendent suggested that the Board accept receipt of the performance indicators, approve the matrix only for this current year's calculations and extend the Superintendent's contract back to a five year period.

Dr. Robinson requested the Board have a workshop to discuss these issues further prior to a vote.

Motion by Richmond/Benaim to accept receipt of the performance indicators, approve the matrix (only) for this current year's calculations and extend the Superintendent's contract back to a five year period was approved 6/1 with Richmond dissenting. 

The Board agreed to hold a workshop to discuss the matrix and calculations in the Superintendent's evaluation.

4. 4:45 p.m.