Spec Mtg re Superintendent Evaluation
May 26, 2010

1. 5:02 p.m.

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3. Superintendent Evaluation
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Dr. Benaim outlined specific contract rights and stated that he received advice from the outside counsel of Weiss & Handleer regarding the format of the meeting today.

Mrs. Hill requested the status of several suggestions for the performance indicators on the evaluation matrix from last year and Dr. Johnson discussed the specific changes and why they were or were not made.  Dr. Benaim stated that Dr. Johnson should take this information under advisement.

Board Members evaluated the Superintendent as follows -

Dr. Benaim stated:  

·         that the District has had a number of successes such as:  the number of 'A' schools; five year 'A' rating for the District; number of school construction projects and new schools; national Board Certification for teachers initiative; developed the electronic data warehouse; graduation rate has improved from 05 to 09; dropout rate stayed flat; more students taking AP and Honors courses; steady decrease in the numbers of  the lowest level students (level 1) with increasing percentages of students in level 3, 4 and 5; the achievement gap is closing at a very slow rate; out of school suspensions are proportionate with the incarceration rate; the personnel change with the Chief Academic Office was a debacle but should not define the School District and its successes; thanks to the stakeholders of the District; expects 2010 to be another stellar year and hopefully even better.  His evaluation of Dr. Johnson is above expectation.

Mr. Barbieri stated: 

·         that regarding the topic of Supervises and Evaluates Assistants - all issues with the turmoil of the new Chief Academic Officer which caused trust to be undeniably broken internally and externally, demoralized teachers, incited the community against each other, gave total control and decision making authority to the CAO stripping staff of their authority; regarding the topic of Oversees Financial Management - provided numerous examples when Board Members asked if the recommended expenditure was the best deal we could get only to find out it wasn't (land purchase at Northboro Elementary School, Convention Center contract, purchase of WXEL, consulting fees for time collection devices, excess premium paid to broker for property insurance); budget workshops did not reflect the budget cuts requested by the Board; survey sent out to Principals sent panic throughout the system; regarding the topic of Directs Community Relations Activities - until this year this was probably your strongest attribute; this year you allowed this District to fall into turmoil due to a failure of communication, transparency and accountability; lesson learned should be that community involvement and partnership are critical to our success; retribution, retaliation and ill-will towards those who state their opinion must end; take the necessary steps now to correct the deficiencies, end the turmoil and move this District forward next year. When asked for an overall evaluation score, Mr. Barbieri stated that he filled out the form and will turn it in.

Mrs. Hill stated:

·         that a single personnel action should not define this year; good management is praise in public and criticize in private which is what I have been doing; a couple of areas that I felt were critical this past year that I would like to see some changes moving forward is in educational leadership and community partnership such as stakeholder involvement and the communication needs to get out to our teachers and our public and get them involved and I've been a little disappointed in that; personnel management with succession planning has not occurred especially with senior staff; communication aspect with financial management needs to be open and honest not exaggerated comments and having employees involved in some of the decisions so everyone understands where we are financially.  Her overall evaluation is a 2 which meets expectation.

Dr. Robinson stated:

·         that this exercise was terribly difficult for her; in the past it would seem that she was the one the most disappointed in the Superintendent's performance as she agrees that one personnel is not the litmus test but it is significant; in the past I would reserve constructive criticism for private conversations but she will review several concerns and she will not share the positive notes; regarding the topic Performs as an Educational Leader - Superintendent failed to direct the CAO to make appropriate changes in the curriculum program and did not listen to parents, teachers or the Board and instead threw the CAO under the bus; needs disaggregated data to discuss progress in the schools; needs to outline a plan to engage students that have become disengaged; regarding the topic Challenging Curriculum that Supports the Board Mission - standard curriculum has not been put into place; African American curriculum has not been infused; we have not worked to systematize good practices and instead have been satisfied with pockets of  excellence; regarding the topic Oversees Personnel Management - We do not have a satisfactory recruitment or retention plan for teachers and suggested working with Palm Beach State College to institute a better program; regarding the topic Assignment of Personnel in Schools and Offices - in curriculum we do not have great representation of people that have moved challenging schools; we do not have a system-wide curriculum that would engage and accelerate the children who have had the most difficulty;  Dr. Johnson has made a few bad placements of principals; community participation is needed in the principal selection process; concerned that there seems to be no alarms going off when there is a school with a marked lack of diversity in their staff; Superintendent has stood silent while one of our top schools dropped from #3 in the nation to number #7 in the nation while the African American population decreased so we are not going to blame it on race or socio-economics; we have no coherent comprehensive staff development plan based on the needs of students and their teachers so we cannot move forward until we have a rigorous curriculum expected for all students or staff development that supports it; regarding the topic of Community Relations - we have not listened to the community nor have we embraced parents as educational partners; we continue to allow disproportionate representation of African American children and other children of color in negative measurements in the system, including discipline; suggest that the Superintendent contact other districts working on anti-racism initiatives and ask them to mentor us for multi-cultural partnerships and outline an anti-racism plan for Palm Beach County Schools.  Her evaluation of the Superintendent is a 2.

Mr. Graham stated:

·         that regarding the topic of Educational Leadership - there is a clear identification that goals and targets are identified; the Academic Business Plan is updated on a regular basis; improvement is needed to focus on level one and two students; we need to move away completely from the drill and kill form of education and one size fits all; stress district wide focus on the arts and provide our students with the opportunity of a renaissance education; our arts intensive schools should be the model for all of our schools such as BAK and Dreyfoos; regarding the topic of Working Relationship with the Board - appreciates daily updates on local, state and other relevant issues; improvement is needed to expedite a timeline for policy updates and providing additional suggestions for new policies; quality communication with the Board should be replicated throughout the greater community; educational trends and funding curriculum and administrative practices need a much more visible place in the District's business model especially with stakeholders; regarding the topic of Staff and Personnel - interviewing and placement of managerial staff is thorough; improvement is needed in the evaluation system of this organization; staff development needs to be more collaborative and draw upon individual skills of employees to achieve district goals for student achievement; higher level positions need to be held more accountable; regarding the topic of Facilities Management - five year capital plan is always balanced and updated annually; the needed student stations are here with virtually no state support during the class size phase in and thanked everyone for support in the the sales tax; needs to be a continuance to refine and improve our leasing, mutual use and interlocal agreements; our energy conservation programs are models that are recognized all over the state; more joint ventures with outside agencies are needed; regarding the topic of Financial Management - the operating/capital budgets are coordinated to focus resources on targeted goals; improvement is needed to expedite corrective action and training to address audit issues; regarding the topic of Community Relations - need new ways to keep parents and other external stakeholders informed; as well as needing new ways to take The Education Network and our new web site to a higher level of efficiency and productivity; regarding the topic of Pupil Services - our cost effective transportation system is probably the best in the state; bullying efforts need to be more diligent.  His evaluation of the Superintendent is a 2.

Dr. Richmond stated:

·         that the Superintendent is evaluated decision by decision; usually there is much to celebrate; thanked Dr. Johnson for the 9 years we had the 'A' rated district, Board Meetings ran smoothly, we could focus on issues such as:  school safety, alternative education, inclusion and finding unique ways to serve the challenging populations; this year is different starting with the Gates Grant which was an honor to participate in which made us realize that 90% of our underperforming children resided in those highly graded schools and what good is a great school grade if we are losing these children; perhaps this is why Dr. Johnson felt the need to move quickly without involving all of the schools, without involving the teachers and parents, without a pilot program in place; she was frustrated by conversations she shared with you from last April to this fall; this huge district is like a huge ship which all but sank because we were moving so quickly; great educators were on both sides of the rapid program changes which was poorly implemented; it will take time to repair the trust issue; we are now moving in a direction to build such trust; budget issues have been discussed lately more than ever, focusing on the classroom and she is very impressed with the budget team and budget ideas being shared to avoid cutting the classroom.  She assumes that her evaluation of the Superintendent would average out to be a 2.

Mrs. Burdick stated:

·         that regarding the topic of Educational Leader - Dr. Johnson's focus has always been student achievement; provided examples of forces on public education over the last few years; this current year there were serious missteps in oversight, communication and implementation of significant curriculum changes; methods and a slow response to concerns resulted in an educational disruption to students and loss of confidence by teachers and parents; the Board and community depend on the Superintendent's leadership and both direction and response were inadequate; Dr. Johnson's leadership in the past has lead us to trust his judgment and hope to earn that trust again; regarding the topic of Creates a Satisfactory Relationship with the Board - in order to support recommendations that total budget impacts have to be brought together with the recommended item; for each change, the capital budget has a direct impact on the operating budget and the additional cost for new programs in an existing school must be provided along with the construction budget; regarding the topic of Oversees Facilities Management - constructed over 90 schools in Palm Beach County; new green schools demonstrate progressive thinking; the building commissioning program looks to improve systems and cut costs; regarding the topic of Financial Management - with the support of good fiscal policies, the district has avoided lay offs for the last few years; suggest recalling p-cards if schools can't comply with the controls; there are many qualities for a successful Superintendent and the most critical is being able to communicate with the public, the Superintendent must be able to ignite the enthusiasm of the public and it has never been a more critical time than it is right now with reduced funding, F-CAT, new graduation requirements and No Child Left Behind; last fall you made some very single handed curriculum decisions which were a wake up call for all of us; now is the time to mend the bridges in Palm Beach County.  Her evaluation was at expectation.

Dr. Benaim stated that he will receive outside counsel as necessary and he will bring a summary back for approval but that in essence there has been a satisfactory performance.

Dr. Robinson discussed the timing of the Superintendent evaluation and suggested a re-evaluation of the Superintendent  in four months when the scores are received as she can not adequately provide a true evaluation at this time. 

Dr. Benaim clarified that the only way for a re-evaluation is if there is an unsatifactory evaluation, which did not occur today.

Dr. Robinson outlined the following goals over the next four months:  has asked that the evaluation occur after scores are received; revision of evaluation instrument and CAO; development of a system wide rigorous curriculum; development of a system-wide staff development plan; development of a plan to target parents as educational leaders as well.

Dr. Johnson stated that the contract does state the time line for his evaluation; he further stated that the FY11 objectives could be developed after data is received as well as the development of the curriculum.

Carrie Hill reitterated that there is no raise and no performance bonus as well as no roll over on the contract and Dr. Johnson agreed.

Dr. Robinson discussed the direct correlation of scores and evaluations.

Motion by Burdick/Richmond to adjourn was unanimously approved.

4. 6:02 p.m.