Spec Mtg re Superintendent Evaluation
April 16, 2008

1. 3:40 p.m.

Public Comments
2. Curtis Sherrod

Board Report(s)
3. Superintendent Evaluation
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Dr. Johnson stated that if offered he will not take a pay increase.

Dr. Benaim evaluated the Superintendent acknowledging his accomplishments over the last year as follows:  student academic gains; graduation rate, student safety and reading gains targeted for improvement in Academic Business Plan; excellent construction program; successful career academies; outstanding financial team.  In summary, Dr. Johnson is evaluated above expectations and recommended contract renewal for another five years rolling over each year at the culmination of each evaluation.

Mr. Hansen evaluated the Superintedent acknowledging safety in our schools; wellness program; excellent bond ratings; direct daily contact with Board Members by the Superintendent; "A" rating for the last three years; biggest asset is his ability to solve problems. 

Mrs. Burdick evaluated the Superintendent according to the evaluation document:  Continue to invest in a K-2 reading initiative; continue supporting unified curriculum in our district; beating the odds in Palm Beach County; suggested improvement is employee evaluations.  Excellent daily contact with the Board from the Superintendent and excellent relationship with Tallahassee.  Excellent selection of Principals for appropriate placements in schools and teacher recruitment and retention should remain a number one priority.  Received many awards on construction program; progressive thinking with LEED schools; team works well with advisory committees; suggested improvements are HVAC and funding schools needs as well as correcting CSIR violations in timely manner.  Excellent financial team and bond rating.  Suggested improvement - security control measures.  Closing achievement gap is attacked directly and this area is a definate strength.  Agrees with Dr. Benaim regarding the five year contract roll over.

Mrs. Hill evaluated the Superintendent as follows:  echoed accelades of fellow Board Members; thanked the Superintendent for a great staff; innovative, creative and cooperative with the community; would like to see graduation rates, reading gains and school safety as part of the evaluation instrument; excited about the accreditation intiative forthcoming.

Dr. Robinson evaluated the Superintendent as a master politician and as an "A" rated school district a significant number of students are not prepared when they graduate and our goal should be that each and every child is prepared for a productive life.  Dr. Johnson does understand that the schools are save agents and this country and our roll is not just a narrow reading, writing and arithmetic focus but to make our children well rounded.  Discipline data continues to show disproportionate numbers.  Appreciates acknowledging closing Galaxy was a mistake and creating alternative solutions and believing in second chances for children.  Passing but not yet proficient on closing the gap.

Dr. Richmond evaluated the Superintendent using the evaluation instrument:  Extraordinary leader with high energy; aware of social impact on children and not afraid to make personnel changes when needed; consistently updates the Board; consistency with Board Members and employees is very positive; extraordinary job of overseeing personnel issues, reviewing policies and focusing on staff development; meeting the constant demands by state legislatiure; internalizing personnel is very important and the implementation of the ERP and Wellness Program are very important as welll; leading the way to a model facilities program; implemented the new policy for ranking schools according to economic status; financially we are in an incredibly great position; meeting class size reduction requirements; great five year capital plan; in good shape with debt obligations; open to the input from others; focused on the best interest of all of our children such as single school culture and inclusion; highest ESE proficiency gain; acknowledged Ann Killets and Joseph Moore for thier hard work and support.

Mr. Graham evaluated the Superintendent following the evaluation instrument:  leads staff to stay focused; constant and continuous updating and communication with the Board; continuous staff development and support; benchmark and leader with facilities and looking forward to the first green school; leader in financial management; constantly at community events and interacting with the media; exemplary in the field of hirnig good people.

By concensus, the Board Members agreed to adopt performance objectives for the 09 school year as they currently stand.

Motion by Benaim/Richmond to add a year to the contract and roll the contract over to five years each year subject to his evaluation 6/1 with Robinson dissenting.

Dr. Johnson commented on the desire for a unanimous vote regarding his contract.

Motion by Richmond/Burdick to rescind the motion was unanimously approved.

Motion by Benaim/Robinson to add a year to the contract creating a five year contract was unanimously approved.

4. 4:50 p.m.