School Board Meeting
September 16, 2009

Call to Order
1. 5:05 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance
2. The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and National Anthem were led by: Palm Beach Central High School Chorus

Opening Remarks
3. Mr. Graham made opening remarks and welcomed everyone.

Approve Board Minutes
4. None

Board Member Disclosures
5. None

6. Centennial Districtwide Recognition Day
Attachment: Centennial Proclamation-2009.pdf
7. Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month
Attachment: Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month-2009.pdf

I recommend the School Board declare September 15-October 15, 2009 as Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month and showcase the unique diversity of the Hispanic culture and contributions. - PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Paulette Burdick
Second: Debra Robinson
Frank Barbieri- Not Present
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye

8. Historically Black Colleges and Universities Month
Attachment: 2009 HBCUs (2).pdf

I recommend the School Board of Palm Beach County proclaims September 2009 as National Historically Black Colleges and Universities Month.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Paulette Burdick
Second: Carrie Hill
Frank Barbieri- Not Present
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye

9. Quantum Foundation
10. Florida Alliance for Arts Education
11. Constitution Week
Attachment: Constitution Week - Sept 2009.pdf

I recommend the School Board of Palm Beach County proclaims the week of September 17 - 23, 2009, as Constitution Week.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Paulette Burdick
Second: Carrie Hill
Frank Barbieri- Not Present
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye

Curriculum/Learning Support

12. CLS1 - Approval of the Master Inservice Plan for 2009-10
Attachment: Data Panel for Board September 2009.pdf
Attachment: Part 3-Infusion of the History of the Holocaust into the Curriculum.pdf
Attachment: Professional Skills Development.pdf
Attachment: Records Retention and Disposition.pdf
Attachment: Position and Budget Management.pdf
Attachment: Utilizing an Online Formative Assessment System.pdf
Attachment: New Components Sept 2009 Board Meeting.pdf
Attachment: QACLS1.pdf
Attachment: State MIP Letter 2010.pdf
Attachment: Topics Impacting Student Achievement for School Counselors.pdf
Attachment: Understanding Florida Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Standards.pdf
Attachment: Writing Quality Assessment Items II.pdf
Attachment: Skill Building for School Counselors.pdf

13. G1 - 2009-2010 Grant Application for the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (“OJJDP”)
Attachment: QAG1.pdf
14. G2 - OJJDP 09 Earmark Grant Part E
Attachment: OJJDP 09 Earmark Grant Part E Abstract.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel OJJDP Grant.pdf
Attachment: QAG2.pdf
15. G3 - Pew Foundation: A New Generation of Learners for Boynton Beach High
Attachment: Boynton Beach Capacity Grant 1.pdf
Attachment: Boynton Beach Data Panel.pdf

16. AC1 - Affiliation Agreements with Participating Healthcare Agencies
Attachment: Bethesda Healthcare System Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Palms West Hospital Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Palms West Hospital Exhibits A-D.pdf
Attachment: Palms West Hospital Limited Partnership addendum.pdf
Attachment: Bethesda Healthcare System Addendum.pdf
Attachment: Agreement between School Board and Florida Medical Training Institute.pdf
Attachment: Medical Agreements Data Panels.pdf
Attachment: Bethesda Healthcare System Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Data Panels for Clinicals.pdf
Attachment: Checklist for Florida Medical Training Institute Inc..pdf
Attachment: Palms West Hospital Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Addendum Florida Medical Training Institute.pdf
17. AC2 - Memorandum of Understanding for Partnership ITWomen
Attachment: ITWomen Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: IT Women Checklist.pdf
Attachment: IT Women Agreement.pdf
Attachment: ITWomen data panels.pdf
Attachment: QAAC2.pdf
18. AC3 - Prevention Partnership for Children, Inc. Early Learning Coaches Agreement
Attachment: Early Learning Coaches Agreement Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Early Learning Coaches Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel SY 2010 VPK Enrichment Program.pdf
19. AC4 - Prevention Partnership for Children, Inc. Highland Elementary Bridges Beacon Agreement
Attachment: AGREEMENT Oct 1 2009 - Sept 30 2010.pdf
Attachment: Legal Approval.pdf
Attachment: Highland FCAT Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel Highland Elementary School PreK Revised.pdf
20. AC5 - PrimeTime Afterschool Literacy Enrichment Initiative (Formerly Called Champs) 2009-2010
Attachment: Agreement - PT Afterschool Literacy Enrichment Initiative.pdf
Attachment: PT Afterschool Literacy Budget.pdf
Attachment: PT Afterschool Literacy Scope of Work.pdf
Attachment: PT Afterschool Literacy Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Legal Review Checklist - PT.pdf
21. AC6 - Agreement with Kravis Center for Volunteer and Business Partner Recognition Awards Breakfast
Attachment: Legal form 1997.pdf
Attachment: Contract Review Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Letter of Agreement with the Kravis 2009-10.pdf
22. AC8 - Contract with the Palm Beach County Education Commission
Attachment: Palm Beach Couny Education Commission Annual Report, December 2008 Review.pdf

23. PD1 - Personnel Agenda
Attachment: September 16 Agenda.pdf
Attachment: QAPD1.pdf

24. PL-1 Sidewalk at Don Estridge MS Agreement between PBCSD and Greater Boca
Attachment: contract review checklist (sidewalk ILA).pdf
Attachment: Sidewalk Interlocal.pdf
25. PL-2 Allamanda Elementry School Plat Approval
Attachment: COVER (1).pdf
Attachment: Sheet (2).pdf
Attachment: contract review checklist (plat).pdf
Program Management

26. Project Modification Chart – FYI Informational Chart ONLY
Attachment: PM Chart.pdf
27. PM1 Generic Educational Specification
Attachment: DOE Facilities HS.pdf
Attachment: DOE Facilities MS.pdf
Attachment: SDPBC Facilities ES.pdf
Attachment: SDPBC Facilities MS.pdf
Attachment: SUMMARY ED SPEC 09-09.pdf
Attachment: Summary Sheet 2008 Justification.pdf
Attachment: Development of an Education Specification.pdf
Attachment: DRAFT 2008-09 Middle Generic.pdf
Attachment: SDPBC Facilities HS.pdf
Attachment: DOE Facilities ES.pdf
Attachment: DRAFT 2008-09 Elem Generics.pdf
Attachment: Staff Generic Ed Spec 2008.pdf
Attachment: DOE-Ed Spec Comp.pdf
Attachment: QAPM1.pdf
Attachment: DRAFT 2008-09 High Generics.pdf
28. PM2 C.O. Taylor Elementary School Project Modification
Attachment: C.O. Taylor Kirklane ES Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: C.O. Taylor Kirklane ES Budget History.pdf
Attachment: C.O. Taylor Kirklane ES Facility Space Summary.pdf
Attachment: C.O. Taylor ES Capacity Utilization Table.pdf
Attachment: C.O. Taylor Kirklane ES Site Plan.pdf
29. PM3 Pine Jog Elementary School (03-Y) Project Modification
Attachment: Pine Jog ES Capacity Utilization Table.pdf
Attachment: Pine Jog ES Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Pine Jog ES Facility Space Summary.pdf
Attachment: Pine Jog ES Budget History.pdf
Attachment: Pine Jog ES Site Plan.pdf
30. PM4 Okeeheelee Middle School Project Modification
Attachment: Okeeheelee MS Capacity Utilization Table.pdf
Attachment: Okeeheelee MS Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Okeeheelee MS Site Plan.pdf
Attachment: Okeeheelee MS Facility Space Summary.pdf
Attachment: Okeeheelee MS Budget History.pdf
31. PM5 Royal Palm School Project Modification
Attachment: Royal Palm Site Plan.pdf
Attachment: Royal Palm Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Royal Palm Facility Space Summary.pdf
Attachment: Royal Palm Budget History.pdf
Attachment: Royal Palm Capacity Utilization Table.pdf
32. PM6 FHESC Project Modification
Attachment: QAPM6.pdf
Attachment: FHESC Budget History.pdf
Real Estate

33. RE-2 03W Temporary Construction Easements Eminent Domain, Patane
Attachment: Resolution RE-2.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit A.2.pdf
Attachment: checklist.2.pdf
34. RE-3 Approve Use Agreement/West Tech Ed. Center/Palm Beach County
Attachment: Exhibit A.3.pdf
Attachment: Checklist.R3-West Tech Ed..pdf
Attachment: Use Agreement.West Tech Ed.-3.pdf
Attachment: QARE3.pdf

35. P1 Renewal for Advertising District-Wide Adult & Community Education Program Schedules RFP 07C-002B
Attachment: P1 07C 002B Renewal Tabulation.pdf
Attachment: P1 07C 002B Original RFP and Addendum.pdf
Attachment: QAP1.pdf
Attachment: QAP1.pdf
36. P2 Florida Education Purchasing Consortium
Attachment: P2 Attachment 7 Resolution.pdf
Attachment: P2 Attachment 1 FL Education Purchasing Consortium Flyer.pdf
Attachment: P2 Attachment 2 FL School Board Association Memo.pdf
Attachment: P2 Attachment 6 FL School Board of Directors.pdf
Attachment: QAP2.pdf
Attachment: P2 Attachment 3 Bylaws of the the Purchasing Consortium.pdf
Attachment: P2 Attachment 4 Interlocal Participation Agreement.pdf
Attachment: P2 Attachment 5 Organizational Interlocal Agreement.pdf
37. P3 Request for Additional Funds for Purchase of Instructional Materials for Dual Enrolled Students
Attachment: P3 Original Booksmart Contract.pdf
38. P4 Investment Advisor Contract with PFM Asset Management LLC
Attachment: P4 Investment Advisor Contract.pdf
Attachment: P4 Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Annual Investment Report.pdf
Attachment: QAP4.pdf
39. P5 Extension for Court Reporting - ITN 04C-012N
Attachment: P5 04C 012N Original ITN.pdf
Attachment: P5 04C 012N Original Tab.pdf
Attachment: P5 04C 012N 90 Day Tab.pdf
40. P6 Continuation of the negotiated contract for Financial Advisor
Attachment: P6 PFM Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: P6 PFM Original Contract and Legal Checklist.pdf
41. P7 Request for Additional Funds for Certified Athletic Trainers Contract
Attachment: P7 Certified Athletic Trainers - Standard Contract.pdf
Attachment: P7 CAT Legal Checklist.pdf
42. P8 McQuay Assured Maintenance Agreement for FHESC
Attachment: P8 McQuay Maintenance Agreement.pdf
Attachment: P8 McQuay Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: P8 McQuay Beneficial Interest.pdf
43. P10 Securities Counsel for Tax Anticipation Notes
Attachment: Beneficial Interest Form.pdf
Attachment: Securities Contract 2.pdf
Attachment: Contract Review Checklist.pdf

44. CP-1 New and Renewal of Prequalified Vendors
Attachment: Current Prequalified Vendors 9-15-09.pdf
Attachment: Renewal Vendors 9-15-09.pdf
Attachment: New Vendors 9-15-09.pdf
45. CP-2 Request for Additional Funds for the Term Contract regarding the Walkway Canopy for Various Schools throughout the School District Project
Attachment: Walkway Canopy 3rd Amendment Checklist-09-15-09 Board.pdf
Attachment: QACP2.pdf
Professional Services

46. PS 1 Professional Services Agreement with Whatever It Takes, Inc.
Attachment: Whatever it Takes Contract.pdf
Attachment: Whatever it Takes Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Whatever it Takes Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Whatever it Takes Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Whatever it Takes Beneficial Interest.pdf
47. PS 2 Professional Services Agreement with Jeff Bridges
Attachment: Jeff Bridges Contract.pdf
Attachment: Jeff Bridges Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Jeff Bridges Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Jeff Bridges Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Jeff Bridges Data Panel.pdf
48. PS 3 Professional Services Agreement with Living Rhythms, Inc.
Attachment: PS 3 Living Rhythms Inc Contract.pdf
Attachment: Living Rhythms Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Living Rhythms Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: PS 3 Living Rhythms Inc Exhibit D.pdf
Attachment: PS 3 Living Rhythms Inc Legal Checklist.pdf
49. PS 4 Professional Services Agreement with Staff Development for Educators
Attachment: Staff Development Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Staff Development Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Staff Development Contract.pdf
Attachment: Staff Development Beneficial Interest.pdf
50. PS 5 Professional Services Agreement with Apple, Inc.
Attachment: Apple Contract.pdf
Attachment: Apple Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Apple Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Apple Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Apple Legal Checklist.pdf
51. PS 6 Professional Services Agreement with The Imminent Group
Attachment: Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Beneficial Interest Form.pdf
Attachment: Consultant Evaluation.pdf
Financial Management

52. FM1 - Signatories For School Internal Bank Account
Attachment: September 16, 2009.pdf
53. FM2 -Superintendent's Efficiency & Effectiveness Awards (SEEA)
Attachment: Suggestion 2009-004.pdf
Attachment: 2009-004 Hoskins Evaluation.pdf
54. FM3 - Tax Anticipation Notes, Series 2009
Attachment: TAN 2009 Resolution.pdf

55. T1 - Technology Agreement with Palm Beach County Health Care District
Attachment: contract.pdf
Attachment: legal.pdf

Naming of Schools
56. None

Student Government Report
57. Student Representative Sara Canter

Minutes: Provided an update from the last committee meeting and invited Board Members and the Superintendent  to attend the next County Council Meeting on October 15, 2009.

Delegations\Individual Appearances
58. Elected Officials: None
59. Delegations: Chuck Ridley; Helene Samango
60. Agenda Speakers: Gary Mitten; Jan Porter

Approval of Consent Agenda
61. Consent Agenda

I recommend the Board approve the Consent Agenda as submitted.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Debra Robinson
Second: Sandra Richmond
Frank Barbieri- Not Present
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye

Commitee Reports
62. Audit Committee Report: None
63. Construction Oversight and Review Committee (CORC) Report:


Lew Doctor presented a report from the last committee meeting as follows:  reviewed and discussed the items on the agenda this evening with approval of those items; announced the next CORC meeting will be held on October 15th at 9am at the Facilities Location.

Mrs. Burdick requested the Superintendent withdraw the upcoming Educational Specifications to allow CORC to review them and Mr. Sanches expressed concern regarding time frames.  Staff will work on this issue with CORC.

64. Finance Committee Report:

Minutes: Rick Miller presented the following report from the last Finance Committee Meeting as follows:  TANS contract to be continued; extend investment advisor contract; banking services contract continued for one more year; currently the committee is following the investment pool; TANS are short term; discussed qualified school construction bonds as part of the Tax Act and it was deemed not practical at this time.
65. Superintendent's Report:

Minutes: The Superintendent announced the following from the last month:  Congratulated several Principals, Administrators, and the Chief Counsel for being nominated for and receiving several awards; recognized Mr. Graham and Dr. Richmond who are featured in Contact Magazine (for Palm Beach Community College); 11 day count is up; Economic Management Letter #13 was released today; update regarding Swine Flu as the School District is working with the Health Department.

Unfinished Business
66. None

Policy Review
67. None

Legal Review
68. None

69. None

New Business
Curriculum/Learning Support

70. CLS2 - Statement of Work with the South Florida Water Management District
Attachment: Everglades Statement of Work.pdf
Attachment: QACLS2.pdf

I recommend that The Board approve the Statement of Work, the receipt of $49,000 from the South Florida Water Management District, the partnership with The Palm Beach Post to print and distribute the curriculum, and payment to The Post of $47,000.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Sandra Richmond
Second: Debra Robinson
Frank Barbieri- Not Present
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye


71. AC7 - Agreement of Understanding Between the Utah State University Dietetic Internship Program & School Board of Palm Beach County Florida
Attachment: QAAC7.pdf
Attachment: Utah State Internship.pdf

I recommend the School Board approve this agreement between Utah State University and the School Board to allow Dietetic Students to complete their internship with the School Food Service Department.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Sandra Richmond
Second: Paulette Burdick
Frank Barbieri- Not Present
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye


72. PD2 - Personnel Addendum
Attachment: September 16 Addendum (2).pdf

I recommend the School Board approve the Personnel Addendum as submitted.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Sandra Richmond
Second: Debra Robinson
Frank Barbieri- Not Present
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye

Real Estate

73. RE-1 03W Elementary School- Mendelson Acquisition
Attachment: Exhibit A.1A.pdf
Attachment: checklist.1A.pdf
Attachment: QARE1.pdf

I recommend the School Board approve RE-1 the Real Estate Sale and Purchase Contract, Addendum and License Agreement for the acquisition of certain real property consisting of 0.364 acres, more or less, for the new 03W Elementary School; and authorize the Chairman and Superintendent to sign all necessary documents.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Paulette Burdick
Second: Monroe Benaim
Frank Barbieri- Not Present
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Nay
Debra Robinson- Aye


74. P9 Banking Services Contract Renewal
Attachment: P9 Bank Of America Agreement.pdf
Attachment: P9 US Bank Contract.pdf
Attachment: P9 US Bank Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: P9 US Bank Fee Schedule.pdf
Attachment: P9 Bank of America Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: P9 BOA Pricing Schedule.pdf
Attachment: QAP9.pdf
Attachment: Supplier Diversity.pdf

I recommend the School Board approve the Banking Contracts for General Banking Services with Bank of America and Custody Services with US Bank. - PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Sandra Richmond
Second: Paulette Burdick
Frank Barbieri- Not Present
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Nay

Non-Agenda Speakers
75. Time Certain 7:00 p.m. (OR UPON COMPLETION OF THE AGENDA)

Minutes: The following members of the audience addressed the Board:  Alex Kellington; Lester Mosley; Diane Hanfmann; Curtis Sherrod; Angenora Mechato; Sarah Grumet-Rodriguez; Lillian Perez; Pauline Cochran; Pamela Hall; Jackie Griffin; Timothy Gilbert; Lovie Fulse; Jacci Gilbert; Annie Coates; Marcia Andrews; and Jan Porter.

Board Discussion Item
76. FSBA Board of Directors Retreat - Graham

Minutes: Mr. Graham presented an update regarding the FSBA Board of Directors Retreat he recently attended:  discussed the possibility of a Special Session with the Legislature; off shore drilling; different types of revenue sources were discussed; state revenues are slightly up; unemployment will probably continue to rise; foreclosures will probably continue to rise; and deed fees are starting to pick up (for resales); the list of challenges are greater than the positives such as short term borrowing for School Districts and many other like issues.
77. Committee Assignment - Graham


Dr. Robinson stated that she can continue to serve on the Juvenile Justice Commission but she is unable to serve on the Criminal Justice Commission. 

Board Members will review thier schedules and let Mrs. Gent or Mrs. Morelli know if they are available to serve on the CJC.

78. Green, Energy & Climate Conference - Richmond


Dr. Richmond referred to the green, energy and climate conference and requested involving students in the "green event" coming up on November 11th and all future "green" events.

Board Members agreed this was a good idea.

79. H1N1Virus - Richmond

Minutes: Dr. Richmond requested the Board meet to discuss the H1N1 Virus and Dr. Robinson stated an update from School Health Advisory Committee and the Health Department should suffice since we don't want to slow down the process of getting students the H1N1 vaccination.  Mrs. Burdick requested the update include a backup plan in addition to the recommendation from the Health Department.
80. Thank You Teachers - Richmond

Minutes: Dr. Richmond stated that psychology proves that change causes stress, even good change can cause stress and she wanted to let the teachers know that they have handled all of the new material and guidelines like pros.  The Board proceeded to give a standing ovation to recognize and show appreciation to teachers.
81. Greater Florida Consortium Update - Burdick

Minutes: Mrs. Burdick stated that she discussed this item earlier when Mr. Graham provided his FSBA update.

82. 7:40 p.m.