School Board Meeting
June 02, 2010

Call to Order
1. 5:02 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance
2. The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and National Anthem were led by: Clydia Jeudy a recent graduate of Forest Hill High School

Opening Remarks
3. Dr. Benaim made opening remarks.

Minutes: Nat Harrington shared fond memories of Chief Counsel Gerald Williams who passed away last week.  Following Mr. Harrington's comments Dr. Benaim requested a moment of silence in honor of Gerald Williams.

Approve Board Minutes
4. None

Board Member Disclosures
5. None

6. Palm Beach Gardens High 6A Softball State Champions
7. Eddie Lovett-110 Meter Hurdles 3A State Champion
8. Palm Beach County Administrators Association Scholarships
9. Safety Fair
10. Get Real Program
11. Superintendent's Efficiency and Effectiveness Award
12. Gates Millennium Scholars
13. 2010 William T. Dwyer Awards Recipients
14. Palm Beach Lakes High Moot Court Team
15. Pathfinder Scholarship Award Winners


16. G1 - Adult Education and Family Literacy - Adult General Education Grant
Attachment: DATA PANEL AGE 2010-2011.pdf
Attachment: Legal Checklist-AGE Grant.pdf
Attachment: age grant 2010-2011 FINAL REVISION.pdf
17. G2 - Adult Education and Family Literacy - English Literacy/Civics Education Grant
Attachment: EL Civics grant 2010-2011 FINAL REVISION.pdf
Attachment: QAG2.pdf
Attachment: EL CIVICS DATA PANEL 10-11.pdf
Attachment: Legal Checklist-ELCivics Grant.pdf
18. G3 - Mary and Robert Pew Public Education Fund - Field Trips for Glades Elementary Schools
Attachment: FY2010-2011 Legal Checklist for Glades Elementary Schools.pdf
Attachment: Belle Glade Elementary FCAT Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Rosenwald Elementary FCAT Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Canal Point Elementary FCAT Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Pioneer Park Elementary FCAT Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: FY2010-2011 Pew Grant for Glades Elementary Schools.pdf
Attachment: Glade View Elementary FCAT Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Pahokee Elementary FCAT Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Gove Elementary FCAT Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: QAG3.pdf
Attachment: G3chart.pdf
Attachment: Rosenwald Elementary.pdf
Attachment: Glade View Elementary.pdf
Attachment: KEC Canal Point Elementary.pdf
Attachment: Pahokee Elementary.pdf
Attachment: Pioneer Park Elementary.pdf
Attachment: Gove Elementary.pdf
Attachment: Belle Glade Elementary.pdf
19. G4-Mary and Robert Pew Public Grant
Attachment: FY2010-2011 Teachers College Readers and Writers Workshop - Pahokee Middle Senior High.pdf
Attachment: FY2010-2011 Teachers College Readers and Writers Workshop - West Area Office.pdf
Attachment: Pew Grant-South Grade.pdf
Attachment: FY2010-2011 Legal Checklist - Melaleuca Elementary.pdf
Attachment: FY2010-2011 Legal Checklist - West Area Office.pdf
Attachment: Legal Signature - Conniston.pdf
Attachment: Pew Grant- Conniston.pdf
Attachment: Pioneer Park Elementary FCAT Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Canal Point Elementary FCAT Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Data panel - Conniston.pdf
Attachment: FY2010-2011 Legal Checklist - Pahokee Middle Senior High.pdf
Attachment: legal signature-South Grade.pdf
Attachment: Memo from Ann Killets.pdf
Attachment: Pahokee Middle Senior High FCAT Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Pew Grant - Letter of Award - Grove Park Elementary.pdf
Attachment: Pew Grant-Belvedere.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel- Belvedere.pdf
Attachment: legal signature.pdf
Attachment: Melaleuca Elementary FCAT Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Pew Grant - Legal Review.pdf
Attachment: Pew Grant - Letter of Award - Grove Park Elementary.pdf
Attachment: Pew Grant-South Grade.pdf
Attachment: Data panel-South Grade.pdf
Attachment: FY2010-2011 Teachers College Readers and Writers Workshop - Melaleuca Elementary.pdf
Attachment: Pahokee Elementary FCAT Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Pew Grant-Belvedere.pdf
20. G5 - Continuation of the Multiagency Network for Student with Severe Emotional Disturbance (SEDNET) Grant
Attachment: Budget Narrative.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Project Application.pdf
21. G6 - Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System (FDLRS) Project Grant
Attachment: Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Project Application FDLRS 2011.pdf
22. G7 - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Part B, and Part B Prekindergarten Grants
Attachment: IDEA Preschool Budget DOE 101.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: IDEA Part B Budget DOE 101.pdf
Attachment: Project Application IDEA Part B and PK 2011.pdf
Attachment: QAG7.pdf
Charter Schools

23. CS1 - Five Year Renewal Charter Application for DayStar Academy of Excellence
Attachment: Exhibit A - DayStar.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit C - DayStar Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Legal Sufficiency - DayStar.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit B - DayStar.pdf
24. CS2 - Five Year Renewal Charter Application for Seagull Academy for Independent Living
Attachment: Exhibit B - Seagull.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit C - Seagull Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Legal Sufficiency - Seagull.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit A - Seagull.pdf

25. AC1 - Standard Agreement for Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Providers
Attachment: FY2011 Title I SES Eligible School List Data Panel2.pdf
Attachment: FY11ContractLegalChecklist.pdf
Attachment: 3-24-10 Contract sent to legal for approval.pdf
Attachment: QAAC1.pdf
Attachment: YR11 Provider Directory - English.pdf
Attachment: QAAC1.pdf
Attachment: 2009-2010SESProviders StudentCounts.pdf
26. AC2 - Contract with The Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County for the Tri-City Family Literacy Program
Attachment: Data Panel - Tri-City Glades.pdf
Attachment: FY10-11 PBC Literacy Coalition - Glades Family Literacy Contract 60000.pdf
Attachment: Legal Checklist-Tri Glades Contract.pdf
27. AC3 - Partner Agency Memorandum of Understanding with Workforce Alliance
Attachment: MOU Workforce Alliance GED - FY11.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel Workforce Alliance.pdf
Attachment: MOU Workforce Alliance-Legal Checklist.pdf
28. AC4 - AVID Implementation Agreement
Attachment: avid attachments.pdf
Attachment: avid data panels.pdf
Attachment: avid checklist.pdf
29. AC5 - Cooperative Agreement with Carlton Palms Educational Center
Attachment: Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Cooperative Agreement CD.pdf
Attachment: Cooperative Agreement HS.pdf
Attachment: Business Assoc Agreement CD.pdf
Attachment: Cooperative Agreement AV.pdf
Attachment: Legal Check Lists.pdf
Attachment: Business Assoc Agreement HS.pdf
Attachment: Business Assoc Agreement LP.pdf
Attachment: Cooperative Agreement JC.pdf
Attachment: Cooperative Agreement RS.pdf
Attachment: Business Assoc Agreement AV.pdf
Attachment: Business Assoc Agreement DK.pdf
Attachment: Business Assoc Agreement JC.pdf
Attachment: Business Assoc Agreement RS.pdf
Attachment: Cooperative Agreement DK.pdf
Attachment: Cooperative Agreement LP.pdf
30. AC6 - Cooperative Agreement with the Devereux Foundation, Inc.
Attachment: Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Cooperative Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Business Assoc Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Legal Check List.pdf
31. AC7 - Cooperative Agreement with Threshold Academy for Autism
Attachment: Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Coop Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Business Assoc Agree.pdf
32. AC8 - Cooperative Agreement with SP Behavioral, LLC, DBA Sandy Pines
Attachment: Legal Check List.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Business Assoc Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Cooperative Agreement.pdf
33. AC9 - Cooperative Agreement with Easter Seals Florida, Inc.
Attachment: Business Assoc Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Legal Check List.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Cooperative Agreement.pdf
34. AC10 - Cooperative Agreement with Easter Seals Florida, Inc. (Treasure Coast Early Steps)
Attachment: Cooperative Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Business Assoc Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Legal Check List.pdf
35. AC11 - Cooperative Agreement for use with Palm Beach County Head Start and Children's Services
Attachment: Business Assoc Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Legal Check List.pdf
Attachment: Cooperative Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel.pdf
36. AC12 - Cooperative Agreement with the Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adults, Inc.
Attachment: Cooperative Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Legal Check List.pdf
Attachment: Business Assoc Agreement.pdf
37. AC13 - Standard Cooperative Agreement Shell for use with Head Start Community Child Care Centers
Attachment: PEPPI 9th St Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Union Missionary Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Apostolic 9th St Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Apostolic 14th St Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Apostolic Division Ave Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Delray Agreement.pdf
Attachment: A Step Above Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Achievement Center Agreement.pdf
Attachment: East Coast OBrian Agreement.pdf
Attachment: East Coast South Bay Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Ed Develop Agreement.pdf
Attachment: HHRC Child Devel Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Legal Check Lists.pdf
Attachment: New Pines Agreement.pdf
Attachment: PEPPI 8th St Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Tender Love Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Florence Fuller Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Kidz Agreement.pdf
Attachment: YMCA Agreement.pdf
Attachment: East Coast Shannon Agreement.pdf
Attachment: My First Steps Agreement.pdf
Attachment: YMCA Kevin Harvin Agreement.pdf
Attachment: King's Kids Agreement.pdf
38. AC14 - Memorandum of Understanding between Prime Time Palm Beach County Inc. and the School District of Palm Beach County
Attachment: Legal Review Checklist.pdf
Attachment: QIS Participating Schools List.pdf
Attachment: Memorandum of Understanding.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel.pdf
39. AC15 - Interlocal Agreement with the Boys and Girls Club of Palm Beach County, Inc.
Attachment: Data Panel Sample Boys and Girls Club Accountability Report 2008-2009.pdf
Attachment: Boys Girls Club Interagency Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Legal Checklist Boys Girls Club Interagency Agreement.pdf
40. AC16 - Florida Virtual School Program Participation Agreement
Attachment: FLVSFT CONTRACT FY11.pdf
41. AC17 - Virtual School Program Curriculum And Materials Agreement Contract Renewal
Attachment: K12 CONTRACT fy11.pdf
42. AC18 - Renewal of Floirda School Franchise License Agreement
43. AC19 - Educational Broadband Services Transition Agreement
Attachment: Band Plan Chart.pdf
Attachment: Beneficial Interest Aff's.pdf
Attachment: School Board of Palm Beach Transition Letter Execution.pdf
Attachment: EBS Transition Agreement Legal Checklist.pdf

44. PD1 - Personnel Agenda
Attachment: June 2 Agenda.pdf
Attachment: June2AgendaSeparationCounts.pdf
Attachment: QAPD1.pdf
School Police

45. SP1 - Re-Submit of Grant Agreement with Florida Division of Emergency Management
Attachment: Checklist for Re-submit Agmt FL Div of Emerg Mgmt Grant.pdf
Attachment: Re-submit Agreement with FL Div of Emerg Mgmt for Grant.pdf
Real Estate

46. RE-1 Community Use of Ancillary Facilities - Leasing
Attachment: Safe School Facility rate sheet.pdf
Attachment: Pew Leadership Development Center rate sheet.pdf

47. M1 Comprehensive Safety Inspection Report (CSIR)
Attachment: 2010 Charts.pdf
Attachment: 2010 Facility Summary.pdf

48. CP-2 Agreement for Debris Monitoring Services for Disaster Recovery Assistance
Attachment: Debris Monitoring RFP with Addendum.pdf
Attachment: PBSJ BENEFICIAL.pdf
Attachment: BECK BENEFICIAL.pdf
Attachment: PBSJ -Checklist Debris Monitoring-06-02-10 CP2.pdf
Attachment: Agreement-PBSJ.pdf
Attachment: Agreement-Beck.pdf
Attachment: Beck Disaster-Checklist Debris Monitoring-06-02-10 CP2.pdf
49. CP-3 Agreement for Roofing Services for Disaster Recovery Assistance
Attachment: Advanced Roofing Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: BuiltRight Benefical.pdf
Attachment: HiTech Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: Tecta Americal Roofing Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: National Roofing Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: TransCoastal Roofing Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: Triple M Roofing Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: AGREEMENT-ROOFING-Advance Roofing.pdf
Attachment: AGREEMENT-ROOFING-Built Right.pdf
Attachment: AGREEMENT-ROOFING-Hi-Tech Roofing.pdf
Attachment: HITECH ROOFING -Checklist Roofing Contractor -06-02-10 CP 3.pdf
Attachment: Advanced Roofing -Checklist Roofing Contractor -06-02-10 CP 3.pdf
Attachment: AGREEMENT-ROOFING-National Roofing.pdf
Attachment: AGREEMENT-ROOFING-Tecta America.pdf
Attachment: AGREEMENT-ROOFING-Trans Coastal Construction Co.pdf
Attachment: Trans Coastal -Checklist Roofing Contractor -06-02-10 CP 3.pdf
Attachment: Roofing RFP with Addendum.pdf
Attachment: Built Right -Checklist Roofing Contractor -06-02-10 CP 3.pdf
Attachment: National Roofing -Checklist Roofing Contractor -06-02-10 CP 3.pdf
Attachment: Tecta America -Checklist Roofing Contractor -06-02-10 CP 3.pdf
Attachment: Triple M -Checklist Roofing Contractor -06-02-10 CP 3.pdf
Attachment: AGREEMENT-ROOFING-Triple M Roofing.pdf
50. CP-4 Agreement for General Contractor Services for Disaster Recovery Assistance
Attachment: Built Right Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: D. Stephenson Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: Edens Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: Kaufman Lynn Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: Pavarini Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: Suffolk Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: Decon Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: Halfacre Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: Lebolo Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: Ocean Gate Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: Pirtle Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: West Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: Hatcher Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: Urban Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: Hedrick Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: WG Mills Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: GCs PPE.pdf
Attachment: Agreement-West Construction.pdf
Attachment: Built Right -Checklist General Contractor -06-02-10 CP 4.pdf
Attachment: Edens -Checklist General Contractor -06-02-10 CP 4.pdf
Attachment: Halfacre -Checklist General Contractor -06-02-10 CP 4.pdf
Attachment: Agreement-Hatcher Construction.pdf
Attachment: HATCHER -Checklist General Contractor -06-02-10 CP 4.pdf
Attachment: Agreement-Hedrick Construction.pdf
Attachment: Lebolo -Checklist General Contractor -06-02-10 CP 4.pdf
Attachment: Pavarini South East -Checklist General Contractor -06-02-10 CP 4.pdf
Attachment: Agreement-Pirtle Construction.pdf
Attachment: Agreement-Lebolo.pdf
Attachment: Agreement-Edens Construction.pdf
Attachment: Agreement-Halfacre Construction.pdf
Attachment: Ocean Gate -Checklist General Contractor -06-02-10 CP 4.pdf
Attachment: W.G. Mills - Checklist General Contractor.pdf
Attachment: Agreement-Kaufman Lynn.pdf
Attachment: Agreement-Pavarini Construction.pdf
Attachment: Agreement-Suffolk Construction Company, Inc.pdf
Attachment: Agreement-D. Stephenson.pdf
Attachment: D. Stephenson -Checklist General Contractor -06-02-10 CP 4.doc.pdf
Attachment: Agreement-Decon Environmental.pdf
Attachment: Decon -Checklist General Contractor -06-02-10 CP 4.pdf
Attachment: Agreement-Urban Building Systems.pdf
Attachment: Agreement-W.GMills.pdf
Attachment: Kaufman Lynn -Checklist General Contractor -06-02-10 CP 4.pdf
Attachment: Suffolk -Checklist General Contractor -06-02-10 CP 4.pdf
Attachment: West Construction-Checklist General Contractors 060210.pdf
Attachment: Agreement-Ocean Gate.pdf
Attachment: Agreement-Built Right Construction.pdf
Attachment: Hedrick Brothers -Checklist General Contractor -06-02-10 CP 4.pdf
Attachment: James B Pirtle Checklist General Contractor.pdf
Attachment: Urban Building -Checklist General Contractor -06-02-10 CP 4.pdf
Professional Services

51. PS 1 Professional Services Agreement with Bradley Watkins
Attachment: Bradley Watkins Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Bradley Watkins Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Bradley Watkins Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Bradley Watkins Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Bradley Watkins Contract.pdf
52. PS 2 Professional Services Agreement with Michael Rivero
Attachment: Michael Rivero Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Michael Rivero Contract.pdf
Attachment: Michael Rivero Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Michael Rivero Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Michael Rivero Legal Checklist.pdf
53. PS 3 Professional Services Agreement with Daniel Helton
Attachment: Daniel Helton Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Daniel Helton Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Daniel Helton Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Daniel Helton Contract.pdf
Attachment: Daniel Helton Data Panel.pdf
54. PS 4 Professional Services Agreement with Gulfstream Goodwill Industries, Inc.
Attachment: Gulfstream Goodwill Contract.pdf
Attachment: Gulfstream Goodwill Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Gulfstream Goodwill Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Gulfstream Goodwill Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Gulfstream Goodwill Previous Evaluation.pdf
55. PS 5 Professional Services Agreement with Professional Crisis Management Assoc. Inc.
Attachment: Professional Crisis Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Professional Crisis Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Professional Crisis Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Professional Crisis Contract.pdf
Attachment: Professional Crisis Beneficial Interest.pdf
56. PS 6 Professional Services Agreement with Gallagher Risk Management Services
Attachment: Exhibit D - Gallagher 2011.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit C - Gallagher 2011.pdf
Attachment: 2011 Gallagher Risk Contract - Final.pdf
Attachment: Contract Review Checklist.pdf

57. B1 Budget Amendments - April 2010
Attachment: April 2010 Amendments.pdf
Attachment: QAB1.pdf
Financial Management

58. FM1 April 2010 Financial Statements
Attachment: FS - FINAL 04-30-2010.pdf
59. FM2 Tangible Personal Property Disposal Report 3rd Qtr 2010
Attachment: TPP Disposition Report_2010-03-31 3rd quarter.pdf

60. IN 1 Workers' Compensation No. 132721DB
Attachment: QAIN1.pdf

Naming of Schools
61. None

Student Government Report
62. Jordan Cohen - Spanish River High School

Minutes: New Student Representative Jordan Cohen introduced herself and stated she was excited to serve for the next year.

Delegations\Individual Appearances
63. Elected Officials: Commissioner Allie Biggs
64. Delegations: Alfonso Mayfield; Walter Pierce
65. Agenda Item Speakers: Gary Mitten; Jan Porter

Approval of Consent Agenda
66. Consent Agenda

I recommend the Board approve the consent agenda as submitted.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Paulette Burdick
Second: Bill Graham
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Carrie Hill- Not Present
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye

Commitee Reports
67. Audit Committee Report: None
68. Construction Oversight and Review Committee (CORC) Report:

Minutes: Lew Doctor presented the following report from the last CORC meeting:  Full membership at this time with 14 members; reviewed all of the items for approval on the agenda this evening and recommended that they all go forward; reviewed the Revised Draft Policy on the Acquisition of Land and voted to move forward; presentation from the Palm Beach Lakes Neighborhood Association concerning a sound wall at the Suncoast High School sports fields and voted to move forward; reviewed proposals for Technical Disaster Recovery Assistance Agreement; next meeting scheduled for July 8th at 9:00 a.m.
69. Finance Committee Report: None
70. Superintendent's Report:

Minutes: Superintendent presented the following report:  commended staff for a job well done with graduations; budget recommendations for a balanced budget will come forward at the June 9th meetings.

Unfinished Business
71. None

Policy Review
72. None

Legal Review
73. None

74. None

New Business

75. PD2 - Personnel Addendum
Attachment: June 2 Addendum.pdf

I recommend the Personnel Addendum as submitted.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Sandra Richmond
Second: Debra Robinson
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Carrie Hill- Not Present
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye


76. T1 Consider Disposal of Salvage and Surplus Vehicles
Attachment: Surplus Vehicles 6-2-10.pdf

I recommend the School Board authorize the disposal of salvage and surplus vehicles.-
Vote Results
Motion: Paulette Burdick
Second: Sandra Richmond
Frank Barbieri-
Monroe Benaim-
Paulette Burdick-
Bill Graham-
Carrie Hill- Not Present
Sandra Richmond-
Debra Robinson-

Amended Motion to remove from this list the buses that exceed age and/or mileage limits and check those buses to see if they can be used for field trips.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Debra Robinson
Second: Sandra Richmond
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Monroe Benaim- Nay
Paulette Burdick- Nay
Bill Graham- Aye
Carrie Hill- Not Present
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye

Main Motion as Amended.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Sandra Richmond
Second: Bill Graham
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Carrie Hill- Not Present
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye


77. CP-1 Renewal of Walkway Canopy for Various Schools throughout the School District
Attachment: Walker Agreement and Amends.pdf
Attachment: WALKER Beneficial for Walkway Canopy.pdf
Attachment: Walker PPE.pdf
Attachment: Walker Design-Checklist Walkway Canopy-06-02-10 CP1.pdf
Attachment: Fourth Amendment-Walker Design-Walkway Canopy Services.pdf

I recommend the School Board approve the Fourth Amendment for Walkway Canopy for Various Schools throughout the School District, with Walker Design & Construction Co., and authorize the Superintendent and Board Chairman to finalize and sign all required documents.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Sandra Richmond
Second: Debra Robinson
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Carrie Hill- Not Present
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye

Motion Minutes: For the Record - Burdick:  No new monies will be used for this project.  Funding will only come from FY10 not FY11.

Non-Agenda Speakers
78. Time Certain 7:00 p.m. (OR upon completion of the regular agenda)


The following members of the audience addressed the Board:  Sara Cuaresma; Mike Dowling; Frederick Ritter; Lowell Levine; Ron Young; Elizabeth Godfrey; Cheryl Darryl Davis; Alexander Lopez; Bonnie Kirby; Pablo Franzani; Diane Hanfmann; Christina Howley; Marcia Andrews; Hillary Hyslope; Amanda Bedsole; Esther Berry; Mark Halpert; Dasi Vann; Tamar Vann; Kina Phillips; Debbie Block; Jayna Smith; Tom Whatley; Ellen Smith; Shelly Miller; Cornesha Chisholm; Evelina Harrell; Maria Nichols; Sandra Stewart; Brenda Smith; Jean Dowling; Curtis Sherrod.

Point of Personal Privilege - Robinson:   Corrected Mr. Sherrod stating that Joan Kowal didn't have anything to do with writing Achievement Matters for All as he stated in his comments. 

Speakers continued:  Michael Jackson; Michael Howard; Diane DeWolfe; Karen Schultz; Henrieta Johnson.

Point of Information - Richmond:  Expressed the need to have ample time to discuss the Glades issue next Wednesday.

Board Discussion Item
79. Robinson - Next Generation Standards

Minutes: Dr. Robinson requested next generation standards be addressed and Dr. Johnson stated that staff will work on this and have a workshop on this topic so the Board is aware of what is going on.
80. Graham - Ethics Commission


Mr. Graham discussed the ethics issue and encouraged everyone to participate whenever possible. 

Mrs. Burdick requested information on the upcoming ethics symposium and Mr. Graham stated that the symposium is being held on June 23rd and Leadership Palm Beach County is the contact.

Dr. Richmond and Dr. Benaim both commented on the importance of ethics.

81. Robinson - Superintendent's Evaluation Instrument

Minutes: Dr. Robinson requested a workshop to review and revise the Superintendent's evaluation instrument as well as goal setting for the next year.
82. Robinson - Summer Academic Enrichment


Dr. Robinson would like the Board to instruct the Superintendent to make provisions for summer academic enrichment for all students.  The auto call mechanism, ed-line, water bill announcements, etc. could be used to announce mandatory summer reading.

Mrs. Burdick questioned whether this is a district wide project.

Mrs. Rugg announced that there is a reading list which will be sent out to all of the schools.

Dr. Richmond suggested that this list be placed on the web site and Dr. Johnson acknowledged that this will be on ed-line.

83. Robinson - Drop Back In Academy

Minutes: Dr. Robinson stated that she is aware that staff is working on the Drop Back In issues and Ms. Killets stated she would provide an update as she just received a proposal today.
84. Richmond - Literacy Remediation via Physical Education
Attachment: Christopher Cain Email.pdf
Minutes: Dr. Richmond requested a literacy remediation via physical education workshop.  Mrs. Burdick suggested having Eric Stern invite other teachers and staff members in the district with wonderful programs.
85. Richmond - Budget


Dr. Richmond expressed her concern regarding the budget and the June 30th deadline for contractual employees.

Dr. Johnson stated that next week the Board will be given a conceptual balanced budget with several options and the Board will have until September to make decisions.  Dr. Johnson also reviewed contract language for employees.

Dr. Richmond requested to have reduction in force contract language next week as well.

Mr. Graham shared his notes from the last several budget workshops to stimulate good thinking.

Mr. Barbieri would like to see departmental cuts by percentage.

Dr. Robinson requested that the functions being cut also be outlined.

Mr. Burke outlined the pros and cons of the survey being used and Board Members suggested other options for community input.

86. Richmond - South Tech Cafeteria
Attachment: South Tech Cafeteria.pdf

Dr. Richmond stated that the South Tech cafeteria plan needs to be addressed in the Capital Budget Plan. 

The Superintendent agreed.

Mr. Graham expressed his desire for a challenge grant or matching grant for some of our schools needs such as culinary where grant funds are a possibility.

87. 9:04 p.m.


Prior to the meeting adjourning, Board Members discussed revenue possibilities to handle the capital issues needing to be addressed.

Motion to adjourn at 9:04 p.m.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Paulette Burdick
Second: Bill Graham
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Carrie Hill- Not Present
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye