School Board Meeting
February 15, 2012

Call to Order
1. Time: 5:00 p.m.

Roll Call
2. Attendance:

Pledge of Allegiance
3. Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem

Opening Remarks
4. Chairman Barbieri

Approve Board Minutes
Board Member Disclosures
5. Black History Month
Attachment: National African American History Month-Feb. 2012[1].pdf
6. National Career and Technical Education Month
Attachment: Career and Technical Education Month-2012[2].pdf
7. National School Counseling Month
Attachment: National School Counseling Month-Feb. 2012[2].pdf
8. Love The Bus Month-Recognition of School Bus Drivers Gordon Bears and Amanda Jackman

Curriculum/Learning Support

9. CLS1 - Suncoast High School - IB World Conference - Riviera Maya, Mexico
Attachment: Itinerary - IB of Americas Conference - Mexico.pdf
Attachment: Suncoast Data Panel - IB of Americas Conference - Mexico.pdf
Attachment: Suncoast Data Panel -2[ - IB of Americas Conference - Mexico.pdf
Attachment: Q&A.CLS1.pdf
Attachment: Employee TDE's - IB of Americas Conference - Mexico.pdf
10. CLS2 - John F. Kennedy Middle School - IB World Conference - Riviera Maya, Mexico
Attachment: JFK Data Panel - IB of Americas Conference.pdf
Attachment: Itinerary - IB of Americas Conference - Mexico.pdf
Attachment: Employee TDE's - IB of Americas Conference - Mexico.pdf
11. CLS3 - William T. Dwyer High School - IB Conference - Riviera Maya, Mexico
Attachment: FCAT Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Trip Itinerary - IB Conference - Mexico.pdf
Attachment: Employee TDE's - Mexico.pdf

12. AC1 - Affiliation Agreement with Participating Healthcare Agency
Attachment: Action Physical Therapy Addendum Concerning Students.pdf
Attachment: Clinical_Data_FY2011_Clinical_Students--July_20,_2011 Final Copy.pdf
Attachment: Action Physical Therapy Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Action Physical Therapy Addendum Beneficial Form.pdf
Attachment: Action Physical Therapy Agreement.pdf

13. PD1 - Personnel Agenda
Attachment: February 15 Agenda.pdf
Attachment: Feb15AgendaSeparationCounts.pdf
14. PD2 - Out-of-Field Teachers Survey 3 (SY 2011/2012)
Attachment: FY12 Survey 3 Charts.pdf
Attachment: FY12 Survey 3 OOF ESOL Teacher List.pdf
Attachment: FY12 Survey 3 OOF Teacher List.pdf
Facilities Services

15. FS-1 North County Service Center Remodel Project
Attachment: North County Service Center Bldg.pdf
Attachment: Burt Reynolds Ranch Bldg.pdf
16. FS-2 John F. Kennedy Middle School Cafeteria Remodel Project
Attachment: John F Kennedy MS Photos.pdf
17. FS-3 Pre-K Project Modifications
Attachment: Cholee Lake ES Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Benoist Farms ES Budget History.pdf
Attachment: Benoist Farms ES CSA Table.pdf
Attachment: Benoist Farms ES Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Benoist Farms ES Facility Space Summary.pdf
Attachment: Cholee Lake ES Budget History.pdf
Attachment: Cholee Lake ES CSA Table.pdf
Attachment: Cholee Lake ES Facility Space Summary.pdf
Attachment: Indian Pines ES Budget History.pdf
Attachment: Indian Pines ES Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Indian Pines ES CSA Table.pdf
18. FS-4 Amendment to FEMA Mitigation Grant
Attachment: Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Agreement.pdf
Attachment: First Amendment.pdf
Attachment: Second Amendment.pdf
Attachment: Third Amendment.pdf
Attachment: Fourth Amendment.pdf

19. P1 Renewal of Northwest Regional Data Center Services - Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Attachment: P1 NWRDC MOU - RENEWAL.pdf
Attachment: P1 NWRDC MOU - Comparison.pdf
Attachment: P1 NWRDC Legal Check List.pdf

20. CP-1 Prequalified Vendors
Attachment: New Prequalified Vendors 02-15-2012.pdf
Attachment: Renewal Vendors 2-15-2012 Board Meeting.pdf
Attachment: Current Prequalified Vendors January 18, 2012.pdf
Professional Services

21. PS 1 Professional Services Agreement with CSM Consulting, Inc
Attachment: CSM Consulting Agreement.pdf
Attachment: CSM Consulting Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: CSM Consulting Beneficial Interest.pdf
22. PS 2 Professional Services Agreement with John C. Davis
Attachment: John C Davis Contract.pdf
Attachment: John C Davis Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: John C Davis Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: John C Davis Previous Evaluation.pdf

23. B1 Budget Amendments - December 2011
Attachment: December 2011 Amendments.pdf
Financial Management

24. FM1 - December Interim Financial Statements
Attachment: FS - FINAL 12-31-11.pdf
25. FM2 - Monthly Purchasing Report - December
Attachment: PO Activity Report - December.pdf

26. LR 1 Authorize Transmission of the Draft Superintendent Employment Contract to the Superintendent Candidates
27. LR 2 - Approval of Board Meeting Minutes
Attachment: 2.1.Attorney Client.pdf
Attachment: 1.25.Special Meeting.pdf
Attachment: 1.25.Workshop.pdf
Attachment: 12.14.School Board Meeting.pdf
Attachment: 1.18.School Board Meeting.pdf
Attachment: 1.18.Supt Search.pdf
Attachment: 2.8.Supt.Interviews.pdf
Attachment: 1.18.School Board Meeting.pdf

Naming of Schools
28. None

Student Government Report
29. Co-President's Loren Cataldo and Holland Smith

Minutes: Loren Cataldo provided Board Members with a summary of the last Student Government meeting. 

Delegations\Individual Appearances
30. Elected Officials:

Minutes: Judge Ronald Alvarez; Mayor Steve Wilson; Commissioner Allie Biggs; Mary Evans; Mary Wilkerson and Corey Alston.
31. Delegations:


Debra Wilhelm; Tony Hernandez; Latanzia Jackson; Roseanne Brown; and Steven Sanchez. 

32. Agenda Item Speakers:


Peter Kimball; Darlene Staley; Gary Mitten; Mike Dowling; Curtis Sherrod; Ellen Smith; Michael Howard; Don Persson; Dr. Joaquin Garcia; Diane Hanfman; Carlos Diaz; Cynthia Larramore; Ron Leonard; Jan Porter; Bishop W. O'Shea Grainger; Milton Brown; Shahid Friedman; and Margaret Shepard.  


Committee Reports
33. CORC Committee Report:

34. Technology Advisory Committee Report:


Tony Parziale, Technical Advisory Committee Chairman, summarized the 2/1/12 meeting and presented the highlights and recommendations.

Dr. Robinson requested to schedule a meeting with TAC and the Board within the next 6-8 weeks.

35. Superintendent's Report:


Mr. Gent School congratulated the School Related Employee of the Year, Cynthia King from Jupiter Elementary and announced he attended the Elementary SECME Olympiad.

36. Consideration of Amending the Superintendent's Contract
Attachment: Gent Fully Executed 111611[1].pdf
Attachment: FIRST AMENDMENT TO EMPLOYMENT Contract[1].pdf

A motion by Robinson/Andrews to consider amending Mr. Gent's contract to remove the language that he could not be considered for the Superintendent position was followed by discussion.

Mrs. Brill stated that she can not support this recommendation and feels the Board has two excellent candidates to choose from.

Mrs. Brown values the process that was adopted and would like to proceed with it.  Mrs. Brown provided the history of the superintendent search and why she feels the process has worked.  Mrs. Brown feels dismayed and stated substance and process matters.

Mrs. Brown will stated that she would consider Mr. Gent if the Board first completes the process.

The main motion was approved 5/2 with Mrs. Brill and Mrs. Brown dissenting. 

37. Consideration of Adding E. Wayne Gent to the Superintendent Candidate Pool


A motion by Robinson/Andrews to add Mr. Gent to the candidate pool was followed by discussion.

Mrs. Brill stated her moral and ethical concerns.

The main motion was approved 5/2 with Mrs. Brill and Mrs. Brown dissenting.

38. Consideration of Conducting a Formal Interview at This Time of E. Wayne Gent


Mr. Barbieri summarized the process that will be used if Board Members decide to interview Mr. Gent.

A motion by Robinson/Andrews to conduct a formal interview of E. Wayne Gent for Superintendent was followed by discussion.

Mrs. Brown stated that she would like to see Mr. Gent interviewed, but stated that she felt the one-on-one interviews were more productive and questioned the amount of time Board Members had to prepare for the interview. 

Mr. Gent stated that he did contact each Board Member and asked if they would like a one-on-one interview.

Mrs. Brill stated that she stands by the process and will not participate in interviewing Mr Gent.

The main motion passed with Dr. Benaim, Mrs. Brill and Mrs. Brown dissenting.

Melinda Wong, Director of HR Customer Relations, summarized the interview protocol. 

Mr. Barbieri asked Mr. Gent if he has seen the questions or spoken to Mrs. Wong.  Mr. Gent responded that he had not. 

Board Members interviewed Superintendent candidate E. Wayne Gent.

39. Selection of Superintendent


Mr. Barbieri polled Board Members on their preference (vocal or ballot) on the voting process.  Board Members were in consensus to have a vocal voting process.

Mrs. Brill stated that the Board Members all need to pull together and work collectively.  Mrs Brill has reservations with Dr. Jones in respect that Lee County is half the size of Palm Beach County.  She had concerns with Dr. Andrews being in DROP, but remembered that Laura Pincus shadowed Russ Feldman before she became the ESE Director and feels Dr. Andrews could identify someone who can work side by side for a smooth transition when she retires.

Mrs. Brown appreciates all the information she received and summarized the following qualities she would like in the next Superintendent: integrity; high performance; sensitivity to cultural diversity; works with the business community; and enhance student performance.  Mrs. Brown feels Dr. Andrews is thoughtful, humorous and confident and provided calm creative answers during her interview.  Mrs. Brown noted the student achievement gains and graduation rates in the West area during Dr. Andrews tenure as the Area Superintendent; the overwhelming support of teachers and principals; her ability to mentor future leaders; and that she is strong, ethical, and forthright.  Mrs. Brown announced Dr. Andrews retirement date is 2/28/15 and the average length of a Superintendent is less than the time she can give us, allowing a smooth transition to another Superintendent.  Mrs. Brown stated that Mr. Gent was added against her decision. 

Dr. Benaim stated Mr. Gent depth of experience makes him comfortable with the decision to hire him as the next Superintendent. 

Mr. Shaw feels the three candidates put their careers on the line to apply for a job that is extremely difficult and thanked them for applying for the position.  Mr. Shaw stated his issues with Dr. Andrews being in DROP.  Mr. Shaw was impressed with both Dr. Jones personal and public interviews.  Mr. Shaw stated that no matter what decision is made, there will be people who will not be happy and will be comfortable with any choice made.

Mrs. Andews stated her preference was to hire a sitting Superintendent and was disappointed in loosing candidates she would have like to interview.  Mrs. Andrews stated that she had issues with all three candidates in the one-on-one interviews.  She worries Dr. Jones will not be able handle our large district and has issues with Dr. Andrews being in DROP.  Mrs. Andrews has worked with Mr. Gent during the past three months and has seen his work and leadership and feels he has top notch communication and people skills, as well as, he listens to the community.  Mrs. Andrews stated that Dr. Andrews and Dr. Jones will be true leaders, but she will be supporting Mr. Gent.

Dr. Robisnon agrees with what her colleagues have said and addressed the process and her reason to ask for not allowing the interim to apply.  Dr. Robinson feels there was a robust applicant pool, but was disappointed with applicants that dropped out.  Dr. Robinson thanked the community members for participating in the rubric process.  Dr. Robinson stated she did vote to short list Dr. Andrews, but the DROP issue changed her perspective.  Dr. Robinson found Dr. Jones to be delightful, but she is looking to bring the district to the next level.  Dr. Robinson feels the board needs to engage the people in the community and listen and respect them, therefore she will support Mr. Gent.

Mr. Barbieri stated the the focus has always been on the students of this district.  Mr. Barbieri feels Dr. Jones has the years of experience but is not strong enough from over spending its authority.  Mr. Barbieri feels Dr. Andrews and Mr. Gent would both make great Superintendent's, but his only concern is Dr. Andrews being in DROP, which is why he will support Mr. Gent.

A motion by Brill/Andrews to hire E. Wayne Gent as the Superintendent of the School District of Palm Beach County was unanimously approved.               

Approval of Consent Agenda
40. Consent Agenda Approval

I recommend the Board approve the consent agenda as submitted.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Debra Robinson
Second: Marcia Andrews
Marcia Andrews- Aye
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Karen Brill- Aye
Jenny Prior Brown- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye
Chuck Shaw- Aye

Unfinished Business
41. None

Policy Review
42. None

Legal Review
43. None

44. None

New Business

45. PD3 - Personnel Addendum
Attachment: February 15 Personnel Addendum[1].pdf


CHAIRMAN READS:  Good cause exists for adding this item to the agenda.  The decision to make the recommendation is important to the district so that the appointees commence working in their positions as soon as possible.

SUPERINTENDENT READS:  I recommend the School Board approve the Personnel Addendum as submitted which includes three (3) waivers to the external hiring hold.

Vote Results
Motion: Chuck Shaw
Second: Marcia Andrews
Marcia Andrews- Aye
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Karen Brill- Aye
Jenny Prior Brown- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye
Chuck Shaw- Aye

Non-Agenda Speakers
46. Time Certain: 7:00 p.m.

Minutes: Gary Mitten and Curtis Sherrod.

Board Discussion Item
47. Savings for Classrooms - Brill
Attachment: Savings for Classrooms[1].pdf

Mrs. Brill attended a rountable of the local education foundation leaders.  She stated that the  Pinellas Education Foundation put together committees of corporate volunteers to work with staff to find ways to be more efficient and would like the approval to ask our Education Foundation to do the same.   

Dr. Robinson stated she does not feel the Education Foundation is the place to start and suggested CORC. 

Mr. Gent would like to sit with Mrs. Brill and discuss this issue further.


48. I.G. Hiring Process - Brill
Attachment: Timeline Proposal for Inspector General[1].pdf

Mark Mitchell reviewed the two options for the timeline in hiring the IG.

Mrs. Brill questioned allowing input from the Audit Committee.  She feels their recommendations indicates they have a bias opinion and questioned what publications the position will be advertised.  She stated the IG has to be truly independent of the Board and the Audit Committee and does not want the Audit Committee to be involved in the short listing process.

Dr. Robinson clarified just because the Audit Committee made a recommendation does not mean they are bias.  She feels they are professionals and their expertise is valued.

Board Members were in consensus to allow the Audit Committee to be a part of the IG hiring process.

Board Members chose Option A and would like input from the Audit Committee after Board Members interview the applicants.  

49. ESEA Flexibility Waiver - Robinson


Dr. Robinson suggested scheduling a workshop to discuss the ESEA Flexibility Waiver.  Board Members were in consensus.

50. Time: 9:20 p.m.

Motion to adjourn.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Chuck Shaw
Second: Karen Brill
Marcia Andrews- Aye
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Karen Brill- Aye
Jenny Prior Brown- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye
Chuck Shaw- Aye