School Board Meeting 11-20-12
Agenda Item #37

AC2 - School Affiliation Agreement


The Department of Professional Development receives thousands of requests for placement of Pre-Service students annually from varying colleges and universities. All students who are placed are cleared through school police and complete background and drug screenings (interns only) prior to being cleared and placed by the Department of Professional Development in district schools.


We request that all colleges/universities that request the placement of one or more students annually sign a School Affiliation Agreement. The School Affiliation Agreement outlines the responsibilities of the college/university as well as the School District of Palm Beach County and reviews each party’s rights and responsibilities on items including, but not limited to: Non-discrimination, liability, and confidentiality.


The Pre-Service program involves a number of stakeholders including college students preparing to become educators, classroom teachers who supervise the college students, school site administrators (Educator Support Program or ESP Contacts), college/university educators who help prepare future teachers, the college/university placement coordinators, and the District Pre-Service Specialist who places future teachers in local schools for hands-on learning experiences


The execution of this agreement has no financial impact on the District.

I recommend that the School Board approve the Attached School Affiliation Agreement through June 30, 2013, and authorize the Superintendent or designee as well as the Board Chairman or designee to sign all School Affiliation Agreements received.

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Financial Impact
No cost to the District.

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