School Board Meeting 11-20-12
Agenda Item #13

PA2 Science Path Program Participants


The Department of K-12 Curriculum partnered with Palm Beach State College last summer to vertically align the high school and college biology curricula to better prepare students for college success in the sciences and improve student readiness for the Biology 1 End of Course (EOC) exam.  The following Palm Beach County high school biology teachers collaborated with Palm Beach State College science professors to develop curriculum for the Science Path Program:

·         Aaron Barnes (William T. Dwyer High School)
·         Eric Edwards (Palm Beach Gardens High School)
·         Kathy Roberts (Suncoast High School/K-12 Curriculum)
·         Kristen Smith (Boca Raton High School)
·         Karen Walter (William T. Dwyer High School)
·         Bruce Wear (K-12 Curriculum)
·         Tom Welter (Palm Beach Lakes High School)
·         Mary Wratislaw (Suncoast High School)

These teachers also conducted a Science Path Summer Institute for 25 biology teachers throughout the district.

The Department of K-12 Curriculum would also like to recognize Dr. Robert Van Der Velde, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs of Palm Beach State College and Professors Nelson Daniel and Bradley Weissman for their tireless efforts on behalf of the Science Path Program.


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