School Board Meeting 11-20-12
Agenda Item #36

AC1 - Affiliation Agreements with Participating Healthcare Agencies


This Board Agenda Item identifies three (3) Affiliation Agreements between the School District of Palm Beach County and the participating agencies listed below:


Academy for Nursing Health Occupations

The Hand Institute, PL

Health Careers Institute, Inc.


These Affiliation Agreements are necessary to meet clinical requirements of the Health Science Education Program, pursuant to the Florida Department of Education curriculum frameworks.  This clinical component is also required by the Florida Board of Nursing.


In order to expand our students' opportunities for clinical experiences we are adding the above referenced agreements.


Full-time Health Science Education Programs are located in the following high schools: Boca Raton Community High School, Glades Central Community High School, Inlet Grove Community High School, Inc., Jupiter Community High School, Lake Worth Community High School, Palm Beach Gardens Community High School, Palm Beach Lakes Community High School, Park Vista Community High School, Royal Palm Beach Community High School, South Tech Charter Academy, and West Boca Raton High School.  The Health Science Education Programs impact an estimated 3544 students.


The programs include Practical Nursing, Nursing Assisting, Dental Aide, Allied Health Assisting, Electrocardiograph Aide, Dental Laboratory Assisting, Vision Care Assisting, First Responder, Pharmacy Assisting, Health Unit Coordinator, Medical Lab Assisting, Health Science Education Directed Study and OJT which prepares students with entry level job skills and exposes them to career opportunities.   The Health Science Education program also provides the frameworks for matriculation to post-secondary education in health occupations.


I recommend that the School Board approve the Affiliation Agreements between the School District of Palm Beach County and the participating healthcare agencies effective November 21, 2012 through June 30, 2017, and authorize the Superintendent or designee to sign all documents and amendments related to the agreement which are required for implementation.

My Contact

Janis Andrews, Ed.D. (janis.andrews@palmbeachschools.org)

Joseph M. Lee, Ed.D.

Peter B. Licata          

Financial Impact

There is no financial impact to the District.

Attachment:  Hand Institute Checklist.pdf
Attachment:  Clinical_Data_FY2012_Clinical_Students--June 1, 2012.docx.pdf
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Attachment:  Hand Institute Addendum.pdf
Attachment:  Health Careers Institute, Inc. Beneficial Form.pdf
Attachment:  Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations Addendum.pdf
Attachment:  Hand Institute Agreement.pdf
Attachment:  Hand Institute Beneficial Form.pdf
Attachment:  Health Careers Institute, Inc. Agreement.pdf
Attachment:  Health Careers Institute, Inc. Checklist.pdf
Attachment:  Health Careers Institute, Inc. Addendum.pdf