School Board Meeting 11-20-12
Agenda Item #39

AC4 - FIAT Master Agreement for FY2013


In order to address the need for new and well-trained teachers, FAU and its regional partners, which includes the School District of Palm Beach County, have created a three-prong, innovative approach to prepare College of Education majors to be well-trained and highly-qualified teachers upon graduation and entry into the teaching profession.

Good FIT (First Introduction to Teaching) increases the number of education majors by providing freshman, sophomores and others, interested in teaching, the opportunity to provide instructional support with model classroom teachers. This will increase the number and quality of students entering and remaining in the field of education and teacher preparation. Undergraduate students will be receiving extensive classroom experience and intensive multi-year support with retired educators and mentors, as well as a minimal stipend. The students in the school classrooms will be provided with additional support from qualified and caring undergraduates to directly support mutual learning in concert with the classroom teachers.

The Substituting with Mentors and Realistic Teaching (SMaRT) program provides classroom experience to college juniors and seniors to work as substitute teachers with mentors. A SMaRT site (elementary, middle or high school), where public school and university personnel work together to facilitate high levels of learning by all children at the school, utilizes Florida Atlantic University students as substitute teachers. These students work under the direction of a FAU mentor. This program will be dedicated to improving the quality of pre-service and in-service training. The School District of Palm Beach County and Florida Atlantic University will combine resources and provide leadership for the development of the SMaRT sites.

The purpose of this relationship is to enable the parties to:

  • Improve the performance of students respective of each institution;
  • Extend mutual research and grant capacity;
  • Apply and model promising teaching practices;
  • Inform and improve school and university instruction; and test innovative means to develop new education professionals.

The Accelerated Induction into Teaching (AIT) Program fills high-need teacher vacancies with selected university seniors who are ready to student teach as the actual classroom teacher, with daily support from a mentor. The District’s Academic Business Plan calls for intensive and targeted recruitment strategies to insure the availability of highly-qualified teachers for high needs schools. The AIT Program is an initiative that provides for the identification and placement of high-quality teacher candidates in high needs schools.

  • AIT candidates will be selected from Florida Atlantic University’s Teacher Training Program;
  • All AIT candidates will have successfully passed the CLAST and the Florida Teacher Training Program;
  • The AIT candidates will be supervised by an experienced Master Mentor hired by FAU and reviewed by the School District. The Master Mentor will provide direct supervision/observation. (see agreement);
  • The AIT Program management model incorporates three levels of supervision: Master Mentor, University Supervision, and Cooperating Teacher; and the AIT Program will reduce the need to employ alternative certification applicants and substitute teachers. 


Consider approval of the Master Affiliation Agreement FIAT Programs between the School District of Palm Beach County and Florida Atlantic University effective FY13.

My Contact

Sandra L. Gero, Chief of Human Resources



Mayra Stafford, Principal on Assignment


Financial Impact

Project Good Fit – no cost to the District


SMaRT – The District shall compensate FAU/FIAT for each SMaRT Associate Teacher per day pursuant to current District substitute pay, with an additional $3.00 per hour for those substitutes in the far west-the Glades/Pahokee area. Total SMaRT Associate Teacher substitute days shall not exceed 75 days per school for the 2012-2013 school year.


AIT – The cost of the AIT Program to the District will be one half of a beginning teacher’s salary including benefits. The District will pay $5,215.00 to each AIT teacher for the semester. The payment to FAU for each AIT teacher per semester will be $19,938.00. The total paid by the District each semester for an AIT teacher is $25,153.00.

Attachment:  FIAT Master Agreement FY2013 Contract.pdf