School Board Meeting 11-20-12
Agenda Item #43

FS-2 Galaxy Elementary School Project Modification



The Galaxy ES Modernization project team, with the Board's support, wanted to pursue goals over and beyond those of a typical elementary school.  These goals included, but were not limited to, LEED platinum certification, a Wonderment Center and a green roof.  A committee was established to raise the funds needed to meet these goals at no additional cost to the Board.  To date, $865,948 has been raised which includes $750,000 received from the Quantum Foundation.  This is sufficient for the Wonderment Center, green roof, and several of the credits needed toward LEED platinum certification.  November 20, 2012 Board items FS-1 and FS-2 are requesting authorization to use the funds raised to date for the design and construction of these items.

The fundraising committee is still pursuing other donations.  It is anticipated that additional funds or in-kind contributions will be secured and this will provide the opportunity to earn additional credits towards obtaining LEED platinum certification. 


This Project Modification contains the following items:

Item 1

  • Change Order Proposal Request (COPR) #4 in the amount of $124,000.
  • Description:  Furnish and install a 20kw PV system at the covered PE pavilion.  The PV panels will be installed on the pavilion cover.
  • Cause:  School District Requested
  • Justification:  The photovoltaic system is required to achieve energy credits needed for LEED platinum certification.  LEED Platinum is the highest level of certification.  The Board approved a policy that all new schools/buildings are to be LEED Silver or higher.  The Galaxy project team and fundraising committee have established a goal of LEED Platinum.

Item 2

  • COPR #5 in the amount of $53,680.
  • Description:  Furnish and install cabinets and casework fabricated with FSC certified plywood.
  • Cause:  School District Requested
  • Justification:  Use of at least 50% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood on the project is required to achieve a Materials & Resources credit needed for LEED Platinum certification.   FSC certified wood has been sustainably harvested. 

Item 3

  • COPR #6 in the not to exceed amount of $624,578.00.
  • Description:  Add the following Allowances to the CM@Risk Agreement.
    1. Green Roof ($334,965)
    2. Purchase and install Wonderment Center exhibits, art rail system, flat panel televisions, signs and lettering, and benches ($289,613)
  • Cause:  School District Requested
  • Justification: The Wonderment Center and green (vegetative) roof will be used as teaching tools and are part of an overall plan for the new Galaxy Elementary School to have an Energy, Engineering and Environment curriculum that will emphasis math and science.  A few of the goals of this curriculum are to bring back in-boundary students attending other schools, attract out-of-boundary students and improve the academic performance of all students at the school.


I recommend the School Board approve Project Modifications in the not-to-exceed amount of $802,258 to the James B. Pirtle Construction Company, Inc. d/b/a Pirtle Construction Company for the Galaxy Elementary School Modernization Project #0821-7510, and authorize the Chairman and Superintendent to finalize and execute all related contract documents.

My Contact
Joseph M. Sanches (joseph.sanches@palmbeachschools.org)

Financial Impact

The financial impact is an increase to the James B. Pirtle Construction Company, Inc. (CM@Risk) Agreement by an amount not-to-exceed $802,258.

The financial impact to the project budget would be an increase of $802,258.  The source of funds is donations to the Education Foundation for the Galaxy ES Modernization project.

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