School Board Meeting 11-20-12
Agenda Item #56

PSE1 - Barbara Cox Gerlock Professional Services Agreement


PSE 1 Consultant will provide the following services, funded entirely out of the Title 1 Part A Neglected and Delinquent Grant Funds:

To identify best practices and provide consultation and community representation regarding the process for the collaboration required in the Interagency Agreement for neglected children in DCF care and crossover children, children in both Department of Children and Families (DCF) and Department of Juvenile Justice care. 

Provide activities to ensure that this population graduates from high school with the educational foundation necessary to succeed in their chosen post-secondary educational pursuits and support the community with the new Interagency Agreement for children in DCF care.  


I recommend award of the Professional Services Agreement with Barbara Cox Gerlock for $25,000 effective November 21, 2012 through June 30, 2013 and authorize the Superintendent and Board Chairman to sign all needed documents.

My Contact

Janis Andrews, janis.andrews@palmbeachschools.org

Dr. Joseph Lee, Assistant Superintendent
Ellen Van Arsdale, Director, Student Intervention Services

Michael Burke, mike.burke@palmbeachschools.org

Financial Impact

Authorized Amount this Request:  $25,000.00

Previously Authorized Amount Year-to-Date:  $0.00

Total Authorized Amount if this Request Approved:  $25,000.00

Fund Source: Special Revenue Funds/Consultant Service

Attachment:  Barbara Cox Gerlock Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment:  Barbara Cox Gerlock Contract.pdf
Attachment:  Barbara Cox Gerlock Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment:  Barbara Cox Gerlock Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment:  Barbara Cox Gerlock Data Panel.pdf