School Board Meeting 11-20-12
Agenda Item #40

PD1 - Personnel Agenda

Personnel Agenda for November 20, 2012


I recommend the School Board approve the Personnel Agenda as submitted.

My Contact

E. Wayne Gent (ewayne.gent@palmbeachschools.org)

Janis Andrews  (janis.andrews@palmbeachschools.org)

Sandra Gero     (sandra.gero@palmbeachschools.org)

Mark Mitchell    (mark.mitchell@palmbeachschools.org)


Financial Impact

The financial impact to the School District is absorbed within school, department and grant budgets. Changes in employment status occur on a continual basis with little or no budgetary impact since terminations/leaves result in budgeted positions being vacant and appointments/promotions result in budgeted positions being filled. However, the net financial impact for the attached list of 4719 transactions is $5,453,905.00. Detailed information is on file in the Public Affairs Office and in the Department of Compensation and Employee Information Services.

Attachment:  November 20 Agenda.pdf
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