School Board Meeting 04-17-13 at 5pm
Agenda Item #61

IN2 Workers' Compensation Settlement No. AC 126082


The settlement of this Workers' Compensation claim No. 126082 was recommended by the District's counsel and claim adjusters, and has been approved by the General Counsel, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Risk and Benefits Management as required by District Policy No. 6.09.

Occupation:  Groundskeeper

Accident:  Injured neck and back lifting boxes in 1990

Injury:  Back injury resulting in surgery in 2005

Impairment:  10%

Medicals/wage loss expenses paid to date:  $363,519 paid to date

Future exposure at 4% present value:  $412,191

Excess attachment point:  $250,000

This is a settlement resulting from future exposure of medicals and treatment.  The excess carrier has agreed to reimburse the District 100%.  The individual resigned from the District in 1990, but has on-going problems with his back, despite surgery.

I recommend that the School Board approve this workers' compensation claim in the amount of $254,426.20 as full settlement of the claim, as well as authorize the execution of all related documents.

My Contact

Michael J. Burke, Chief Operating Officer (mike.burke@palmbeachschools.org)

Dianne L. Howard, Director, Risk and Benefits Management (dianne.howard@palmbeachschools.org)


Financial Impact

The financial impact to the District for this settlement is $254,426.20, of which 100% reimbursement will be provided by the excess carrier within 30 days.  The initial funding source is the General Fund operating budget.