School Board Meeting 04-17-13 at 5pm
Agenda Item #44

PR6 Safe Routes to School Joint Participation Agreement Amendment


In 2010, the District applied for a non-infrastructure grant and was successful in receiving $129,200.00 to implement the Safe Routes to School program at 9 elementary and 3 middle schools.  (Please see attached map).

On October 13, 2010, the School Board adopted a resolution accepting the grant.

The School District entered into a Joint Participation Agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to implement the grant.

The purpose of this amendment is to shift around funds that are still available and from which students could further benefit.

The amendments included will be done without increasing the total amount of the grant. Due to assistance from Palm Beach County Engineering, the District did not need to spend as much on Engineering consultants, therefore this money is being used for other items listed.

The changes include the following:

  • The project budget includes having a physical fitness expert to educate the students and parents on ways to keep fit and on the benefits of exercising and eating healthy. The amendment allows extension of this program and the purchase of exercise bands and jump ropes to use for teaching the class, which were not originally included in the grant.
  • A safety skill teacher will also be employed to educate students on ways to stay safe as students go to and from school.  
  • The role of the Safety Coordinator consultant has expanded as she continues to implement the Safe Routes to School program at the schools -- working with the teachers and students, evaluating the routes, implementing the walking school bus and addressing other safety issues as students walk or bicycle to school.  This grant amendment increases the amount allotted for the Safety Coordinator  due to workload and the time extension. 
  • In the past, the District received free helmets for the students  from FDOT in order to teach the safe bicycle program.  FDOT no longer has the helmets, therefore, the District will purchase them from funds included in this grant. 

The grant was due to expire in January 2013, and it was administratively extended by FDOT until May 17, 2013. This amendment further extends the grant until June 6, 2013, the end of the school year.

There is a companion item on this agenda related to the Safety Coordinator funding.


I recommend the School Board approve the State of Florida Department of Transportation and the School Board of Palm Beach County, Florida,  Public Transportation Joint Participation Agreement Amendment Number One and authorize the Chair and Superintendent to sign all necessary documents.

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Financial Impact
This is completely FDOT grant-funded.  There is no impact to the School District's budget.

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