School Board Meeting 04-17-13 at 5pm
Agenda Item #49

CP-3 Renewal of Roofing Contractor Services for Disaster Recovery Assistance


Approval of the first of two one-year renewal periods for Roofing Contractor Services for Disaster Recovery Assistance.  This renewal period will be from June 3, 2013 through June 2, 2014. Roofing Services for Disaster Recovery Assistance are required to perform re-roofing, waterproofing and roofing repair for School District of Palm Beach County facilities following the occurrence of a disaster.

Within the first 70 hours following an event, assignments will be based on the availability of contractors able to mobilize and respond, the Work required and the ability of the contractors to provide the services required to complete the Work. It is the intent of the District, to the extent possible as allowed by conditions at the time, to allocate this portion of the Work as evenly as possible among all contractors however, the primary responsibility of District personnel is to insure all facilities are secure and watertight to mitigate damages due to water intrusion. Once all of the affected facilities are made to be watertight, Work for permanent repairs will be awarded on a per project basis using a competitive process among all contracted firms. All quotes must provide costs for labor, materials, installation and equipment necessary to deliver a 100% completed Project. The quote shall not include additional charges for consultation or design on any particular Project.  Work will be assigned to the awarded Contractor that submits the lowest quote within the time specified by the District.  Exceptions to the requirement for receiving quotes will be made when the estimated cost of repair is estimated to be $10,000 or less.

Construction shall incorporate all of the requirements set forth in the Board approved Educational Specifications, Florida Building Code, Florida Accessibility Codes, District Master Specifications, Design Criteria and all other applicable specifications.

There was an evaluation preference for Certified African American M/WBE firms. There is no Certified M/WBE Sub-Contractor Participation requirement established for this contract; however certified M/WBE Sub-Contractor participation is strongly encouraged.  

(1) Advanced Roofing, Inc.
(2) Hi Tech Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.
(3) Triple M Roofing Corp.
(4) Tecta America South Florida, Inc.
(5) Trans Coastal Construction

The following Contractors did not respond to our invitation:
Built Right Construction Inc., and National Roofing of South Florida, Inc.

I recommend the School Board approve the First Amendment with Advanced Roofing, Inc., Hi Tech Roofing and Sheet Metal, Tecta America South Florida, Inc., Trans Coastal Construction, and Triple M Roofing Corp., for Roofing Contractor Services for Disaster Recovery Assistance and authorize the Superintendent and Board Chairman to finalize and sign all required documents.

My Contact
Michael J. Burke (mike.burke@palmbeachschools.org)
Kristin Garrison (kristin.garrison@palmbeachschools.org

Financial Impact

This contract will be used in the case of a disaster which necessitates services beyond the capacity of District staff.  Financial impact will be based upon the situation and expenditures in excess of $1,000,000 will be ratified by the School Board as needed.

Attachment:  Beneficial Interest-Hi Tech.pdf
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Attachment:  Beneficial Interest-Advanced Roofing.pdf
Attachment:  Beneficial Interest-Trans Coastal.pdf
Attachment:  Executed Agreement for Roofing Disaster -Tecta America South Florida, Inc..pdf
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Attachment:  Executed Agreement for Roofing Disaster Triple M Roofing.pdf
Attachment:  Executed Agreement for Roofing Disaster-Advanced Roofing Contractor.pdf
Attachment:  Executed Agreement for Roofing Disaster--Hi Tech.pdf
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