School Board Meeting 04-17-13 at 5pm
Agenda Item #50

CP-4 Debris Monitoring Services for Disaster Recovery Assistance


Approval of the first of two one-year renewal periods for Debris Monitoring Services for Disaster Recovery Assistance.  This renewal period will be from June 3, 2013 through June 2, 2014. Debris Monitoring Services for Disaster Recovery Assistance are required to provide management services and technical assistance in regard to the monitoring of disaster debris collection on an as-needed basis.

The work involves pre-event and post event services, which may include, but is not limited to:


• Provide assistance in the preparation for a disaster through participation in meetings, workshops, training sessions and the refinement of Debris Management Plans including data management and related systems.
• Provide debris estimation models or aids.
• Review temporary debris management sites (TDMS).

Post Event

• Assist with damage assessments or debris estimations.
• Monitor multiple truck pickups, issue load tickets, record load site information,  delineate FEMA designations, and document contractor actions in cases of damaged property or other field oversight functions.
• Provide other field services related to dangerous trees (hangers and leaners) and stumps.

The response of the selected monitoring Proposer(s) to the disaster recovery process must be immediate, rapid, and efficient with acceptable cost controls, accountability procedures, written reports and submittals to assure that the District shall have the means to be reimbursed for all eligible disaster recovery costs from appropriate Federal, State and private agencies.  Response will typically be activated only in the event of an emergency and in accordance with the awarded contract.  Response activation will be through issuance of a Purchase Order.

There was an evaluation preference for Certified African American, Hispanic American, Native American, or American Woman M/WBE firms. The Certified M/WBE Sub-Contractor Participation goal established for this contract is 15% of the total of services utilized.

(1) Atkins North America, Inc. f/k/a Post, Buckley, Schuh & Jernigan, Inc. (Primary)

Science Applications Internation Corporation f/k/a Beck Disaster Recovery, Inc. has chosen not to renew their contract as secondary vendor for this service due to their merger with another corporation.  Therefore, their contract will expire on June 2, 2013.

I recommend the School Board approve the Agreement with Atkins North America, Inc. f/k/a Post, Buckley, Schuh & Jernigan, Inc. for Debris Monitoring Services for Disaster Recovery Assistance and authorize the Superintendent and Board Chairman to finalize and sign all required documents.

My Contact
Michael J. Burke (mike.burke@palmbeachschools.org)
Kristin Garrison (kristin.garrison@palmbeachschools.org

Financial Impact
This contract will be used in the case of a disaster which necessitates services beyond the capacity of District staff.  Financial impact will be based upon the situation and expenditures in excess of $1,000,000 will be ratified by the School Board as needed.  

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