School Board Meeting 04-17-13 at 5pm
Agenda Item #69

PSE 4 - Randee Gabriel - Professional Services Agreement Amendment


PSE 4 Changes to the Agreement are as follows:

This amendment will enable the district to continue providing PAL services to students with disabilities. 

The original contract was approved in the amount of $9,990 with an effective date of July 1, 2012 through June 30 , 2013.  Due to an increase in needs across the district, it is necessary to amend this contract at this time increasing it by $6,960 which will provide an additional 464 hours of time in support of parents of students with disabilities.  Parents As Liaisons (PALS) are parents of students with disabilities who are enrolled in the School District of Palm Beach County. The PALS have received special training in IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), State Law, Individual Education Plans/504 Plans, Mediation, Classroom Strategies/Inclusion, Advocacy, Disability and Network Information.  As parents of children with special needs, the PALS are uniquely able to assist parents and educators in a variety of ways.  PALS encourage home-school relationships by facilitating positive pro-active communication between families and educators.  Parents as Liaisons are available to help teachers, administrators and all support staff build more effective relationships with families.

The PALS mission is to promote the positive educational experience of exceptional students by providing families with information and guidance on how to access educational and community services, emphasizing and strengthening family roles and responsibilities in the education process, providing parents and school staff with up-to-date resources and support.  They ensure that families have access to exceptional student training and information, provide information to families and professionals about local resources and family support groups, and promote partnerships between schools and parents to support student achievement.  Parent Services are a required part of the  Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System (FDLRS) grant and the PALS are one method the department uses to provide information, training, and support to families in order to promote effective parent participation in the educations of children who are exceptional and/or have special needs.


I recommend that the Board approve Amendment One to the Professional Services Agreement with Randee Gabriel for an additional $6,960 through June 30, 2013, and authorize the Superintendent and Board Chairman to finalize and sign all necessary documents.

My Contact

Janis Andrews, Ed.D. (janis.andrews@palmbeachschools.org)
Keith Oswald
Mike Burke


Financial Impact

Authorized Amount this Request:  $6,960

Previously Authorized Amount Year-to-Date:  $9,990

Total Authorized Amount if this Request Approved:  $16,950

Fund Source: FDLRS Grant Funds

Attachment:  Randee Gabriel Legal Checklist.pdf
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