School Board Meeting 04-17-13 at 5pm
Agenda Item #34

T1 Parent-Guardian Transportation Reimbursement


Listed below is a request for reimbursement for individual transportation in lieu of school bus transportation for a parent/guardian.

  • The student is an Exceptional Needs Student who was recommended for parent transport by the Individual Education Plan (IEP) team.  The IEP plan will be evaluated annually.
  • Funds allocated or approved for the payment of student transportation may be used to pay for transportation of students to and from school in private passenger cars when the transportation is for isolated students with disabilities as defined by rule (F.S. 1011.68(c)).
  • Payment of 44.5 cents per mile for all claims shall be allowed in lieu of school bus transportation upon recommendation of appropriate Principal and authorization of the School Board.
  • The round trip mileage per day is 52.4 miles.
Principal/School Parent Dates(s) Cost per Day Projected Reimbursement
Kathleen DePuma DW    2/11/13 - 6/6/13    $23.42         $1,655.58
Orchard View Elementary

Note:  Private Transport for this student would cost $230.80 per day.


I recommend the School Board authorize reimbursement for contracted individual transportation to eligible parents as specified.

My Contact
Dale Fambrough (dale.fambrough@palmbeachschools.org)

Financial Impact
The financial impact to the General Fund budget is $1,655.58.