School Board Meeting 04-17-13 at 5pm
Agenda Item #29

G1 - The Encore Project of the Palm Beaches - TeamWork USA Education Foundation


This grant in the amount of $69,000 is awarded to bring instrumental music instruction to students attending the following schools, utilizing the El Sistema orchestra for young musicians as the model for the program. 

  • North Palm Beach Elementary

  • Egret Lake Elementary

  • Grove Park Elementary

  • U.B. Kinsey Elementary

These four schools are working together to provide instrumental music instruction to their students using the model of El Sistema.  This world-wide model with the orchestra at its heart, creates a music anchor for young musicians.  The schools' administration, music faculty, and the regular academic faculty embrace the many social benefits of an orchestral program. This grant will provide the participating schools with equal access to a full-time Sistema Fellow, part-time teaching artists, and a continuum of sectionals for specific string and woodwind instruments.

The schools will provide matching funds in the amount of $56,000, which will come from their school based budgets, other grants, and donations, for a total value of $125,000.

North Palm Beach Elementary, Egret Lake Elementary and Grove Park Elementary will receive woodwind and string instruments via an in-kind re-allocation of refurbished instruments from the Department of K-12 Arts Education; UB Kinsey Elementary currently has a full compliment of instruments and is not in need of additional instruments at this time.

I recommend the Board approve The Encore Project of the Palm Beaches grant in the amount of $69,000 from the TeamWork USA Education Foundation.

My Contact
Dr. Janis Andrews, Ed.D. (janis.andrews@palmbeachschools.org)
Dr. Camille Coleman, Ed.D.      
Dr. Ian Saltzman, Ed.D.    

Financial Impact

The schools will provide matching funds in the amount of $56,000. coming from the school based budgets, other grants, and donations for a total value of $125,000.

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