School Board Meeting 02-20-13 at 5 pm
February 20, 2013

Public Opening
1. Time 5:00 p.m.
2. Attendance


District 1 Mike Murgio – Present

District 2 Chuck Shaw – Present  

District 3 Karen Brill - Present

District 4 Jennifer Prior Brown - Present

District 5 Frank Barbieri - Present

District 6 Marcia Andrews - Present

District 7 Debra Robinson – Present

Also present were Superintendent E. Wayne Gent; Chief Academic Officer Janis Andrews; Inspector General Lung Chiu; Student Government; and General Counsel Sheryl Wood.

Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance
3. Chairman Shaw

Minutes: Chairman Shaw opened the meeting.
4. Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem


Chairman Shaw introduced The Voices of Unity from Palm Beach Lakes Community High School who led in the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem.  Following they sang the Black National Anthem, Lift Every Voice and Sing. The chorus is under the direction of Leonora Wilkinson.

Review of Minutes (if any)
5. Approval of Minutes - None

Chairman Adds Items for Good Cause (if any)
6. Items Added for Good Cause - None

Superintendent Withdraws Items (if any)
7. Withdrawn Items

Minutes: The following items were withdrawn from the agenda:  Approval of Minutes, Audit Committee Report, PD2 SDPBC Evaluation Systems for Instructional Employees, PD3 Approval of the Florida School Leader Assessment, LR1 Policy 6.14 Purchasing Department Adoption 4A (this item will be brought back to the next Workshop in March).

Board Pulls Items from Consent Agenda (if any)
8. Pulled Items


The following items were pulled from the agenda:  FS1 West Tech Office Project Modification, FS4 Banyan Creek ES Project Modification, P1 Maintenance and Service of SimplexGrinnell Fire Alarm Systems.

Board Review and Approval of the Agenda
9. Agenda Approval

Motion to approve the agenda with items pulled.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Michael Murgio
Second: Frank Barbieri
Marcia Andrews- Aye
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Karen Brill- Aye
Jennifer Brown (Board)- Aye
Michael Murgio- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye
Chuck Shaw- Aye

Disclosures and Abstentions (if any)
10. Disclosures and Abstentions - None

Board Comments (3 minutes per member)
11. Board Comments

Minutes: Mr. Murgio visited Atlantic HS to discuss the IBCC Program which promotes Career and College Ready, congratulated them on this program and the most updated technology.  Ms. Brill commented on Park Vista HS and their congestion and asked Superintendent to poll Board Members regarding the Sunset Palms overcrowding and surrounding schools.  Impressed with the Technology being used presented at the Technology Conference and would like this concept considered for discussion as for parent access to it.  Handed out metals at the Read and Run Marathon and is wearing one of their medals and thanked Eric Stern for event.  Thanked Joe Sanches for everything done for the District and wished him best of success.  Ms. Brown would like to see these upcoming Board Discussion Meetings, previously requested by Mr. Murgio, conducted soon giving Board opportunity to discuss priorities.  FCAT is almost here and asked grown ups to be mindful and considerate of all involved in the process.  Frank Barbieri visited several classroom and thanks all involved in the FCAT preparation for their diligence and excellent work.  Marcia Andrews encouraged support team from all departments such as Transportation, Facilities, etc.  Visited Annual Techonology Conference and was impressed about TEN Network covering conference happenings.  Seeing exitement in teachers relating to technology was fabulous.   Zetas and Deltas Sororities were thanked for all their services and leadership which make a difference to Community.  Dr. Robinson congratulated Zeta Woman of the Year and welcomed the Sororities.  Black History Months' facts of contributions of African and African Americans.  Accountability System is the importance of test not the actual test.  In February would like to discuss Racism and asked Legal Department to review how Board can be trained in Racism without discussing any upcoming voting items that would violate Sunshine Law.  Would like discussion of Institutional and Multigenerational Racism and their impact on Education.  Chairman Shaw congratulated personally Margarita Pinkos since he hired her into the District and has done an amazing job since.  Attended Chief of Police Violence Forum and feels important to consider that we deal with children in most of these issue.

12. PA1-Black History Month
Attachment: National African American History Month-Feb. 2013.pdf
Minutes: Vickie Middlebrooks recognized some of the winners from 28th Annual Dr. Marthin Luther King Jr. Coordinating Committee Contest.  From Glades Central introduced Mary Evans and Dwan Ross who introduced two of the students Rosenwald ES and Crossroads Academy and their presentation.  Mayor Wilson from City of Belle Glades congratulated Marcia Andrews and Zetas for everything done in Glades, gave certificate to Mary Evans in appreciation.  Zeta Members from the Glades Area also congratulated Marcia Andrews.

I recommend the School Board of Palm Beach County proclaims the month of February 2013 as National African American History Month and encourage district employees to observe this month with appropriate ceremonies, activities and programs that raise awareness and appreciation of African American history. - PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Frank Barbieri
Second: Debra Robinson
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Karen Brill- Aye
Jennifer Brown (Board)- Aye
Michael Murgio- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye
Chuck Shaw- Aye
Marcia Andrews- Aye

Motion Minutes: 
13. PA2-Kimberly Johnson, National Board Certified Teacher

Minutes: Lisa Helfrich introduced and congratulated Kimberly Johnson from Lantana ES who recently earned the Prestigious National Board Certification.  Also congratulated her Principal Elaine Persek.
14. PA3-100th Anniversary Delta Sigma Theta

Minutes: Vickie Middlebrooks introduced the members from Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.  Recognized the Presidents of the Chapters, Glades Alumni, South Palm Beach County, and West Palm Beach Alumni.
15. PA4-Barnes & Noble Holiday Book Drive

Minutes: Vickie Middlebrooks thanked members of Barnes & Noble conducted the Annual Holiday Bookdrive where lots of books were donated to our students. 
16. PA5-United Negro College Fund


Vickie Middlebrooks announced that School District is collaborating with Unitec Negro College Fund (UNCF) to provide seniors with a Scholarship and provision of financial assistance to low income students of any race, background to qualify for funds.  For donations, there is a banner in the School District Website.

17. PA6-Margarita Pinkos


Vicke Middlebrooks informed that Multicultural Director Dr. Margarita Pinkos has been inducted into Spain's Royal Order and she is traveling therefore will be recognized at the 3/13/13 Board Meeting.

18. PA7-Board Member Marcia Andrews-Zeta Woman of the Year

Minutes: Vickie Middlebrooks informed that Delta Absalon Zeta Chapter has chosen Marcia Andrews as the Zeta Woman of the Year and she will be honored in a ceremony this Sunday.  Mr. Gent thanked both Sororities and presented Marcia Andrews with flowers on behalf of all her Board Colleagues and congratulated her.

Student Government Report
19. Student Government Report - None

Delegations/Individual Appearances
20. Speakers - Elected Officials and Delegates

Minutes: The following delegates spoke:  Rita Josephson, Barbara Salamon, Soraya Hamze, Dr. Joaquin Garcia.

Committee Reports
21. Audit Committee Report
22. CORC Committee Report

Minutes: Mr. Lou Doctor from the CORC Committee presented report from their February meeting.  FS1, FS2, and FS3 were recommended to go forward without exceptions.  On FS4 (Banyan Creek), one of the members would not vote on it due to not receiving all the information needed.  Mr. Barbieri apologized for not making it to the February Meeting.  Does not understand why District has to pay for ommission errors by Architect or Contractor.  Chairman Shaw asked for Staff to respond when item comes up.  Dr. Robinson asked for CORC to list lessons learned to be passed on to the new person in Support Operations.  Ms. Brill asked for representation from CORC in the interview committee.
23. Academic Advisory Committee Report

Minutes: Laura Feldmand, Chair of Advisory Committee shared their report.  During February Meeting, Carlos Diaz (Professor of Education at FAU) was elected as Vice Chair.  Also heard presentation from Frank Rodriguez and Mark Howard regarding accountability measures for 2013 and found some schools at risk with their reading proficiency levels, Staff will provide assistance to these.  Discussion were presented regarding the end of course exams.  Learned that FDOE allows Districts to decide if both Math Course and Exams are to be taken.  ELL Students, requirement to take exams after a year in the States were discussed and request was made for presentations be made in other languages needed.  In March they will discuss Disparity Of Education Study and Follow Up on new report card system implemented this year.
24. Superintendent Report

Minutes: Superintendent Gent asked Mr. Montgomery and Dr. Shoemaker to introduce their new Principals.  Mr. Montgomery introduced Ms. Jill Robinson, Principal at Indian Pines ES.  Dr. Shomaker instroduced Amy Doujon, Principal at Acreage Pines ES.  Ms. Andrews congratulated Acreage Pines ES.  Superintendent Gent thanked all staff involved in preparation for the Technology Conference including Santaluces HS and Principal Kathy Weigel for hosting this event.

Agenda Item Speakers
25. Speakers - Agenda Items


Agenda Item Speakers for PD1 Personnel Agenda (Jan Porter).

Curriculum/Learning Support

26. AC 1 - Amendment No. 1 to the Interlocal Agreement Between the School Board of Palm Beach County, Florida, and the City of Delray Beach Concerning Student Information
Attachment: 01 Amendment No 1.pdf
Attachment: 02 Interlocal Agreement.pdf
Attachment: 03 Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: 04 Checklist.pdf
27. AC 2 - Early Head Start Contracted Services Agreement
Attachment: Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: FINAL Early Head Start Contracted Services Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Legal Contract Review Checklist.pdf

28. CLS 1 - A. W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts Singers Competition Trip to Wales
Attachment: Dreyfoos Itinerary Wales.pdf
Attachment: Dreyfoos Wales.pdf
Attachment: Dreyfoos Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: CLS 1 - A. W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts Singers Competition Trip to Wales Q&A.pdf
29. CLS 2 - Wellington High School Trip to Puerto Rico
Attachment: Q&A.CLS2.1.pdf
Attachment: Wellington High-Puerto Rico Field Trip Request and Itinerary.pdf
Attachment: Wellington High-FCAT Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Q&A.CLS2.pdf

30. PD 1 - Personnel Agenda
Attachment: February 20 Agenda.pdf
Attachment: Feb20AgendaSeparationCounts.pdf
31. PD 2 - SDPBC Evaluation Systems for Instructional Employee
Attachment: SDPBC_Instructional_Eval_State_Plan_FY13_Rev.1-8-13.pdf
32. PD 3 - Approval of the Florida School Leader Assessment
Attachment: FSLA District Eval Plan 2012 Ammended February 6, 2013 Without Markups.pdf
Attachment: Principal Evaluation System Approval Letter for Palm Beach, July 10, 2012.pdf
33. PD4 - Personnel Addendum
Attachment: February 20 Personnel Addendum.pdf
Attachment: Resume Feb 20 Addendum.pdf
Attachment: Agenda Item PD4 - Personnel Addendum - Board Member Q&A.pdf

34. T1 Parent-Guardian Transportation Reimbursement
Attachment: Contracted Transp Attchmnt 02-20-13.pdf
Attachment: Q&A.T1.pdf
Attachment: Q&A.T1.1.pdf
Inspector General

35. IG1 Inspector General Evaluation Instrument
Attachment: Inspector General Evaluation Instrument.pdf
Facilities Services

36. FS-2 Belle Glade Elementary School Project Modification
Attachment: Belle Glade ES Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Belle Glade ES Facility Space Summary.pdf
Attachment: Belle Glade ES Budget History.pdf
Attachment: Belle Glade ES Site Plan.pdf
Attachment: Belle Glade ES CSA Table.pdf
Attachment: FS-2 Change Order Legal Checklist.pdf
37. FS-3 Galaxy Elementary School Project Modification
Attachment: Galaxy ES Site Plan.pdf
Attachment: Galaxy ES Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Galaxy ES CSA Table.pdf
Attachment: Galaxy ES Facility Space Summary.pdf
Attachment: Galaxy ES Backup Letter.pdf

38. P2 The KEV Group, Inc. - School Cash Suite
Attachment: KEV Group, Inc. Schedule E Fees.pdf
Attachment: KEV Group, Inc. Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Kev Legal Checklist 2013-2.pdf

39. CP-1 Prequalified Vendors
Attachment: New Prequalified Vendors 1-16-2013.pdf
Attachment: Current Prequalified Vendors-January 16 2013.pdf

40. B1 Budget Amendments - December 2012
Attachment: December 2012 Amendments.pdf
Financial Management

41. FM1: Signatories for School Internal Bank Account
Attachment: February 20, 2013.pdf
42. FM2 - Monthly Purchasing Report - December 2012
Attachment: Monthly Purchasing Report 12.1.12 - 12.31.12.pdf
43. FM3 - December 2012 Interim Financial Statements
Attachment: FS - FINAL12-31-12.pdf

44. IN1 Worker's Compensation Settlement NO. BI 140838
45. IN2 General Liability Settlement BS NO. 2001053

46. LR2 Negotiated Settlement Agreement Extension with Legal Aid
Attachment: LR 2 Legal Aid Agreement.pdf
47. LR3 Settlement Agreement - Moreno

Approval of Consent Agenda
48. Consent Agenda Approval


Motion to approve consent agenda.

Vote Results
Motion: Karen Brill
Second: Marcia Andrews
Chuck Shaw- Aye
Marcia Andrews- Aye
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Karen Brill- Aye
Jennifer Brown (Board)- Aye
Michael Murgio- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye

Unfinished Business (if any)
49. None

New Business
Facilities Services

50. FS-1 West Tech Office Project Modification
Attachment: West Tech Budget History.pdf
Attachment: West Tech Site Plan.pdf
Attachment: West Tech Facility Space Summary.pdf
Attachment: FS-1 Change Order Legal Checklist.pdf


I recommend the School Board approve Project Modifications for 355 non-compensable calendar days and a credit in the amount of $104,183.06 to Mills Gilbane for the West Tech Office Project #1591-8381, and authorize the Chairman and Superintendent to finalize and execute all related contract documents.

Vote Results
Motion: Marcia Andrews
Second: Debra Robinson
Marcia Andrews- Aye
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Karen Brill- Aye
Jennifer Brown (Board)- Aye
Michael Murgio- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye
Chuck Shaw- Aye

Motion Minutes: Ms. Andrews thanked Mr. Sanches and expressed how much we will miss him.  Impressed with cost saving for this item.  West Tech is not just office for West Area but is now the new Staff Development Training Center for West Area. Thanked Mr. Gent for vision going on in West Area, even with Broadcast from Glades Area capability shows time saving initiative for them to get the best within reaching distance in their area.  Chairman Shaw said savings were $104,200.00.  Dr. Robinson would like the facilities out in the Glades area which are not being utilized now, to be used for the extension of our Career Programs.
51. FS-4 Banyan Creek Elementary School Project Modifications
Attachment: FS4 Banyan Creek ES Core Expansion Project Construction Claim Summary.pdf
Attachment: Banyan Creek ES Facility Space Summary.pdf
Attachment: FS-4 Change Order Legal Checklist (1).pdf
Attachment: Banyan Creek ES Site Plan.pdf
Attachment: Banyan Creek ES Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Banyan Creek ES CSA Table.pdf
Attachment: Banyan Creek ES Budget History Revised.pdf
Attachment: Q&A.FS4.pdf
Minutes: Ms. Brill inquired on ommissions cited. Jim Kunard (Director of Facilities) will hold architect accountable for all errors/ommissions.  Mr. Barbieri inquired as to why we are paying $200,000.00 increase.  Would like to know the numbers in advance before approving the contract.  Will not vote for it.  Jim Kunard explained that 5 weeks of construction were lost during the summer and completion dates were not changed.  There were also findings of very necessary systems which were not accounted for at the beginning and must be completed making Contractor stay longer in the project.  These are two different issues and we cannot hold the Contractor responsible for the Designer.  Mr. Murgio inquired as to the timing of the roof and is he getting compensation. Jim Kunard explained that contractor is being held responsible.  Ms. Brill suggested pulling items that Contractor is supposed to pay and negotiate it back.  Jim Kunard said the Contractor has to be paid.  Chairman Shaw would like the life saving issues resolved.  Ms. Andrews does not want to slow project down and complimented staff for not having this kind of situation in a long time. Mr. Barbieri requested Staff bring back to the Board  of how much of those $200,000.00 we didn't have to pay and who paid the other ones on Item 3, 4, and 11 and see if School Board can be reimbursed for those expense. Ms. Brown wants to make sure lessons are learned since the errors were not made by School District but by Contractor.


I recommend the School Board approve Project Modifications for 363 compensable calendar days and an increase in the amount of $402,352.00 for Horus Construction for the Banyan Creek Core Project #408000264, and authorize the Chairman and Superintendent to finalize and execute all related contract documents.

Vote Results
Motion: Debra Robinson
Second: Marcia Andrews
Debra Robinson- Aye
Marcia Andrews- Aye
Frank Barbieri- Nay
Karen Brill- Aye
Jennifer Brown (Board)- Aye
Michael Murgio- Aye
Chuck Shaw- Aye


52. P1 Maintenance and Service of SimplexGrinnell Fire Alarm Systems
Attachment: 13SS-3L Sole Source Notification.pdf
Attachment: 13SS-3L Sole Source Tabulation.pdf
Attachment: SimplexGrinnell Maintenance Service Pricing Sheet.pdf
Attachment: 13SS-3L SimplexGrinnell Beneficial Interest.pdf


I recommend approval of the SimplexGrinnell LP Maintenance/Service Pricing Sheet to maintain and service SimplexGrinnell fire alarm systems throughout the District for the period March 1, 2013 through February 28, 2016. 

Vote Results
Motion: Frank Barbieri
Second: Marcia Andrews
Marcia Andrews- Aye
Frank Barbieri- Aye
Karen Brill- Aye
Jennifer Brown (Board)- Aye
Michael Murgio- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye
Chuck Shaw- Aye

Motion Minutes: Ms. Brill pointed out the timing of this contract and would like contracts for renewal from now on to come no less than 30 days and if possible 60 days before they are due to the Board.  Mr. Burke will work on this request.

53. LR1 Policy 6.14 Purchasing Department Adoption 4A
Attachment: 4A.pdf
Attachment: Agenda Item LR1- Policy 6.14 Purchasing Department Adoption 4A - Board Member Q&A.pdf

Non-Agenda Item Speakers (TIME CERTAIN at end of meeting or 7:00pm)
54. Speakers - Non-Agenda Items


We had the following Non-Agenda Speakers:  Gary Mitten, Angela Ciriello, Jan Porter, Justin Katz, Michael Sirbola, Dina Wrathell, Craig Wrathell, Tammy Diaz, Marlo Scott, Hyan Rousseau.


55. Time 7:30 p.m.


Chairman  Shaw acknowledged the passing away of the following employees:  Tracy Milbee, Allison Sanders.  Requested a moment of silence.  Also requested HR Department to send a letter from now on to the families.  There are 3 deliverable items:  1) follow up of LR1 with a Workshop; 2) report back to the Board for FS4 per Mr. Barbieri's request; 3) effort on Staff to work on timeliness of contract at least 30 days out.  Mr. Barbieri informed that Comcast is offering $10 service for families of free & reduced lunch students at ww.internetessentials.com .   Also would like status of IG Hotline.  Mr. Chiu informed that communication will go out informing everyone regarding Hotline.  Need some clarification as to what should come to the Hotline.  Dr. Robinson would like the allegations brought up tonight to be enumerated by IG as if they were called into Hotline and address them.  Mr. Chiu will do so.  Ms. Brill would like Staff to consider giving stability to children in schools.  Mr. Murgio would like to make sure that IG Hotline takes care of the callers and not just transfer them somewhere else.  Mr. Chiu mentioned the plan they have in place to take care of it.  Ms. Andrews would like a timeline sent to the Board as to when this information will be available to the Board.  Also color coding monitoring should be going on as to the status of each school's boundaries.  Dr. Robinson expects that IG Hotline files findings received, even if they are referred elsewhere.  Mr. Chiu received Legal advice that once they refer a finding to another department, they do not have to handle it.  Ms. Woods said that policy would have to be changed if handled that way.  Mr. Barbieri feels that anonimity needs to be considered and policy would have to be changed if the IG will no longer be involved into a call that was referred elsewhere.  Ms. Woods said policy needs to be modified since it does not give him the authority to review/investigate personnel/criminal actions.  Policy will have to be brought back.  Chairman Shaw said that more discussion is necessary since some of the issues are impacted by Labor Union Agreements and Chain of Commands where employees have to go through their Supervisor.   Ms. Brill would like final vote deferred since next meeting is the day of vote and when recommendations are brought back, include moving portables, plan for verification of address before school starts and all other options available to maintain stability of students.