School Board Meeting (Nov 20 2007)
November 20, 2007

Call to Order
1. 5:05 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance
2. Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem were led by: Palm Springs Middle School Chorus Students

Opening Remarks
3. Mr. Graham made opening comments.

Minutes: Welcomed newly appointed Board Member Carrie Hill and viewed a video of her Oath of Office.

Approve Board Minutes
4. None

Board Member Disclosures
5. Disclosure Announcements

Minutes: Carrie Hill disclosed issues with item CP4 and will fill out the appropriate disclosure forms.

6. Kemper Donation To Indian Ridge School
7. Building Department Accreditation
8. Caregiving Youth Project-Boca Raton Middle
9. Blue Ribbon Schools-Dreyfoos and Suncoast
10. Facilities Masters Award

Curriculum/Learning Support

11. CLS 1 2007-2008 School Improvement Plans
Attachment: FCAT SSS Data Panel All Grades Dist November.pdf
Attachment: FCAT NRT Data Panel All Grades November.pdf
12. CLS2 2007-2008 School Advisory Council Membership Report
Attachment: FCAT SSS Data Panel All Grades Dist November.pdf
Attachment: FCAT NRT Data Panel All Grades November.pdf
13. CLS3-Cooperative Agreement Between the School Board of P.B. County, FL and the P.B. Fellowship of Christians and Jews
Attachment: Cooperative Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Legal Review.pdf
Attachment: Copy of BOARD-DATA-ITEM -Oct08 - Level 3.pdf
Charter Schools

14. CS1-Second Amendment to Charter Agreement for Everglades Preparatory Academy Charter School
Attachment: Exhibit A - Amendment EP.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel EP.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit B - Second Amendment EP.pdf
Attachment: Checklist EP.pdf
Attachment: QACS1.doc
15. CS2-Five Year Renewal Charter for Delray Youth Vocational Charter School
Attachment: Attachment to Board Question-Delray Youth.pdf
Attachment: Checklist DY.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit A DY.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel DY.pdf
Attachment: QuesCS2.doc
16. CS3-Termination of Good Schools for All Leadership Academy Charter School
Attachment: Notice of Termination GSA.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel GSA.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit A GSA.pdf
Attachment: Checklist GSA.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit B GSA.pdf

17. AC1-Cooperative Agreement with Threshold, Inc.
Attachment: Cooperative Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Executive Summary.pdf
Attachment: Business Associate Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Contract Review Checklist.pdf
Attachment: QuesAC1.doc
Attachment: QAAC1.doc
18. AC3-Master Affiliation Agreement FIAT Programs
Attachment: FIAT FAU Charts one page.ppt
Attachment: Master Affiliation Agreement FIAT signed.doc
Attachment: AnswerAC3.doc
Attachment: QAAC3.doc

19. T1 Contracted Individual Transportation
Attachment: CIT Attachment.doc

20. PL1 Lease Agreement for Head Start Facility at Aubrun Trace
Program Management

21. Project Modification Chart – FYI Informational Chart ONLY
Attachment: PM Chart.pdf
22. PM1 Rolling Green Elementary Project Modifications
Attachment: Rolling Green ES Facility List.pdf
Attachment: Rolling Green ES CSR Analysis.pdf
Attachment: Rolling Green ES Site Plan.pdf
Attachment: Rolling Green ES Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Rolling Green ES Budget History.pdf
23. PM2 Palm Beach Gardens High Project Modifications
Attachment: Palm Beach Gardens HS CSR Analysis.pdf
Attachment: Palm Beach Gardens HS Facility List.pdf
Attachment: Palm Beach Gardens HS Site Plan.pdf
Attachment: Palm Beach Gardens HS Budget History.pdf
Attachment: Palm Beach Gardens HS Data Panel.pdf
24. PM3 Educational Specification for Elementary School 03-W
Attachment: 03-W Ed Spec Draft A.pdf
Real Estate

25. RE-2 West Tech Ed. Center/Approve First Amendment of the Lease Agreement-PBCC
Attachment: Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Amendment.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit-B.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit-C.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit A-2.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit-A.pdf
Attachment: 2006 Lease Agreement.pdf

26. P2 Approve Amendment number 5 for continued software maintenance with Computer Associates International, Inc.
Attachment: Computer Associates Original Amendments one through four.pdf
Attachment: Computer Associates Amendment five.pdf
Attachment: Computer Associates Original Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Computer Associates Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: QuesP2.doc

27. CP-1 Termination of Architectural Design Services Agreement for Jupiter Farms Area MS 03-NN
Attachment: Executive Summary from Master Plan.pdf
Attachment: ExeAgreeZyscovich.pdf
28. CP-2 Termination of Construction Management at Risk Agreement for Jupiter Farms Area Middle School (03-NN)
Attachment: Executed Agreement Pirtle.pdf
29. CP-3 Termination of Agreement with SFRN, Inc. for Survey Engineering Services on Continuing Contract
Attachment: ExeAgreeSFRN.pdf
30. CP-4 New and Renewal of Prequalifications
Attachment: updated Pre-qualified vendors listing.pdf
Attachment: new vendors.pdf
Attachment: renewal vendors.pdf
31. CP-5 Architectural Design Services Agreement for Seminole Trails Elementary School Classroom Addition
Attachment: agreement-Seminole Trails.pdf
Attachment: Seminole Trails EL Data panel.pdf
Attachment: FYP CapacityUtilizationTable ST.pdf
Attachment: Facility Summary-SEMINOLE TRAILS.pdf
Attachment: PPE PGAL.pdf
Attachment: Checklist CP5.pdf
32. CP-6 Agreement for the Reuse of Architectural Design Services for Transportation Compound (South)
Attachment: agreement-Transportation Compound.pdf
Attachment: Facility Summary Transportation Compound.pdf
Attachment: Checklist CP6.pdf
Attachment: Aerial Bus Compound.pdf
Attachment: QACP2.doc
Attachment: Beneficial Transportation Compound.pdf
Attachment: PPE Robert Currie.pdf
33. CP-7 Agreement for Reuse of Architectural Design for Western Boca Raton Elementary School (05-C)
Attachment: agreement-W.Boca Raton.pdf
Attachment: Survey Elementary School 05C in Boca.pdf
Attachment: Facility Summary W. Boca Raton.pdf
Attachment: Checklist CP7.pdf
Attachment: PPE Song.pdf
Attachment: Beneficial W. Boca Raton.pdf
Attachment: Concept Site Plan W. Boca Raton.pdf
Attachment: QAWestBoca.doc
34. CP-8 Agreement for the Reuse of Architectural Design for Royal Palm Beach Area Elementary (03-W)
Attachment: FYP CapacityUtilizationTable RPB 03W.pdf
Attachment: Checklist CP8.pdf
Attachment: PPE Song.pdf
Attachment: Beneficial RPB 03W.pdf
Attachment: Conceptual Site Plan RPB 03W.pdf
Attachment: agreement RPB 03W.pdf
35. CP-9 Amend the CM Agreement for School Food Service Build-Out
Attachment: SITE - 1ST FLOOR - 2ND FLOOR.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit Z Phase1Complete.pdf
Attachment: Amendment SFS.pdf
Attachment: Agreement Kaufman Lynn.pdf
Attachment: Checklist CP9.pdf
Attachment: Beneficial SFS.pdf
Attachment: PPE Kaufman Lynn.pdf
36. CP-10 Amend the CM Agreement for H.L. Johnson ES Classroom Additions
Attachment: ExeAgreeHLJohnson.pdf
Attachment: HL Johnson Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Site Plan HL Johnson.pdf
Attachment: Facility Summary HL Johnson.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit Z HL Johnson.pdf
Attachment: Checklist CP10.pdf
Attachment: Amendment HL Johnson.pdf
Attachment: FYP CapacityUtilizationTables HL Johnson.pdf
Attachment: Beneficial Suffolk.pdf
37. CP-11 Amend the CM Agreement for Wellington ES Classroom Additions
Attachment: ConcepSiteWellingtonES.pdf
Attachment: ExeAgreement Suffolk.pdf
Attachment: Wellington EL Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Checklist CP11.pdf
Attachment: FYP CapacityUtilizationTable Wellington.pdf
Attachment: Amendment Wellington.pdf
Attachment: PPE Suffolk.pdf
Attachment: Exh Z Ph I Demo Wellington.pdf
Attachment: Beneficial Wellington Suffolk.pdf
38. CP-12 Amend the CM Agreement for Suncoast High Modernization
Attachment: Suncoast HS Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Beneficial Suffolk.pdf
Attachment: FYP CapacityUtilizationTable Suncoast.pdf
Attachment: ExeAgreeFirstAmend.pdf
Attachment: Suncoast Site.pdf
Attachment: EXHIBIT Z Suncoast GMP.pdf
Attachment: Amendment Suncoast.pdf
Attachment: Checklist CP12.pdf
Attachment: Facility Summary Suncoast.pdf
Consultant Contracts

39. CC 1 Consultant Contract for Judith Kurzawski
Attachment: Judith Kurzawski Contract.pdf
Attachment: Judith Kurzawski Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Judith Kurzawski Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Judith Kurzawski Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel AAA FY07.pdf
Attachment: consultant expenses.xls
Attachment: QACC1.doc
40. CC 2 Consultant Contract for Lori Harbaruk
Attachment: Lori Harbaruk Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Lori Harbaruk Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Lori Harbaruk Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Lori Harbaruk Contract.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel AAA FY07.pdf
41. CC 3 Consultant Contract for Bettye Roth
Attachment: Bettye Roth Contract.pdf
Attachment: Bettye Roth Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Bettye Roth Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Bettye Roth Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel AAA FY07.pdf
42. CC 4 Consultant Contract for University of Central Florida
Attachment: University of Central Florida Contract.pdf
Attachment: University of Central Florida Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: University of Central Florida Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: University of Central Florida Legal Checklist.pdf
43. CC 5 Amendment to Consultant Contract for Dr Michael Hock
Attachment: Dr Michael Hock Amendment and Contract.pdf
Attachment: Dr Michael Hock Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Dr Michael Hock Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Dr Michael Hock Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Dr Michael Hock Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: QACC5.doc
Attachment: Fusion Executive Summary.doc
44. CC 6 Amendment to Consultant Contract for American Red Cross
Attachment: American Red Cross Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: American Red Cross Legal Checklists.pdf
Attachment: American Red Cross Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: American Red Cross Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: American Red Cross Amendment and Contract.pdf
45. CC 7 Consultant Contract for Astrid Karnebeek
Attachment: Astrid Karnebeek Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Astrid Karnebeek Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Astrid Karnebeek Contract.pdf
Attachment: Astrid Karnebeek Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Astrid Karnebeek Data Panel.pdf
46. CC 8 Consultant Contract for Revelationary Inc
Attachment: Revelationary Inc Contract.pdf
Attachment: Revelationary Inc Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Revelationary Inc Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Revelationary Inc Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Revelationary Inc Beneficial Interest.pdf
47. CC 9 Consultant Contract for Third Sky Inc
Attachment: Third Sky Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Third Sky Contract.pdf
Attachment: QACC9.doc
Attachment: Third Sky Legal Checklist.pdf

48. B1 Budget Amendments - September 2007
Attachment: September 2007 Amendments.pdf
Financial Management

49. FM1 Signatories For School Internal Bank Account
Attachment: November 20, 2007.xls

50. IN1 Workers Compensation WR127576

Naming of Schools
52. None

Student Government Report
53. Student Representative:

Minutes: Dawn Friedman of Jupiter High School discussed the events of the last Student Government Meeting as follows:  Two of three Resolutions brought before the Committee passed and she will get copies of the Resolution to Secretary; next Committee meeting is next week and invited the Superintendent and all School Board Members.

Delegations\Individual Appearances
54. Elected Officials: None
55. Delegations: Theo Harris
56. Agenda Speakers: Gary Mitten; Dana Mendelson

Approval of Consent Agenda
57. Consent Agenda

I recommend the Board approve the Consent Agenda as submitted.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Paulette Burdick
Second: Mark Hansen
Monroe Benaim- Not Present
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Mark Hansen- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye

Commitee Reports
58. Audit Committee Report: None
59. Construction Oversight and Review Committee Report:

Minutes: Lou Doctor reviewed the following from the last committee meeting:  Currently CORC has a membership of 12 members with two openings; reviewed in detail issues discussed with the items on the 11/20/07 Board Meeting; sub-committee was formed to review the existing CORC policy and make appropriate recommendations; Lou Doctor announced resigning as Chairman of the CORC committee.
60. Finance Committee Report: None
61. Superintendent's Report:

Minutes: Dr. Johnson reviewed the following issues:  student achievement; safety; scarce resources; governance; wished everyone Happy Thanksgiving; and introduced new Principal James Campbell.

Unfinished Business
62. None

Policy Review
63. None

Legal Review
64. None

65. None

New Business

66. AC2-Kaplan Contract
Attachment: Kaplan Contract Final.pdf
Attachment: Contract Review Checklist Kaplan.doc
Attachment: Kaplan Professional Services Agreement.doc
Attachment: kaplandata panel (4).pdf
Attachment: Kaplan Palm Beach FCAT Readiness Curriculum Description (2).pdf
Attachment: QuesAC2.doc
Attachment: Kaplan Palm Beach FCAT Readiness Curriculum Description.pdf

I recommend that the School Board approve the contract with Kaplan in the amount of $370,400, effective November 21, 2007 to June 30, 2008, and authorize the Superintendent or designee to sign all documents and contract related to the grant which are required implementation of the grant activities. - PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Sandra Richmond
Second: Debra Robinson
Monroe Benaim- Not Present
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Mark Hansen- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye


67. PD1-Personnel Agenda
Attachment: NovtwentyAgenda.pdf
Attachment: QuesPD1.doc
Attachment: NovtwentiethAddendum.pdf

I recommend the School Board approve the personnel agenda as submitted.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Mark Hansen
Second: Paulette Burdick
Monroe Benaim- Not Present
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Mark Hansen- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye

68. PD2 Out-of-Field Teachers' Survey 2 (First Semester)
Attachment: AnswerPD2.doc
Attachment: Brd Rprt Srvey 2 fnal FY 07-08.xls
Attachment: QuesAnswPD2.doc
Attachment: Survey 2 OOF comparison for Brd 11-16-07.doc

I recommend the School Board approve the attached list of teachers as out-of-field for the FY08 school year to serve one or more classes out of their fields of certification. This complies with the State of Florida Board of Education Administrative Rule 6A-1.0503.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Carrie Hill
Second: Paulette Burdick
Monroe Benaim- Not Present
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Mark Hansen- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye

Real Estate

69. RE-1 03-W Elementary School
Attachment: Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Resolution.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit A-1.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit A.pdf

I recommend the School Board approve the Real Estate Sale and Purchase Contract for acquisition of an improved property containing 4.77 acres, more or less, located in Unincorporated Palm Beach County, Florida, which is needed for the New Elementary School campus 03-W, as herein described; approve a resolution declaring structure(s) located on the property to be acquired by the School Board to be unnecessary for Educational purposes, surplus and without commercial value; and authorize the Superintendent and Chairman to sign all necessary documents. - PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Debra Robinson
Second: Paulette Burdick
Monroe Benaim- Not Present
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Mark Hansen- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Nay
Debra Robinson- Aye


70. P1 Approve the Schedule for Recovery Services
Attachment: Recovery Services Schedule.pdf
Attachment: Recovery Services Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Recovery Services Agreement with Sungard.pdf
Attachment: QuesP1.doc

I recommend that the School Board approve the attached Schedule for Recovery Services governed by the Recovery Services Agreement between SunGard Availability Services LP and the School Board of Palm Beach County, Florida in the not-to-exceed amount of $170,000 and authorize the Chairman and Superintendent to sign all associated documents.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Sandra Richmond
Second: Mark Hansen
Monroe Benaim- Not Present
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Mark Hansen- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye

Non-Agenda Speakers
71. Time Certain 7:00 p.m.: Diane Hanfmann

Board Discussion Item
72. FSBA 2008 Legislative Platform - Graham
Attachment: FSBA 2008 Legislative Platform.doc

Mr. Graham discussed the FSBA 2008 Legislative Program and encouraged Board Members to review the documents attached. 

Board Members discussed the possibility of a Special Session.

73. Update re Council of Great City Schools October Conference - Burdick
Attachment: Stdt Achieve Trends.pdf
Attachment: Implement Impact NCLB.pdf
Attachment: Not Black and White.pdf
Attachment: AYP.pdf
Attachment: Reauth of NCLB.pdf
Attachment: Recruit Retain.pdf

Mrs. Burdick presented a report from the Council of Great City Schools October Conference and recognized Vern Crawford for all of his hard work.

Mr. Graham thanked Mrs. Burdick for her representation of the Board at this meeting.

74. School Bus Safety - Robinson


Dr. Robinson discussed school bus safety and requested the cost to retrofit all buses to have cameras.  Dr. Robinson also suggested the possibility of the Chief of Police for the School District working with the municipalities to assist with monitoring bus stops and recommended our staff work with the municipalities to increase the safety of the walk routes.

Dr. Richmond added that the presence of police officers will assist in this endeavor for safety.

Mr. Graham stated that state law is that traffic in both directions must stop for buses unless there is a median.

Mrs. Burdick suggested staff provided us current information regarding how much time this request would take of district staff to provide and additionally, comments from the Superintendent of what can be done.

75. 6:30 p.m.