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Meeting Date: Wednesday, December 07, 2005

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Special Meeting/Workshop

  1. Call to Order: 2:55 p.m.
  2. Alternative Education/Middle School Update by Dr. Johnson

  3. Minutes: Dr. Johnson advised the School Board that the following adjustments would be made in alternative education. First, Delray Full Service and Lake Shore Annex would be closed and students would be redirected to SEP Oak Groves Alternative School, Delray-Boynton Alternative School and Riviera Beach Alternative School.

    Second, the District would negotiate with White Hat, Inc. for a competence based educational program at John F. Kennedy Middle School and Lake Shore Middle School for one hundred students in each school, using multiple retainees. This arrangement would be a "program within a school model", which is different from the White Hat "stand alone" Life Skills Centers for high school students. The program would be self-paced, operating with two four-hour sessions (morning and afternoon) in each school. Each session would include twenty five students. The program would run from second semester thru summer school (January through June).

    Dr. Johnson announced that H.L. Watkins Middle School would also be considered for a control group model similar to White Hat, but staffed by District personnel.

    Dr. Johnson stated that the District will provide the classroom, technology drops and computers. White Hat will provide the teacher, teacher training, support personnel and licenses. Dr. Johnson indicated that he would bring the contract with White Hat, changes in the Pupil Progression Plan, changes in DOE objectives, and changes in the alternative education plan to Board Members for action. He also clarified that he has contacted CTA regarding the UAT procedure for affected staff.

    Mr. Lynch questioned whether many Charter Schools will convert to Alternative Schools now and Dr. Johnson explained the process of converting.

    Dr. Robinson questioned the plan for the students in the Glades and Dr. Johnson stated that he will address that scenario next school year. Dr. Robinson questioned the numbers in the Glades and staff responded.

    Dr. Richmond questioned the reasons that the District can't handle the new plan and Dr. Johnson reviewed several obstacles.

  4. Adjourn: 3:30 p.m.


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